Temptu Airbrush Makeup Kit Reviews 2023

Temptu Airbrush Makeup Kit Reviews

If you’re familiar with airbrush makeup, then you probably have heard of the Temptu brand.

Temptu has been dominating the airbrush makeup industry since their start in 1981. They’re without a doubt the most popular airbrush makeup brand. They’re known for their unique makeup formula and high performing products.

Temptu is not an inexpensive brand, but their products are universally loved for a reason. This company has a history of success and one of the widest ranges of airbrush makeup available.

Sometimes the few extra dollars you have to pay are worth it. This is one of those times.

Temptu Airbrush Makeup Kit Reviews

No matter what you’re looking for, Temptu has it in their own expert formula.

Temptu’s massive line of makeup includes everything from foundation to color corrector. Most airbrush makeup companies only sell foundation, blush and highlighter. In this way Temptu really beats out competitors.

You can do an entire face full of makeup using only Temptu brand makeup. Concealer, lipstick, blush, contour; all of these and more are available.

Temptu even makes a spray tan that works with their airbrush system.

Not only that, but Temptu foundation has very buildable coverage. Sometimes airbrush makeup will begin to look stiff or mask-like with multiple layers. This is not the case with Temptu Makeup at all.

It’s very versatile and offers custom coverage, regardless of skin condition. Their website even has a nifty little shade finder in case you don’t know which shade to use. There’s a lot of things that Temptu does right.

Key Features of Temptu Airbrush Makeup Kit

Silicone Formula

Temptu is the only airbrush makeup on the market that has a silicone base. Silicone-based makeup is very different than water or alcohol based formulas. Silicone makeup will last longer and has a slightly thicker texture. Water based makeup tends to give a more porcelain and poreless look. Silicone-based makeup also has a more natural finish.

Long Lasting

Because of the silicone base, Temptu makeup is super long lasting, even among airbrush makeup. Silicone-based makeup usually requires a silicone makeup remover to take off completely. Additionally, silicone based makeup breaks down differently. If you do wear Temptu makeup long enough, it will fade beautifully. Compared to alcohol and water based makeup, which tends to flake or patch off.

High Coverage

If you’ve found airbrush makeup lacking in the past, you may need heavier coverage. Temptu makeup is thicker and so the pigments in the makeup are more concentrated. Even though the end result looks completely natural, Temptu airbrush makeup has better coverage.

Adjustable Cleaning Kit

This makeup kit includes an airbrush cleaning kit. This miniature kit contains everything you will need to clean your airbrush machine properly. Keeping an airbrush wand clean is essential to prevent and remove clogs. Your airbrusher will last much longer and perform better with regular maintenance.


  • Natural finish
  • Professional equipment
  • High coverage
  • Large variety of products


  • High price range
  • Only comes with foundation

Technical Specs:

Here’s everything that comes in the Temptu 2.0 Airbrush Makeup Kit:

Air compressor

The first and most important item is an air compressor which runs at a professional grade 30 PSI. The Temptu air compressor is sleek, lightweight (about five pounds) and black.

Airbrush wand

Next the Temptu SP-40 single action airbrush wand, for applying your makeup.

Cleaning kit

As a bonus instead of more makeup you get a detailed airbrush cleaning kit. This kit contains various utensils for making sure your machine runs smoothly. It also includes a fair sized bottle of silicone based cleaning solution for maintaining your airbrush wand.

Makeup foundation

12 shades of Temptu silicone based foundation.

Final Verdict

While this kit is without a doubt high quality, there are a few things to keep in mind.

This kit is meant for use by a professional makeup artist. That’s really the only reason you’d need 12 shades of foundation.

The kit doesn’t really come with items that suggest personal use. If you are looking to get into professional makeup artistry, then this kit is perfectly tailored to you. The Temptu 2.0 air compressor is lightweight, making it perfect or the makeup artist on the go.

In general, Temptu 2.0 is not as user-friendly as some other brands of airbrush makeup. It’s made for use by professionals. This is mostly due to it’s unique formula. If you have trouble I’d recommend Temptu’s own airpod makeup.

If you’re willing to learn then there are plenty of helpful tutorials available to you. Consider watching this one to use as an example:

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