5 Different Types of Fashion Styles Based on Personality

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They say not to judge a book by its cover, but I challenge you to look at someone and not form an opinion about them. Whether it is hair, makeup, clothes, or shoes, appearance can speak volumes about a person. If you’re disorganized, an attention seeker, or may be organized, shy, you can probably be categorized by the society. However, as women we tend to have a wardrobe full of different styles ready to reflect the mood of the day.

5 Different Types of Fashion Styles

In this article, you will get some ideas of trends that can reflect your personality.

1. Bohemian

Bohemian Fashion Look

For the chilled out relaxed girl who tends to wear a lot of floral designs and keeps clothes loose and floaty. These girls are often messy and chaos seems to gravitate around them yet they still stay calm. Often the girl in the Bohemian category will have a creative mind and be seen to others as ‘random’. They will listen to all the new indie bands that no one has ever heard of.

As mentioned, popular styles are floral dresses and loose tops, but these girls will often have their hair down and wear minimal makeup. Jewelry is popular, although is again loose and by not conforming, suitably completes an outfit. Her favorite drink is either a white wine or a cider, and she will be the funny one.

2. Dramatic/ Eccentric/ Maverick

These girls will go out of their way to look at their best all the time and will focus on clothes that will be ahead of the curve. Makeup will be dramatic and over the top, often with heavy eye shadow and striking lip stick colors. These girls will want to be noticed and are often the loudest in the group. The other girls will try and follow this trendsetter but she will always be one step ahead.

Style wise they will be identified by baggy t-shirts, matched tight leather effect leggings or skinny jeans. She will wear bold accessories that will be wearable for a month before the next thing comes available. The Maverick is usually found in the city and is a regular on a night out, where she can flaunt her creative outfit. The maverick often has expensive tastes and will drink champagne, prosecco, and pornstar martini’s but she’ll be the first to cry. You’ll remember her as her yearbook says she is the most likely have her listed as most likely to marry a footballer.

3. Sporty Vixen

Sports Luxe Fashion Outfit

Previously known as a tom boy until Sportsluxe became the fashion trend that won’t go away. The sporty girl will often wear tight clothing that is usually found at the gym and will strive for comfort. Instead of shoes she will wear sneakers, and jeans will be replaced by leggings. This type of girl is usually very active and comfortable with herself. She has lots of hobbies and is the most likely to hang out with the ‘lads’ and drink a beer. Because of this she is popular with the boys and has no problems getting a boyfriend.

You will either find a sporty vixen in a gym or in a juice bar with friends where she can be comfortable, and continue a low carb diet. They are happy to be on a night out though and love EDM music.

4. Elegant/ Minimalist/ Natural

Minimalist Classy Fashion Look

This girl is usually organized, intelligent, and takes her job too seriously! Her clothes reflect a lifestyle approach by being clean and simple without looking over the top. Don’t think this is a downer on this personality though. Every group needs a mature and sophisticated character, and this girl will always have the right plan.

Makeup wise she will always look naturally beautiful with only essentials like foundation, eye liner, and lipstick. She will also keep it classy with simple styles in jewelry such as earrings or bracelets. She will also probably be the first to get married and have kids and an amazing career. Lucky girl. If you’re lucky to get her out of the house, she will be on the red wine and will probably be the first to be drunk.

5. Vintage

Vintage Fashion Look

Vintage shops are going through a rapid stage of growth and retro styles are moving in circles. Denim will be a big factor, and items such as; jackets, flared jeans, or dungarees are a regular feature. Also popular from the 60’s and 70’s are jump suits and pastel colors, with short bob haircuts and full fringes. This girl will listen to cool underground music, and probably drives a Mini Cooper, Fiat 500, or A VW Beetle.

Moving into the 80’s and think bulky leather jackets, tight black jeans, and big hair with a bandana hairband. Finally those who reflect the 90’s wear baggy sporty tops, shell suits, and knitted jumpers.

This girl will be recognized as someone who is different and in her own world. She probably has a few tattoos and piercings that her parents aren’t fond of and her boyfriend’s will be older and in a band.

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