Want to Go Makeup-Free? 6 Beauty Treatments You Must Consider

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Not everyone is a fan of make-up. If you ask those who don’t put make-up every day, they will have varying reasons as to why adding products on their face is a no-no.

Some would say that it makes their face oilier or that it just reinforces the accumulation of dirt.

However, just because you don’t like putting make-up on doesn’t mean that you don’t care about your appearance.

You can go make-up free with the help of beauty treatments. These beauty treatments can be semi-permanent to permanent and they look so natural.

Excited to explore how to look naturally beautiful without make-up?

6 Beauty Treatments To Go Make-up Free

1. Brow Tattoos

Some people call it microblading, some people call it ombre brows. Whatever it’s called by other beauty salons, having semi-permanent brows involves a tattoo-like process. If you want to have naturally arched brows, then this is something you should invest in.

Depending on the parlor, they can offer brow tattoos that just fill in the gaps in your eyebrows. You can also request them to give you feathery eyebrows for a more natural look. This time, you can now say goodbye to all your eyebrow woes and say hello to perfectly sculpted brows.

2. Eyelash Extensions

Long and curled eyelashes can help make your eyes look fuller and more awake. It’s as if your eyes are totally open and alive (not that they aren’t).

Semi-permanent eyelash extension

If you want to stop curling your lashes and getting your eyelids pinched in the process, go for lash extensions. Lash extensions are relatively affordable and the process is very easy to go through.

Some lash extension services come with a perm where your lashes will also be semi-permanently curled. This is perfect for people who find it difficult to use the eyelash curler.

3. Blush Tattoos

Want to have that natural sun-kissed glow every day? Get yourself a blush tattoo so you don’t have to look for that perfect blush shade that meets your skin tone.

You don’t have to worry about being too pale or looking like a clown with a blush tattoo. What’s great about it is that it looks so natural that people will think it’s just your natural flush.

4. Korean Glow

Have you ever watched Korean Dramas and ended up wanting to have that glass skin and pinkish cheeks that almost each female lead has? If you feel the same, then you’ll be happy to know that there’s a way to look like these Korean superstars.

Korean Glow Makeup

Head over to the nearest Korean face salon and ask about their Korean glow beauty treatment. This name varies in different salons but everyone knows that it means when you say that you want to get a Korean beauty treatment.

Most of the time, this involves adding whitening and anti-aging products so you have a fairer skin tone on your face and neck. It’s followed by putting products that induce collagen production for a youthful glow.

5. Lip Tattoos

Another beauty treatment to add to your no make-up look is lip tattoos. Lip tattoos basically give your lips a slight flush so that it looks naturally reddish instead of looking pale and gray. This is perfect for those who hate putting make-up or seeing the lipstick sticking on their glasses and coffee cups.

Lip Tattoo

Similar to the brows, this beauty treatment involves tattooing a certain color to your lips. Although you have to go through at least three sessions, these trips will be worth it. There’s no need to stock up on different lipstick shades once you get a lip tattoo.

6. Artificial Freckles

Channel your inner Lindsay Lohan by adding artificial freckles that are semi-permanent. Unlike faking it with make-up, artificial freckles look a lot more natural and subtler. There’s no need to have big and obvious freckles because you might find yourself regretting it.

Artificial Freckles

If you just want to try out this new beauty trend, it’s highly recommended that you start with smaller and fewer freckles on your cheeks.

4 Evergreen Skincare Tips to Look Naturally Beautiful

Face it, even if you go through so many beauty treatments, there is no substitute for having glowing and healthy skin. Look naturally (for real this time) beautiful and youthful with these skin care tips.

1. Drink your water

This advice has been used so many times, and there’s a good reason for it. Water flushes out all the toxins in your body. It also makes your skin looking naturally bright. These are just a few of the benefits water can give, so it’s time to stock up and drink at least 8 glasses a day.

2. Create a skin care routine

Being consistent with your skin care routine will help you look naturally beautiful without having to spend so much. The thing about skin care routines is that they should be customized to your skin’s concerns. You can consult with a dermatologist to know the skin type you have and what ingredients you should be putting on your face.

3. Remove make-up every night

Even if you’re tired and groggy, never ever forget to remove your make-up. Leaving make-up on overnight will cause pimples because the oils absorb the dirt. Besides, it’s gross to leave make-up on knowing that you’ve been wearing it the whole day. Force yourself to get up from bed and wash your face with a facial wash. It’s also good to use a makeup remover to get everything off of your face.

4. Have a good night’s sleep

There is no substitute for sleep. Even if you put make-up, you will still look tired and exhausted if you keep having just 3-4 hours of sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, create a sleeping routine that will help you go sleepy at a certain time of the night. This can be lighting candles and leaving your phone on a table far from your bed.

Looking naturally beautiful should not be difficult. Aside from the beauty treatments, investing in a skin care routine that is tailor-fit to you will bring wonders to your face.

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