Make Me A Diva Airbrush Makeup Reviews: Best Professional Starter Kit

make me a diva airbrush makeup reviews

A relatively unknown company, Make Me A Diva lets you push the boundaries of creativity with your airbrush kit.

Their airbrush machines are produced with the high quality materials to meet the standards of makeup artists.

With this airbrush makeup it’s easy choose how strong your coverage is. The air compressor is lightweight but still allows for powerful and precise application.

Additionally, the Make Me A Diva airbrush kit comes with everything you need to get started, so it’s definitely worth the investment.

Make Me A Diva Airbrush Makeup Reviews

Considering this system is only in the moderate price range, that alone makes it a hidden gem. It’s important for something that can be as frustrating as makeup to not be made worse by a poor design. The system is easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to understand. One major concern when buying an airbrush machine is whether or not it will last.

The Make Me A Diva airbrush system is built with durability and professional use in mind. It’s really well made, nothing feels like it’s going to break or fall off.

The only downside to this airbrush kit is the limited shade range. The only kit options are light to medium or medium to dark. Each ‘collection’ of foundation shades come with four foundations.

The choices of only eight shades of foundation in total is far too limited. Sure you can mix shades, but that still doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be able to make your perfect match. If you are any lighter than the lightest shade or darker than the darkest then you cannot use this foundation.

Key Features of Make Me A Diva Kit

Dual Action Airbrush

As opposed to a single action, dual action airbrushes give you more control. You can choose how much product you want dispensed, rather than an on or off style application. For example, if you want a more diffused line of color, such as for contouring, you can lower the pressure. This is a huge step up from single action control, where the only real option is to adjust the speed of the air compressor. Not only is a dual action airbrush quicker to use because of this, it’s also easier.

Strong Airbrush Compressor

This air compressor runs at a steady 25 PSI, the perfect force to propel your makeup onto your skin. There are several settings to choose from, and you can adjust them at any time during application. This gives you the highest amount of control in combination with the dual action airbrush.

Highly Durable

Make Me A Diva is one of the few airbrush systems built with durability in mind. Even if you’re only doing airbrush makeup on yourself, chances are you’ll want to travel. Since this machine is durable, you don’t have to treat it like dainty fine china.

Water Based Makeup

This makeup line is water based. It dries down to a matte finish and leaves your skin looking shine free. If you have troubled oily skin, this is exactly the type of airbrush makeup you need.


  • Dual action airbrush
  • Durable air compressor
  • Super long hose


  • Limited shade range

Technical Specs

The main components of this kit are a dual action airbrush and an air compressor that operates at 25 PSI. Also included are an airbrush hose and a wall adapter for power. The hose included in the kit is extra long, so you can maneuver easily while applying makeup.

Makeup Included

Four shades of foundation, blush, shimmer and bronzer.

Final Verdict

Despite its slightly higher price tag, Make Me A Diva still feels like a bargain buy. The quality is definitely there, it just depends on your preferences as a consumer. The only thing to be wary about is the lacking makeup shades. That can easily be solved though, since you can use any water based airbrush makeup in this machine. Looking at this product as a whole, the benefits outweigh its faults. Make Me A Diva is ideal for anyone with a busy lifestyle who wants a bit of glamour in their life. Whether you do your makeup every day or just on the weekends, this is perfect for you.

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