How to Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home: 2 Safe & Easy Methods

How to remove eyelash extensions at home

Eyelash extensions are the new trendy thing to do. People are getting their eyelashes done almost as frequently as they’re getting their nails done.

Eyelash extensions last for about a month at most, because this is the natural growth cycle for your eyelashes. But your eyelashes don’t fall out all at once of course! Because of this, with eyelash extensions, the uneven growth of your lashes can become more apparent over time.

Eyelash Extensions

This might be why you’re considering removing your eyelash extensions yourself at home, to even things out. Or maybe you’ve just decided you don’t like the way your eyelash extensions look. In any case, it’s possible to remove your eyelash extensions safely and completely with just a few simple steps. Learn How to remove eyelash extensions at home in 2 different easy ways.

2 Safe Methods of Removing Eyelash Extensions at Home

Preparations (important, don’t skip)

Wash your hands thoroughly before getting them anywhere near your eyes. Use an antibacterial soap and warm water. If your hands are too wet, either air dry or use a disposable paper towel. Bath towels harbor bacteria that you want to keep as far from your eyes as possible.

*Remove all makeup (including eye makeup) before starting.

Method 1: Makeup Remover and Oil

  1. Start by soaking a cotton ball or pad with a non-oil makeup remover meant for your eyes. Press the soaked cotton to your entire eye, covering as much surface area as possible.
  2. Hold this to your eye for one full minute.
  3. Sweep the cotton across your eye very gently. This should loosen the glue on your eyelashes significantly.
  4. Assuming that your eyelash extensions are still intact, get a cotton swab or ball and dip it in a natural oil. We recommend coconut oil, mineral oil, or olive oil. Swipe this across your lash line back and forth repeatedly.
  5. Take a tissue or the pads of your fingers and pull the eyelash extensions from your natural eyelashes. Make sure to be gentle!
  6. Make sure that you’ve gotten all traces of glue off your eyelashes. Repeat steps 4-5 if necessary.
  7. Wash your face to get rid of oil residue.
  8. Moisturize to replenish your skin.

Method 2: Steam and oil

  1. Get a bowl of heated water. Just hot enough to let off a little steam.
  2. Drape a towel over your head and hair and hover over the bowl, creating a mini sauna.
  3. Steam your face for 5 minutes or as long as you’re comfortable doing so. This will loosen the glue on your eyelash extensions.
  4. Remove your face from the bowl.
  5. Apply a natural oil such as coconut oil, mineral oil, or olive oil to a cotton ball. Sweep this gently across your eyelashes. Repeat this step as many times as necessary until your eyelash extensions slip off.
  6. Make sure that all of your eyelash extensions are removed, gently pull any remaining off with the pads of your fingers. There should be no glue residue thanks to the steam!
  7. Wash your face to get rid of oil residue.
  8. Moisturise to replenish your skin.

Risks of Removing Lashes Incorrectly

The most obvious and terrifying risk of removing lashes incorrectly is lash damage. Removing your eyelash extensions incorrectly risks tearing out your remaining eyelashes that your extensions cling to. Not only can this be painful, it can also be extremely disheartening. Eyelashes will grow back (assuming no significant trauma occurred) but it can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks.

Additionally, repeated incorrect removal can cause premature aging of the eyes. You should always handle your eyelids and eye area with extremely gentle hands to avoid this.

Taking Care of Your Eyelashes

Eyelash extensions and eye makeup can be rough for your delicate lashes. If you sense that your lashes are growing sparse you may want to give your eyelashes a short break to recover. You may even want to look into growing your eyelashes.

An easy and cheap way to improve the condition of your lashes is castor oil. Castor oil conditions your lashes, helping them recover from drying mascara, makeup remover, and glue. Simply use a small drop of castor oil on a cotton swab or clean mascara wand and brush through your lashes.

The oil will slide down to the base of your lashes on their own via gravity. Do this at night before you go to bed and remove in the morning when you wash your face. Over time your lashes will be more resilient and grow back faster and fuller just like eyebrows!

Eyelash Extensions vs. False Eyelashes/Lash Inserts

This article is about eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions are put in at a salon with expert tools and have a wear time of about a month.

Eyelash extensions before-after

False Eyelashes and lash inserts on the other hand, last only about a day. This is because they are held on with a weaker glue and are applied near the lash line, not directly on it like eyelash extensions are.

While this is an article about eyelash extensions, these steps will work for the other kinds of false eyelashes just as well. In fact, false eyelashes are infinitely easier to remove and you will get more uses out of them using these methods.


Remember that if you remove your eyelash extensions by yourself you have to be very careful and aware of what you’re doing. Following the steps in this article ensures healthy, long lives for your natural lashes.

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