How to Wear a Blanket Scarf in 10 Fashionable Ways

How to Wear a Blanket Scarf

Blanket scarves are becoming an increasingly popular wardrobe staple. These days, you can find them in stores everywhere— all year long in a multitude of colors, prints and fabrics. Yet, the large amount of fabric can leave the most savvy fashionistas wondering how to wear a blanket scarf. That’s why we’ve created this go-to guide for wearing this popular outfit addition.

Tips for wearing Blanket Scarf

Below, we’ll be teaching you everything you need to know about this must-have accessory. We’ll help you to understand what a blanket scarf is, identify the most popular types of blanket scarves and provide a number of easy ways to style them. First, let’s break down exactly what a blanket scarf is.

What is a Blanket Scarf?

The name says it all. A blanket scarf is an oversized scarf that is roughly the size of a throw blanket. Traditionally, they are at least 50 to 60 inches long. While originally this style was most popular during colder weather, this versatile accessory is now becoming more popular in lighter weight fabrics as well.

In the winter, blanket scarves are extremely popular due to their warmth. Their large size allows them to double as a small blanket or shawl when bundling up in the cold. You’ll often see blanket scarves in knits and with fringe edges. During the winter, plaid and striped prints are most common.

In the summer, lightweight blanket scarves are a great accessory for a cool, breezy day. They are most popular in silk or cotton, with intricate floral or paisley patterns. Consider bringing a lightweight blanket scarf on your next travel excursion. The versatile accessory makes a great beach cover-up or summer evening wrap.

Types of Blanket Scarves

The most popular types of blanket scarves are square, rectangle and triangle. With how popular this accessory is becoming, there’s no shame in having one (or a few) of each shape! As you’ll see, each shape can be styled in its own unique way so the more the merrier.

Long rectangular

Long rectangular blanket scarves often come in warmer fabrics like a cozy wool or fuzzy acrylic. Knit variations are also popular, and often have decorative fringe on the shorter ends. The length of rectangular scarves makes them well suited for styles that wrap around your neck.


Square blanket scarves often have elaborate decorative patterns. This popular shape is most commonly worn in the spring or summer in lighter weight fabrics like cotton or silk. A square blanket scarf can be folded into a triangle to create a larger number of styling options.


Triangular blanket scarves are less common due to the increased difficulty when creating them. Unlike square or rectangular scarves which can easily be cut from large rolls of fabric, triangular scarves require special attention to detail when creating their shape. You’ll often see this style worn as an oversized kerchief.

9 Easy Ways to Wear a Blanket Scarf

1. The Wrap Around

The Wrap Around method is arguably the most popular way to wear a blanket scarf. This is simply because it’s so easy. Anyone could do it! This method is suitable only for rectangular scarves, and looks particularly great using one with fringe edges.

wrap around a blanket scarf

Grab the ends of the scarf, holding it behind your neck. Give yourself two thirds of the scarf on one side of your neck and a third on the other. Throw the longer end over your shoulder, looping it around your neck until the end hangs at the front. Adjust until the ends hang evenly.

This style can be worn with a larger loop and shorter tails or a tight loop around your neck and longer tails, depending on your personal preference. For another fun variation, toss one of the ends over your shoulder again so it hangs down your back. To keep your neck even warmer, try wrapping the longer end fully around your neck twice.

2. Left Hanging

If you’re looking to show off a unique print, pattern or a bold color, consider this simple way to wear a blanket scarf. Just hang the scarf around the back of your neck and allow the fabric to hang down the front.

blanket scarf left hanging around the neck

That’s it! You can try this method with any shape or style of blanket scarf.

3. Knotted

Instead of leaving the scarf hanging loose, add a knot towards the middle of the hanging ends. If you find the scarf slipping off your shoulders when left hanging, this is an easy way to keep the loose ends in place.

knotted scarf tie

For a stylish addition, try using a brooch instead of or in addition to the knot. You can even use a decorative ring. To use the ring method, first thread the scarf through the ring. Then tie a large knot under the ring to secure it. Large bauble rings —such as a fun bracelet—work best for this style. It may take a few tries to find the right ring for your scarf, as if they are too heavy they may weigh down the scarf.

4. The Loop

While this conventional method works best with longer rectangular scarves, it can also be done using a square-shaped blanket scarf if you want the ends to not hang down as far.

loop style scarf

Folding the scarf in half lengthwise, hold the ends in one hand and the folded end in the other. Place the scarf around your shoulders so it is lying on the back of your neck. The side with the ends should be a bit longer than the side with the fold. Take the ends and slip them through the hole. You may need to resituate the scarf a bit until the ends hang evenly in the center.

5. Poncho

This simple method is suitable for any style or shape of blanket scarf. During summer months, it’s a great way to show off a patterned silk scarf or pashminas as well as to protect your shoulders from the sun during a day at the beach. In the winter, cuddle up in a cozy knit or fuzzy wool scarf to keep warm.

wearing blanket scarf as poncho

Lay the scarf out flat, then pick up the scarf from the widest ends and lay it across your shoulders. The ends should be draped over your arms to hang in the front. Adjust to your liking. You can also wear a belt over this style to keep the scarf in place and add interest to any look.

6. The Kerchief

If you are unsure of how to wear a triangular blanket scarf, try the kerchief method! This style also works well using a square scarf halved into a triangle. This is not recommended for rectangular scarves, as they will not fold evenly.

wearing blanket scarf as kerchief

If using a square scarf, fold the scarf along the diagonal to create a triangle. Grab the two opposite ends of the bottom of the triangle in each hand. As you cross the two corners behind your neck, the third corner of the triangle should be pointing down. Wrap until the ends are hanging in the front. From there, you can either hide the two ends by tucking them under the rest of the scarf, or leave them hanging to each side.

7. Asymmetrical Wrap

If you’re looking for an unconventional way to wear a blanket scarf try this asymmetrical wrap. This can be done with any shape of scarf, though you may need to adjust how you wrap the scarf depending on its shape. Simply drape the scarf over one shoulder.

Asymmetrical Wrap
Photo: Amanda |

Then cross both ends over your other shoulder so that one is hanging in front and one down your back. Voila!

9. Nursing Cover

Due to their large size, square and rectangular blanket scarves make excellent (and quite fashionable) nursing covers. Simply take off your scarf and cover yourself and your baby.

blanket scarf as nursing cover

Thanks to the additional fabric, you should be able to comfortably nurse in privacy. If you find the scarf slipping, try tying two corners together behind your neck.

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9. Headscarf or Hood

Whether you’re looking to cover your head for religious purposes, hair protection, warmth, or just to make a fashion statement, blanket scarves make fantastic headscarves due to their size.

blanket scarf as headscarf or cover
Photo: Molly |

Wrap the scarf around your head twice and pull one loop up and around your head, just as you would with the hood on a hoodie. Adjust it as necessary. You can either tuck the ends in or leave them dangling.

10. Faux Infinity Scarf

Did you know that a blanket scarf can also be worn as an infinity scarf? While you can simply tuck the ends in to hide them, it can be helpful to loosely knot the corners together or use a small hidden safety pin to ensure the scarf stays put.

infinity loop with blanket scarf

To recreate an infinity scarf, wrap the scarf around your neck until there are no long tails. Tuck ends into loops to hide them.

Looking for more ways to wear an infinity scarf? Click here for our guide on how to wear an infinity scarf.

Now that you know a few ways to style them, it’s time to get wearing your blanket scarves! There’s truly no wrong way to wear a scarf, so have fun playing around with them until you find what works for you. It may take a few tries to find your favorite way to wear each shape, but you’ll have plenty of stylish looks along the way!

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