Microblading 101 – what is microblading?

what is microblading

Women all over the world are constantly looking for new ways to enhance their appearance. The eyes are one of the most vital parts of a woman’s face, catching the attention of others.

Improving the eye area can vastly change how a woman looks, which is why eyebrow and eyelash treatments are so popular. Eyelash extensions are among the most commonly provided cosmetic treatments by stylists, due to their versatility and a high degree of personalization. To properly add onto gorgeous eyelashes, a woman can also enhance her eyebrows to fully highlight the eyes.

When it comes to eyebrow treatments, the options are a bit more limited than with eyelashes. While the lashes can be extended, tinted, lifted, laminated, and so on – the eyebrows are somewhat tougher to work with. Most women regularly visit a stylist to regulate and shape their eyebrow arches and resort to makeup to highlight them. This method can in itself significantly improve the brows, but requires constant maintenance and consecutive visits can get costly. For women who seek a more permanent solution, eyebrow microblading can be a perfect choice.

What is eyebrow microblading? Who can provide microblading treatments? How long do the effects last? If you are curious about the answers to these questions, we invite you to read this comprehensive guide on microblading.

What is eyebrow microblading and who can perform it?

Eyebrow microblading is an advanced eyebrow enhancement technique, used by stylists and beauty technicians around the world to improve the arches of clients. It is an innovative method of semi-permanent makeup, with lasting effects that can hold on for well over a year.

The treatment allows women to enjoy gorgeous, natural-looking eyebrows without the hassle of having to spend hours every day with a pencil and tweezers. The effects can be fully customized to each individual client, allowing every woman to enjoy brows that perfectly fit their natural beauty.

It must be noted that eyebrow microblading is a professional eyebrow treatment and should only be performed by licensed stylists and beauty technicians with proper certification. The procedure itself resembles getting a tattoo, as a microblading pen delicately scratches the skin with tiny needles. These needles introduce a medically-approved pigment into the epidermis, creating the illusion of additional eyebrow hair. This gives the eyebrows much more volume and gives them a deep and vibrant color. As the treatment is invasive in its nature, utmost care should be taken during the procedure to avoid any adverse side effects.

Many clients ask the question – is microblading painful?

When performed by a skilled professional with adequate experience, using high-quality tools, the treatment will be mostly painless. Still, since the skin is delicately pierced during the procedure, some clients may feel discomfort and mild pain. Before the proper treatment, numbing gel is always applied to make the client feel less uncomfortable. The quality of the numbing gel highly influences what your client will feel during the treatment, which makes it very important to always supply yourself with premium ingredients.

How long does microblading take and how long do the effects last?

Eyebrow microblading needs to be provided very carefully and slowly, which means the treatment will last a bit longer than most traditional eyebrow treatments. A skilled stylist with professional tools can finish the treatment in about an hour and a half, depending on the desires of a specific client and a variety of other factors. You also need to factor in the amount of time that preparation will take, which includes makeup removal, thorough face and eyebrow cleansing, as well as the application of numbing gel. Depending on the numbing gel you use, it can take several minutes before it starts working.

Prepare your client not to expect immediate results after the treatment. Your client’s skin will most likely be red and irritated, and most often a bit swollen. Unprepared clients can feel traumatized by the treatment if they are not aware of the delayed results, becoming increasingly disconcerted about how their eyebrows look. Assure them that there is nothing to worry about – the effects of the treatment will start normalizing after 24 to 48 hours. As the skin heals from the puncturing and the pigment settles, the overly-visible results will be toned down. You can expect the results to become fully settled after about two weeks’ time.

What tools do I need for eyebrow microblading?

To satisfy her clients, a stylist will need professional tools and supplies that can provide high-quality treatments. While the quality of used supplies is not everything, as the skills and experience of the stylist matter highly, it can influence the final results to a high extent. At Noble Lashes, you can find professional tools developed for use by stylists and beauty technicians. Just as an artist requires the right canvas, a high-quality brush and the best set of paints, so does a stylist require effective tools. At Noble Lashes, you will be able to supply your beauty salon in everything you might need when working with clients.

When it comes to eyebrow microblading tools, the two most important tools you are going to need are blades and needles. You also need a microblading pen which can hold these steady during a treatment. The final effect will depend on the type of blades and needles you will be using, as these create the strokes on the eyebrows. Using high-quality blades and needles will improve color retention and will cause less damage to the skin, reducing redness and swelling. Blades and needles also need to be sterile and preferably manufactured out of medical-grade steel. Keep in mind that these items are designed for single-use and should never be reused.

Another crucial component of every microblading treatment is pigment. The choice of pigment will determine the color that the eyebrows will have after the effects settle down. There is a wide variety of pigment colors available on the market, including classic black, brown, dark ash brown, dark brown, black-brown, skin color, grey, and many more. These pigments can also often be mixed together to slightly modify the shade, allowing you to better personalize the treatment for every client.

Are there any contraindications for microblading?

Microblading is no joke – it is a serious and advanced cosmetic treatment that should only be performed on clients in good physical condition. It can also only be performed on adult clients. Some of the most common contraindications for eyebrow microblading are diabetes, pregnancy or breastfeeding, glaucoma, eczema and other skin diseases, HIV or hepatitis, haemophilia, high blood pressure, skin cancer, and epilepsy. The treatment should also not be provided for clients who use steroid-based skin medication or have been undergoing chemotherapy, without first consulting with a doctor. Women who have received a Botox treatment should wait at least a month before microblading.

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