How to Get Free Makeup Samples: 10 Easy Ways Revealed

How to get free makeup samples

If there is one thing everyone loves getting, it’s free stuff! But how do you get it – specifically things like expensive makeup and skincare?

With old sayings like “Money doesn’t grow on trees!” and “You have to work hard to play hard!” coming to mind, it seems like free makeup handouts are hard to come by. Wrong! You can easily get makeup and skincare samples sent to you for free.

10 Ways to Get Free Makeup Samples by Mail

Here are 10 different ways that you can get free makeup, and skincare samples sent right to your door.

1. Enter Giveaways Hosted by Popular Influencers and YouTubers

While your chances of winning depend on how many people enter the contest, this is still a free and easy way to possibly win awesome sets of makeup totally free. Remember to read the rules that the Influencer or YouTuber has to be sure that you are eligible to win the prize!

If you follow multiple people that do giveaways, you will have a better chance of winning something as well! Don’t forget to support the smaller influencers and YouTubers as well – with a smaller following, your chances of winning a giveaway are greater!

2. Follow Brands on Social Media

Follow your favorite brands on Facebook, Instagram, and so on. They will post when new products come out and any giveaways or samples that they want to send to their consumers; i.e., YOU! Better yet — take photos of products that you get and tag the companies in your photos.

Instagram beauty giveaways
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When they see that you support them, they may want to send you free products! Make sure to add other hash tags as well to show how much you love their products. If you did not like the products — it might be best to skip out on posting about it.

3. Use Your Points

If you get points with credit cards or store cards, make sure to use them for your makeup products. They will be free! Pay attention to when stores have special offers, like ten times the points, and save your shopping for those days.

Your products from those points will mostly be free because you shopped smart on the extra point days. You can save your points as well and cash them in when something new comes out that you really want!

4. Use Coupons

In the USA, especially, you can stack coupons and get products for free doing so! Find coupons online and print them off, or use store coupons. If you have to purchase a minimum quantity to get the items for free, do it.

Coupon for free beauty samples

There is nothing wrong with stocking up things that you will use in the future. You can also use the multiple ones you get as excellent gifts for your friends and family!

5. Complete Surveys

There are many websites where you can complete surveys in exchange for gift cards that you can use for free products, or some of them will send you the products as well. One of the most popular is Swagbucks.

It is entirely free to sign up, and you can complete surveys or watch videos in exchange for gift cards – the most popular one listed is for Amazon gift cards.

6. Join Testing Groups

There are websites where they want you to test out different products and leave your honest reviews. Companies value those reviews to show that their product is excellent, or they use the information to make improvements on their products.

Websites like Influencer is free to sign up for, and you can get products sent directly to you!

7. Request Free Samples Directly from the Company

As manufacturers give away free samples online all the time, go directly to the source for your free samples. Companies like L’Oreal will actually send you free products if you request them!

Some companies do require you to pay shipping, but even with the shipping cost, the products that you get will be worth more than what you paid for in shipping. You can also request coupons that you can use in stores as well!

8. Sign Up for Beauty Boxes

There are many different beauty subscription boxes available now, and many offer the first box free when you join! Take advantage of “the first box is free!” promo codes, and check out their social media pages if you don’t see one on their website; they are usually advertised there!

Many of these subscription boxes you can cancel at any time as well, so there is no obligation. Often, these boxes are a great deal for the products you get inside anyway, so you will be getting products at a discount if you continue to purchase the boxes.

9. Order Everything Online

Order your makeup online from places like Amazon, Sephora and Ulta. These stores offer free samples when you purchase other items, and you can usually buy the sample and deluxe sample size products themselves as well.

Stack your purchase with Ebates and earn money back on purchases you make also. Ebates has many different stores available to receive cash back – including Sephora and Ulta.

10. Shop at Discount Stores (Or Ask For Samples In Person)

At stores like Sephora, you can request free samples of almost any product in their store. There are usually free samples at the cash as well, so make sure to ask when you are purchasing your items. Also, the staff is trained to ask you if you would like a free sample, but if they forget to ask, make sure you don’t! They won’t mind at all.

It’s not just Sephora either; most departments (and sometimes the drug stores) will also be able to give you samples of certain items, you just have to ask! Moreover, the same rules apply at the cash counter. Sometimes they have free samples back there, so make sure to ask! Also – ask for coupons, as they may have some that you can use in store for the purchase you are doing or for future purchases.

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