How to Wear a Pashmina in 6 Fashionable Ways

How to wear a Pashmina

don’t you think it’s time to up your style game? Pashminas are going to help you as the ultimate wardrobe staple. Regardless of the season, pashminas are a go-to when you need a little added warmth without the full commitment of a regular jacket.

If you’re not entirely familiar with what a pashmina is, let me explain in brief.

A pashmina is essentially a larger scarf, large enough to use as a shawl or stole. Traditionally pashminas are made with wool. However, over the years they’ve been designed in a wide range of different fabrics and styles.

6 Fabulous Ways You Can Wear Pashminas

Now that we’ve established what a pashmina is, we wanted to give you some tips on how to wear a pashmina so you can make the most of the wardrobe staple.

Wear it as a Traditional Shawl

One of the easiest ways to wear a pashmina is as a traditional shawl.

In other words, just drape the pashmina over your shoulders and arms around your back and allow the ends to drape naturally in front of your body. This is a go-to when you just want to cover your arms a bit without a lot of fuss.

It really doesn’t get much easier than this! Perfect for those days or nights that are a bit chilly.

Style it Like a Scarf

Change the look of your pashmina by wearing it more like you would a scarf.

The key to this way of styling your pashmina is in the folding. Since pashminas are larger in size than a typical scarf, you will need to do a bit of folding, so it’s not as wide.

I suggest laying your pashmina flat on a table (or your bed, or a floor – whatever works!) then simply fold the pashmina in half width wise.

Depending upon the size of your pashmina you may want to fold it in half again. After it’s folded, it will be the width of your typical scarf, and you can then drape the pashmina around your neck, allowing the rest of it to hang in front of you.

As an Elevated Shawl

It’s no secret styling your pashmina like a shawl is an easy route, but there may be times you want to complete the look of your pashmina.

For this particular way to wear a pashmina, you’re going to use the same technique as you would with the shawl look – drape it over your shoulders, casually.

However, instead of just letting the ends of the pashmina to lay in front of you’re going to loop the ends through and THEN let the ends hang in front. This look gives your pashmina a little more of a stylized finish, but it’s also a chic way for added warmth.

When the pashmina is essentially closed, shut with the loop in front, it instantly warms you up more.

Wear it Like a Top

Even though pashminas are thought of as accessories, or finishing pieces, to an outfit they can be worn in a way that makes them function more like an actual top.

Now, I do suggest wearing a top underneath for added coverage and the option to take the pashmina off if you get hot or no longer want to wear it. That being said all you have to do is drape the pashmina over your back, bring it around the front of you and toss the ends over your shoulders (from the front) to completely cover your entire upper body.

It’s a cute way to change up the look of your pashmina and use it in a completely different way. Plus, this is a great way to add warmth to your outfit when you need it.

You can wear your pashmina this way with a skirt, pants, dress – the list goes on.

Turn it into a Poncho

This way of wearing a pashmina is definitely thinking outside the box. You will be a true fashionista rocking yours this way.

The good news is that even though it’s a fashion-forward way of wearing a pashmina it doesn’t require a lot of effort or fuss.

Cue the relief, right?

To create this look with your pashmina all you need to do is drape it over your shoulders (you may want to fold it in half depending on how wide your pashmina is) and let the rest of it hang in front of you.

Position the pashmina so that it’s covering the majority of your upper body in front, as well as your arms.

Now, this is where you’re going to turn your pashmina into a poncho. Once you’ve positioned the pashmina properly use a belt or a piece of fabric that can be utilized as a belt and wrap it around your waist to hold it in place. Simple, right?!

I love this way of wearing the pashmina because not only is it unique but it also defines your waist to create a more figure flattering look.

This is great for the fall/winter when you’re doing a lot of layering and want to switch things up a bit, especially when your pashmina is in a fun pattern or color.

Transform it to an Infinity Scarf

I mentioned that pashminas are essentially a wider, larger scarf.

That being said it can be worn much as a typical scarf would.However, I know that because it’s wider in size it can be intimidating to wear like you would your other scarves.

One way you can wear a pashmina like a scarf is to take the ends of the pashmina and tie them together in a small knot. After you’ve knotted the ends of the pashmina, you now have created a circle with it, from there you can wrap it around your neck just like you would with an infinity scarf.

The bonus in using a pashmina as an infinity scarf is the additional warmth you get with it! Since it’s more material that means it’s keeping you that much warmer without adding any additional accessories or layers to your outfit.

Final Words:

Pashminas are versatile, stylish and easy to wear. Experiment with some of these tips to make the most out of your pashmina.

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