7 Best Steam Hair Straightener Reviews : In-depth Buying Guide 2023

best steam hair straightener

When you straighten your hair several days in a row, it often ends up dry and brittle. Your locks lose their shine after just a few minutes of straightening with a regular straightener. Hair doesn’t keep its style for longer than a few hours without gallons of expensive product.

The solution? A steam hair straightener flat iron!

While regular hair straighteners leech moisture from your hair, a steam iron infuses the strands with moisture while your hair gets sleek and straight.

7 Best Steam Hair Straightener Reviews

We have analyzed all best selling steam hair straighteners in the market and picked top 7 for this review. Don’t damage your hair with high heat; instead, add moisture while you style.

1. Infiniti Pro Steam Flat Iron by Conair

Conair is a favorite hair styling tool brand and their Infiniti Pro Steam Iron with a heat instrument case is our Editor’s Pick for the best steam hair straightener.

It’s retractable combs that have three positions help to detangle hair before it is steamed. This feature allows for the most even single stroke straightening. There are five temperature settings up to 395 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing for extensive use.

This steam straightener has both Ceramic and Ionic technologies, allowing for shiny, soft, evenly straight hair. The plates are made of aluminum and coated with ceramic, allowing for both durability and even heat conduction.

It has a 30-second heat time for quick styling. How cool is that?

This straightener is perfect for humid days and will leave your hair with a long-lasting style.


  • Combines technologies for your softest straight hair ever
  • Comb allows for even hair distribution
  • Stylish carrying case[/su_list]


  • Steam not as strong as other brands[/su_list]

2. FURIDEN Steam Hair Straightener

FURIDEN’s Steam Straightener heats in 15 seconds, beating all straighteners on this list in heat time. It also boasts temperatures from 265 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, with 5-degree incremental settings. This feature allows you to choose the best mode for each situation for your hair. You can lower the heat for a curl or raise the heat for a quick style. Steam is protective at all temperatures.

The vapor infusion technology makes hair resistant to humidity and frizz-free for any event. It also has a steam function button so if you do not want steam technology you can turn it off. It is 1 inch, suitable for tighter curls or a standard straighten.

FURIDEN’s straightener comes with a 6-month worry-free guarantee, so you know it’s good. Friendly support representatives are ready to talk through any concerns. It also comes in a gorgeous and on-trend metallic rose color.


  • Ceramic plates heat in 15 seconds!
  • Customizable temperature controls
  • Works on all hair types


  • More expensive than others

3. MKBOO Steam Hair Straightener

MKBOO’s Professional Straightener includes ceramic plates. Ceramic is a great distributor of heat and ensures that you get an even style, with no hot spots that leave your hair damaged in some areas and not straight enough in others.

Ceramic causes less hair-splitting and damage. Since the plate heats evenly, you don’t have to keep going over the same spot again and again to get a silky finish. This means it takes less time to straighten and cause less damage!

MKBOO’s steam straightener comes with removable comb teeth, allowing your hair to be evenly distributed for the quickest, safest iron. It has five heat settings, and you can turn off the steam if you prefer. This feature makes the hair straightener useful for all hair types (or to share with your roommate)!


  • Ceramic plates heat in 30 seconds
  • Easy temperature controls and lock
  • Large capacity water tank
  • Works on all hair types


  • More expensive than others

4. Kealive Professional Steam Straightener

Kealive Professional Steam Straightener uses a ceramic heater to heat quickly in 30 seconds. No more waiting around on the hair straightener to warm up before being able to style. This steam straightener even converts voltage so you can travel without worrying about outlets frying your steam hair straightener. Just plug in and go!

This hair straightener uses ceramic, infrared, and ionic technologies to provide a smooth, silky hair. The steam technology slowly releases steam into the locks for a quick, efficient style. This feature is excellent for natural hair because it keeps your tresses healthy.

Kealive’s steam straightener has two heat settings: high and low to protect fine hair from damage but to ensure thick hair gets a quality straighten. The heat sensor in the iron will detect if there are dry spots and adjust to ensure hair stays healthy.


  • Excellent for travel
  • Great for curling or straighten
  • Reasonably priced


  • Fewer heat settings than others

5. SWAN STAR Professional Infrared Steam Hair Straightener

SWAN STAR Professional Infrared Steam Hair Straightener has infrared technology. Infrared heats hair from the inside out and lasts longer. Infrared also keeps your hair’s natural moisture, so this combined with steam allows for maximum shine. Hair also retains more volume.

This straightener heats more slowly because it has a safer wire. However, the slower heat time will make your steam hair straightener last for years to come since the wires will not wear out like a normal straightener.

SWAN STAR Steam Hair Straightener has 2-inch plates, making for a quicker iron time and a looser, stylish curl. Hollywood glam soft waves are back, and SWAN STAR can help you get your best shiny hairstyle.


  • Infrared heat creates a longer-lasting straighten
  • 2-inch plates are easy to use
  • Long-lasting product


  • Longer wait time

6. Miuphro Steam Hair Straightener

Miuphro uses ultrasonic technology to heat the steam, implying that it heats the steam to a lower temperature. This feature means your hair will be straighter with less heat damage.

It uses a titanium plate. Titanium has fast and even heat conduction just like ceramic, but lasts longer. With a ceramic iron, a drop can break the plate, ruining the straightener. With Miuphro’s titanium plates, you can drop it into your bag or on the bathroom floor without worrying about it breaking.

It comes with two settings, low and high. This iron heats at 350 and 410 degrees Fahrenheit, so it is a more moderate option. The steam comes out through a groove in the plate, which allows your hair to be straightened, steamed, and then straightened again from the gap in plates. This method will lock in the moisture into your hair after it is steamed.


  • Titanium plates are a more durable choice
  • Simple to use
  • Great for natural hair


  • Fewer heat settings

7. Inkint Hair Straightener

The Inkint Straightener comes in 4 trendy colors, including purple, pink, brown, and blue. It can straighten or curl hair and heats in 30 seconds.

Inkint’s straightener has floating plates, allowing your hair to glide through on each pass without catching or snagging. This means no more untangling hair from hair straightener plates! It also has 12 temperature settings from 248 to 450 degrees, allowing for control when using the heat.

This straightener-curler combo has rounded edges, allowing for an effortless styling experience. The auto-shutoff is 60 minutes, which means you’ll always be confident when you leave the house that your straightener will not cause a fire!


  • Customizable temperature controls
  • Works on all hair types


  • More expensive than others

Things to Consider While Buying the Best Steam Hair Straightener

When buying a steam hair straightener, consider how you will be using the product and costs.

Blade Size:

Do you need wide blades for thick hair, or do you want a more versatile smaller blade? If you are pressed for time during your daily hair routine, wider blades will work better. You can straighten your hair much faster with wider blades. However, if you prefer to put a wave or curl in your hair from time to time, along with straightening it, consider a more versatile blade.

If you have thicker hair compared to fine, not only will wider blades be ideal, but a higher heat setting, too. The low to moderate settings may not produce enough heat to get through your hair, which will leave you going over the same strands multiple times. Not only is it a waste of time, but it can damage your hair quicker than usual.


Do you need a product that works in different countries or will you only be using at home? You might want to consider buying a steam hair straightener that is compact and easy to travel with if you are packing it away in luggage on a regular basis. Not only that but think about what outlets you might use, so the plug converts properly.

Design & Usability

Try to find a steam straightener that has a cord that wraps evenly without leaving kinks. If you are coiling up the cord constantly, you don’t want to short circuit your wire because of a twisted cord. Not only should you consider the cord, but also the size of the steam straightener as well as any carrying cases.


Another thing to consider when buying a great steam hair straightener is the cost. While there is a range of prices to fit any budget, you should always understand that you get what you pay for, just like with anything else. High-quality straighteners that will stand the test of time and make your hair look great every time will most likely not be the cheapest one available. However, it is always nice to get a deal!

How to Use Steam Hair Straightener

First, load your steam hair straightener with water in its reservoir or tank. If you have a lot of curly hair, buying a steam hair straightener with a larger heat capacity is recommended, so you do not have to refill during the process.

Plug in the steam straightener while you finish drying or section your hair. Hair that isn’t exceptionally coarse and thick can use a temperature between 300 and 350 degrees Fahrenheit. You don’t need the highest heat to straighten hair that is fine or thin.

Be sure to start with hair that is at least mostly dry. The drier your hair when you begin, the better the steam can penetrate the hair shaft. If you don’t have time to air dry after the shower, grab a blow dryer and dry in sections. Be sure the hair dryer is pointed downwards along the hair shaft to help prevent frizz. Use a cool blast at the end to prep hair for the steam hair straightener flat iron.

Brush hair with your favorite brush. We recommend a nylon or boar bristle brush to start with smooth, shiny hair. Ensure hair is not tangled before sectioning and clipping up hair. A reasonable section of hair to work with at a time is about 4-5 inches of hair at a medium thickness.

You should grab hair in about 1-inch sections and starting at the top of your hair, clamp the steam hair straightener onto the hair. Slowly and with firm pressure holding the plates closed, draw the straightener along the length of the hair. Allow hair to cool while straightening the next sections, and then either clip up gently or leave down.

A lot of beginners don’t put enough pressure onto the straightener, causing hair to be exposed to heat without a straightening effect. Be sure you are closing the steam hair straightener blades before pulling along the strand.

Once you finish with all sections, you can style hair with a loose wave or curl or leave sleek and straight! Feel free to use a product to set hair, but a steam hair straightener infuses moisture into the strands, allowing for you to feel confident in a long-lasting shine.

Regular Hair Straightener vs. Steam Hair Straightener: What’s the difference?

Have you straightened your hair with a typical hair straightener for years? There are a plethora of options including ceramic plates, aluminum, and ionic, but all with mediocre results. Using these types of straighteners means your hair might be shiny and straight for a few hours, but as soon as it was windy, humid, or you are moving around, the hair would revert to its typical dull mess.

When trying a steam hair straightener you might be worried if that it is not safe for your hair. You might consider a clothes iron and wonder if the heat would singe or melt hair! However, with a steam iron, your hair is silky smooth and shiny for days. Your hair will be able to withstand movement and humidity so no matter the day you have ahead, your hair will look gorgeous.

A regular hair straightener uses a heated iron blade to heat the hair. This technique actually dries out the strands as you pull them through the straightener and evaporates the moisture inside your natural hair.

It also can take many passes to get a lasting straight result. When using a regular hair straightener, you may notice your hair won’t tolerate high heat well (that terrifying sizzle or scald). This notion is because as soon as your hair loses its natural moisture, continued straightening can burn or singe hair if you’re not careful.

However, a steam iron fixes all these issues. A steam hair straightener has standard blades while also having ports that release heated water in the form of steam along the blade. Depending on the steam hair straightener you choose, it could be between blades, above them, or below.

Each option allows steam to penetrate the hair as you expose it to heat, ensuring that it is soft and moisturized. If you think about it as a clothing steamer, it allows the curls or kinks to relax gently. The flat iron blade further straightens hair and locks in a straight style. It is perfect for everyday use because it doesn’t dry hair out like a hair straightener does.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are steam hair straightener better for your hair?

Steam hair straighteners heat hair faster and more safely than typical hair straighteners or flat irons. The water infuses moisture into the hair as you dry so your hair will not be frizzy and burnt after straightening. It is much better than a flat iron for everyday use as your hair won’t become dry and brittle with repeated use.

2. Is there a difference between a straightener and a flat iron?

A straightener can include anything that straighteners hair: products such as heated brushes, hot combs, and hair dryers are included. A flat iron is a specific type of straightener that straightens using plates.

3. How can I straighten my hair every day without damaging it?

Be sure you are using heat protectant product for your hair, and use a steam hair straightener or another product that guarantees moisture will be retained in your hair. Run your hair through the straightener at the lowest heat that is effective for your hair, and do not repeat sections immediately. Allow the hair to cool first, and then run through hair again if necessary.

Final Words:

Steam hair straightener are the newest technology for safely daily straightening. If your hair is unmanageable or very curly, especially when it frizzes up in the humidity, a steam hair straightener is for you. Try one of the suggested best steam hair straighteners to guarantee your hair will look gorgeous, feel soft, and stay nourished.

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