How to Wear an Infinity Scarf

How to Wear an Infinity Scarf

You’re not the only one that bought an infinity scarf with the vision of seeing yourself in it a million different ways. Are you having trouble figuring out how to wrap a scarf?

Don’t worry; that image of you looking trendy in a fashion scarf can still be you! Let’s go over some easy ways to take your infinity scarf to the next level.

1. One Big Loop Around

Fluff it up a bit, and let it drape around you. I don’t know about you, but doing this makes me feel like I’m being wrapped in a blanket; I love it! The great thing about the loop around is that you don’t need additional accessories – your one accessory keeps you warm.

2. One Knot

Instead of leaving it around your neck as is (like in #1), add a knot towards the bottom of the scarf. Sometimes the scarf is TOO loose for your taste, and you need to reel it in a bit. One Knot is perfect for that!

You can even add a ring or a brooch at the knot or instead of the knot to decorate your scarf even more. To use the ring method, thread the scarf through the ring and then tie a large knot under it to secure it. Large, shiny bauble rings work best for this style since you want them to be visible! Make sure they’re not too heavy, however, as that might weigh down the scarf.

3. Infinity Loop Knot

You know about the infinity loop, and you know about the knot. Now just put them together! For this look, you should have a short loop, a longer loop, a knot, and a teensy loop under the knot. This look works best with an infinity scarf that’s not bulky, as you want to be able to see the lines of all the loops.

4. Shoulder Shawl Wrap

Place the entire scarf over your head; then, put it under your arms and around the chest region. Here is the crucial step: move one side of the scarf back over your head. Fluff it out and make it into a shawl! This wrap is ideal for a night out – it looks effortless but still elevates your overall look. It’s especially impactful with sheer shawls like the one in the picture.

5. Cold Neck Cuddle

Wrap the scarf around your neck twice and pull one loop around longer than the other. One wrap should be comfortable around your neck, keeping it warm and toasty. The alternate look for this style is to keep both loops at the same length, though this style typically works better with thinner, more lightweight shawls. Thicker shawls add more bulk, which is why it makes sense to stagger the loops instead of stacking them.

6. Couture Bow

Hold both ends of the scarf, wrap around your neck, and tie it like a bow. Fluff it up and push it to the side of your neck. This style is super cute and one of my favorites! It is the perfect look for a date night or a quick photoshoot in the park.

7. Loop Lock

Hold both ends of your scarf and wrap it around your neck. Pull one side through the loop of the other side part of the way. Fluff your material out to your liking. This scarf style is especially great for cold days when your neck needs an extra dose of protection, but you don’t want to sacrifice style either.

8. Headscarf or Hood

Wrap the scarf around your head twice and pull one side of the veil up and around your head like you would the hood on a hoodie. Adjust it as necessary. It offers excellent flexibility, whether it’s for religious purposes, hair protection, warmth, or just a fun style statement.

9. Loose Shawl

Lightly drape the scarf around your shoulders and let it dangle. It’s like a big blanket scarf! There are so many versatile ways to do style a scarf that your options are almost endless. Depending on the weather and occasion, you can use the scarf for your shoulders, hair, or anywhere else on your upper body.

10. Halter Top

Pull the scarf over your head and around your waist. Twist and wrap the rest around your neck. You suddenly have a cover-up wrap. It would be cute as an extra layer on top of a tight long sleeve shirt. Don’t forget to accessorize it! If the fabric of the shawl has a lovely print, you can pair it with a matching headband or a complimentary bag to complete your look.

11. Baby Sling & Nursing Cover

Yes, you can use an infinity scarf to help you carry the wee little ones around. Please research suitable fabrics for carrying your baby around; some materials may not handle the weight properly and tear after misuse.

You can also use the infinity scarf as a nursing cover, provided that the scarf is large enough to cover mama and baby comfortably, and the baby is okay with being covered with that fabric!

12. Vest

Slip your arms through the opening like you would wear a jacket so that the loop is on your back. Fluff the fabric on your shoulders to your liking and voila! You have a cute vest. This style probably works best for chunkier scarves, as you’d want to be able to show something with substance for this look!

13. Twist It

This looks a lot more intricate (and more complicated!) than it actually is. Just slip the scarf around your waist, and then create an infinity sign by looping it again around your neck. It’s great to wear in the fall over a long-sleeve shirt. Add a cute pair of boots, and you’re all set to take on the world.

This quick guide should be helpful, so you get a lot more wear out of the infinity scarves that are hanging in your closet or convince you to buy that gorgeously patterned scarf you’ve been eyeing at the little boutique downtown. There are countless ways to wear these to add a little spice to your look, so don’t hold back!

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