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workout clothes from @Boden | KnockedUpFabulous.com

workout clothes from @Boden | KnockedUpFabulous.com

workout clothes from @Boden | KnockedUpFabulous.com

workout clothes from @Boden | KnockedUpFabulous.com

workout clothes from @Boden | KnockedUpFabulous.com

Back in March, I decided sign up for a gym membership again.  Believe me when I say that this was a BIG step!  I hadn’t gone to the gym in years…5 to be exact!  But since then, I have felt a ton better.  It’s not always easy to make it to the gym when you’re a mom with little kids, but that 60 minutes or so of sweat is something that I look forward to.

One of the first things I did after getting my gym membership was buying a new set of workout clothes.  I always feel better when I’m dressed for the part, so obviously I wasn’t about to hit the gym in torn up sweat pants and stained t-shirts.  I might not have had my gym skills up to par at that time yet, but at least I looked like I was going to take things seriously.

Nowadays I’ve got my routines down and I’m am working on incorporating a few more fabulous pieces of workout gear to my collection.  This navy set from Boden is oh so perfect for the gym.  It’s super light weight and doesn’t make me any extra hot during my workouts.  In fact, after my workout the other night (15 minutes stair climber, this butt workout, these free-weight arm exercises, and 20 minutes of stationary bike…) I hardly looked sweaty at all!!  Even some random dude who finished his cardo the same time that I finished mine asked why I didn’t sweaty at all.  I just laughed.  Obviously it was because girls don’t sweat…and my workout clothes kept me cool!

Good news for you, friends…

From now until November 9th, you can get 15% off your Boden purchase with code YOGA!!  I’m seriously loving how comfortable this three-piece is!  Click over here to check out the other activewear apparel that’s available in this new collection.

sweatshirt, long-sleeve tee, cropped leggings – c/o Boden

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Getting Dressed for the Holidays

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outfit for a holiday party | KnockedUpFabulous.com

outfit for a holiday party with @FabKids | KnockedUpFabulous.com

outfit for a holiday party | KnockedUpFabulous.com

outfit for a holiday party with @FabKids | KnockedUpFabulous.com

outfit for a holiday party with @FabKids | KnockedUpFabulous.com

I can’t believe that October is coming to a close!!  Before you know it, our calenders are gonna be filled up with endless holiday parties.  And since the craziness starts around this time of the year, if I can help it I like to keep a few party-perfect outfits ready for me and for the kids.

I’ve worn this dress before for a simple date night look.  But for a holiday party, extra sparkle is a necessity!  These earrings came from my favorite jewelry place – The Antique and Resale Shoppe.  (If you’re in the Chicago area, that place is a must visit!) This black, short-sleeve sequins jacket is actually a top that zippers in the back…I just turned it around and left it open.

Julia is wearing her latest (so it’s also her current favorite!) FabKids outfit.  Obviously she loves the full skirt!!  The tights are a tad big, but she’ll grow into them.  I lent her one of my rhinestone necklaces…girl needed a little bling, too.

The two of us are all set for our first party of the holiday season.  Now we’re just waiting for our invitations…

On me: black dress – thrifted // sequins top, earrings – vintage

On Julia: dress, tights – c/o FabKids

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How to Easily Elevate an Outfit

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The other day, one of my co-workers and I were talking about how much of a hassle shopping for clothes can be.  I probably shop once a month – if even – and I try to keep the experience as stress-free as possible.  Finding the right sizes and the right styles that you’re looking for can be a real pain!  So I make sure that when I do buy clothes, they can mix and match really well with whatever is already in my closet.

But when I don’t feel like shopping (or if I don’t have the time or energy!) I rely on an easier way to update my looks.  Accessories can really change up a look.  And if you combine creative styling with a timeless wardrobe, you’ll be set for life.

I love using statement necklaces to accessorize my outfits.  They look perfect with everything from t-shirts to evenings dresses.  I even love wearing a statement necklace with a silk tank and pencil skirt for work.

statement necklace outfits | KnockedUpFabulous.comThese outfits from Grace, Kajsa, and Hallie are great!  All three outfits would look completely chic without any jewelry, but with the statement necklaces a level of sophistication and glamour is added.

I typically tend to stick with gold-tone necklaces, but I have some fun-colored statement pieces coming my way!

bauble bar | KnockedUpFabulous.comI’m so excited to be getting the Rumba Gem Collar Necklace and the Candy Floss Gem Collar Necklace from BaubleBar!  They will look great worn individually, or even layered with another gold necklace.  But I think I’m going to first wear them layered together.  (Like Hallie did with her gray outfit!)  I’m still undecided on what I’m going to wear them with.  But as the days get darker for fall, I’m looking for anyway to add a little more “sunshine” into my day and these two beauties are perfect!

Checking In

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black leather bomber jacket, distressed jeans, @CalvinKlein bucket bag, @VionicShoes leopard print flats, Chicago | KnockedUpFabulous.com

Hey friends!

It’s been about two weeks since I’ve written a post.  And honestly, the break feels great!  It’s giving me a little time to reflect and see how I can best use this space on the internet.  I’m all for doing something with a purpose!

Anyway.  I had to stop in and share a few things with you!

Do you remember when I whitened my teeth with Smile Brilliant?  Well, I was getting a cleaning the other day and my dental hygienist commented on how white my teeth looked!  She asked what I used and she couldn’t believe how great the results were!  I’m just glad the Smile Brilliant service was easier and cheaper than what I would have experienced if I whitened my teeth through my dental office!!

In other news, these fabulous leopard flats made Vionic’s Spot on Style round-up!!  When I first wore them, my friends were teasing me…they couldn’t believe that I was wearing flats!  You know I am a sucker for the perfect heel, but sometimes you just need a great flat.  Especially one in leopard print.

With October more than half way over, I’ve already started thinking about Christmas.  Mostly about how I’m going to tackle all that shopping without breaking the bank!  I know that I’ll be doing plenty of online shopping…which is why I decided to sign up with ShopAtHome.com.  ShopAtHome.com is perfect for people who love to shop online because they offer tons coupon codes and cash back rebates.  Real Simple listed them as one of four top cash-back websites.  Plus, they’ve got over 4 1/2 million likes on Facebook!!  ShopAtHome.com must be making a lot of people’s wallets happy!

One last thing to leave you with…

Sarah and I are having a little giveaway over on Instagram.  You could win two gift cards to Bloomies…one for you and one for a friend!  Who couldn’t use a little shopping trip??  Head over to Instagram for details on how to enter.  (Psst…entry is super easy!)


I’ll probably stop by with a few more random posts before getting back into a writing routine again.  But if you’re really missing your Knocked Up Fabulous fill, stop by Facebook and join in on the fun!!