The Perfect Handbag

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the perfect handbag | @lyst @michaelkors |

the perfect handbag | @lyst @michaelkors |

The older I get, the more I understand the expression, “You get what you pay for.”  When I was in my twenties, I always wanted new.  New clothes, new shoes, new purses…I was putting trends before quality.

Now that I’ve wised up, I lean more towards quality rather than quantity.  I would rather have a few, high-quality items than a ton of lower-quality pieces.  And though I can cut corners with this philosophy in the clothing department (hello, thrifted Diane von Furstenberg silk dress!), when it comes to handbags, I have no problems splurging on myself.

I’ve got my eyes on a few Micheal Kors handbags over at  This chain cross-body bag and snakeskin messenger are on my “Mommy’s Wish List.”  Both pieces are great quality, and I’ll really be able to get lots of use out of them.  I mean, look at how versatile they are!  Both can be worn with multiple outfits in multiple seasons…they’re just really great investment bags!

Christmas might have to come early for me this year…

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4 Clothing Must-Haves for Winter Pregnancies

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Clothing Must-Haves for Winter Pregnancies |

Clothing Must-Haves for Winter Pregnancies |

One of the difficult things about dressing during pregnancy is knowing what pieces of clothing to really spend money on.  It’s totally easy to dress a pregnant bump in the warmer months.  You truly can get the most out of those summer dresses…just slip ‘em on and go!  Fall and winter dressing is a little more complicated though.  Once those temps start dropping, it’s hard to bare the legs.

My first kid was a December baby.  She was born right smack in-between Christmas and New Years.  Back then, I did an awful job with my style.  It was too cold, nothing fit over my belly (my shoes didn’t even freakin fit!), and I gave up and wore my husband’s t-shirts and sweat pants…

Nowadays, if I had to do it all over again, I know exactly what I would spend my money on!

1. A GREAT PAIR OF SKINNY JEANS – Skinny jeans are a must!  They can easily be dressed up or down…and with all the different fabric choices available, comfort is definitely key!  Style tip: grab a pair or two in a darker denim.  The color will help elongate your legs!

Try this black pair from Paige Denim, or this dark wash pair from A Pea in the Pod.

2. MATERNITY TIGHTS – Tights are a known way to get extra use of those summer dresses and skirts for fall.  Same rule applies for pregnancy.

This pair from Insignia offers complete coverage while this pair  from Motherhood Maternity comes sheer.

3. MATERNITY LEGGINGS – Perfect for tunics or shorter dresses, maternity leggings can be great!  Style tip:  Remember, leggings AREN’T pants…cover up that hiney!

Here’s a great pair of everyday leggings from Ingrid & Isabel, and here’s a cropped version by Jessica Simpson Maternity.

4. RUCHED TOPS – I loved my ruched t-shirts and tops during both of my pregnancies!  There’s just something so flattering about showing off that baby bump.  Plus, ruched shirts make for great layering pieces!

Try this ruched tee by A Pea in the Pod for a great everyday staple, or this long-sleeved one from Isabella Oliver.

Are there any other winter pregnancy must-haves?  I’d love to hear what you couldn’t live without!

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KUF Works Out | Boden On The Go

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workout clothes from @Boden |

workout clothes from @Boden |

workout clothes from @Boden |

workout clothes from @Boden |

workout clothes from @Boden |

Back in March, I decided sign up for a gym membership again.  Believe me when I say that this was a BIG step!  I hadn’t gone to the gym in years…5 to be exact!  But since then, I have felt a ton better.  It’s not always easy to make it to the gym when you’re a mom with little kids, but that 60 minutes or so of sweat is something that I look forward to.

One of the first things I did after getting my gym membership was buying a new set of workout clothes.  I always feel better when I’m dressed for the part, so obviously I wasn’t about to hit the gym in torn up sweat pants and stained t-shirts.  I might not have had my gym skills up to par at that time yet, but at least I looked like I was going to take things seriously.

Nowadays I’ve got my routines down and I’m am working on incorporating a few more fabulous pieces of workout gear to my collection.  This navy set from Boden is oh so perfect for the gym.  It’s super light weight and doesn’t make me any extra hot during my workouts.  In fact, after my workout the other night (15 minutes stair climber, this butt workout, these free-weight arm exercises, and 20 minutes of stationary bike…) I hardly looked sweaty at all!!  Even some random dude who finished his cardo the same time that I finished mine asked why I didn’t sweaty at all.  I just laughed.  Obviously it was because girls don’t sweat…and my workout clothes kept me cool!

Good news for you, friends…

From now until November 9th, you can get 15% off your Boden purchase with code YOGA!!  I’m seriously loving how comfortable this three-piece is!  Click over here to check out the other activewear apparel that’s available in this new collection.

sweatshirt, long-sleeve tee, cropped leggings – c/o Boden

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Getting Dressed for the Holidays

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outfit for a holiday party |

outfit for a holiday party with @FabKids |

outfit for a holiday party |

outfit for a holiday party with @FabKids |

outfit for a holiday party with @FabKids |

I can’t believe that October is coming to a close!!  Before you know it, our calenders are gonna be filled up with endless holiday parties.  And since the craziness starts around this time of the year, if I can help it I like to keep a few party-perfect outfits ready for me and for the kids.

I’ve worn this dress before for a simple date night look.  But for a holiday party, extra sparkle is a necessity!  These earrings came from my favorite jewelry place – The Antique and Resale Shoppe.  (If you’re in the Chicago area, that place is a must visit!) This black, short-sleeve sequins jacket is actually a top that zippers in the back…I just turned it around and left it open.

Julia is wearing her latest (so it’s also her current favorite!) FabKids outfit.  Obviously she loves the full skirt!!  The tights are a tad big, but she’ll grow into them.  I lent her one of my rhinestone necklaces…girl needed a little bling, too.

The two of us are all set for our first party of the holiday season.  Now we’re just waiting for our invitations…

On me: black dress – thrifted // sequins top, earrings – vintage

On Julia: dress, tights – c/o FabKids

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