11 Best Pore Vacuum Reviews 2023: Do They Really Work?

best pore vacuum

A new Korean beauty treatment is sweeping the US: pore vacuuming.

No, I’m not kidding. It’s exactly what it sounds like – a small facial vacuum sucks out the oil, dead skin, and any other buildup in your pores to improve the overall look of your skin.

To save your precious time we have tested and reviewed 11 best pore vacuums for you.

Best Pore Vacuum Reviews 2023

1. Lonove Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum Cleaner

The latest generation of Lonove’s blackhead removal vacuum gets rid of blackheads, acne, and enlarged pores. Equipped with four replaceable ‘probes,’ or heads, and give suction levels for all skin types, this vacuum is designed to clear your skin.
Its quick charge, high-capacity lithium battery, and long standby time make for a convenient travel tool. Alternate through the different suction levels, and you’ll see them displayed on the LED display screen clearly – no guesswork required!

As a gift with your purchase, the company also sends a cute little pimple extraction kit. It may not sound glamorous, but we’ve all encountered a stubborn pimple or two that could use a little help going away.

This pore vacuum is well known for its suction capabilities, so keep that in mind when testing this one out!

2. Ellesye Blackhead Remover Vacuum

This futuristic-looking pore vacuum looks like something out of a science fiction movie, but it could really be yours! Ellesye’s nifty vacuum has an advanced feature called ‘temperature sense design,’ which uses heat and cold to manipulate our pores for maximum benefit. Heat opens the pores for extraction, and cold seals them back up to reduce skin damage.

That’s not the only significant feature, of course. The vacuum also comes with five adjustable suction levels for sensitive and neutral skin, as well as stubborn blackheads. The four included vacuum heads can be changed to address various skin issues like acne, oily or dry skin, or simple cleansing.

This blackhead suction tool runs on a built-in, rechargeable 1000 mAh battery, so there’s no need to replace it or worry about recharging it frequently: it can last for up to 24 uses on a single charge!

3. Eunon Blackhead Remover Vacuum

Though this vacuum is a bit more expensive than the others on the list, you might have heard the old adage, ‘you get what you pay for.’ In this case, a little more goes a long way! This vacuum comes with an extra-large LCD display that shows one of three adjustable suction modes, working time, and battery status. It also includes a storage base and four replaceable heads designed for all skin types and problems.

The battery on this vacuum boasts an extra-quick charge time: one hour allows for up to two months of use, with the option of cordless and corded use while charging.
This vacuum also has the added benefit of being water-resistant – its IPX7 design allows you to clean it under running water!

4. June Julien Facial Pore Cleanser (ComeDone)

Tested on over one thousand users, this cleansing tool has been designed with all skin types in mind. The June Julien comes with five levels of suction: one is for sensitive and dry skin, two and three are for neutral skin, and four and five are for mixed and oily skin.

This little tool also comes with four different suction heads for different uses. One is to clean up blackheads, one removes oil, another helps with wrinkles, and the last massages the skin for a lasting facial. The kit is rechargeable and can last up to three hours of use on one charge, making it a convenient countertop bathroom gadget you won’t want to be without!

5. Chamyo 6 Levels Pro Blackhead Remover

The Chamyo blackhead remover is a powerful model that was released to the market in 2019. Their vacuum extractor generates centrifugal force to separate blemishes from the pore without bruising or breaking the skin, so no matter how sensitive or what type your skin is, there’s a setting for you.

The settings range from the gentlest at level one to the highest at level six. It also comes with six – that’s right, six! – attachments. The vacuum pore extractors are made of resin and medical silicon, so they are safe to use on your skin. This kit also comes with a four-piece metal acne removal tool kit, so you can really feel like an at-home pro!

6. Alin&Alan Electric Blackhead Suction Device

If you’re interested in testing the waters on a pore vacuum, but you don’t want to break the bank on it, this is your chance. The Alin & Alan vacuum is an affordable option with many positive ratings from its users.

Its ‘one-click’ design is intuitive and straightforward: click the cute big button each time you want to alternate through one level of suction. There are five modes, ensuring that this little baby is suitable for all skin types.

The four replaceable heads address all your beauty needs: the large probe head has the most forceful suction for those stubborn blackheads we all want to pick at (but know we shouldn’t touch). The small circular head is designed for sensitive areas, while the oval suction head is meant for fine lines around the eyes, nose, and mouth, and the silicon probe head provides the softest suction for the tender areas around the lips.

7. Xikeo Blackhead Remover Vacuum Pore Cleaner

Xikeo has another of our list’s affordable pore vacuums. This blackhead remover offers five levels of suction so you can adjust to your liking. The lowest level is suitable for sensitive or dry skin, level two is for neutral skin, level three is for oily skin and blackheads, level four is for shrinking pores, and level five is for rejuvenating the skin. A visual LED display shows battery and suction level, so there’s never any confusion.

This vacuum also has four replaceable suction heads to solve different skin problems. The silicone head is designed for gentle suction – perfect for more sensitive skin. The ‘beauty head’ gathers the vacuum’s blue and red light rays to shrink pores and rejuvenate skin/ The oval head is perfect for your T-zone, and the large head, aka the ‘circular hole head,’ has the strongest suction.

8. Marysun Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum

If you’re anything like the rest of us and our #firstworldproblems, we hate having to charge our gizmos and gadgets. Never fear, a charging base is here! This is the only vacuum on our list to have a charging base. The vacuum also comes with five replaceable heads and three adjustable suction levels for all your skin types. The heads included are a small round head for softer suction, microcrystalline head for exfoliation, large round head for strong suction, oval suction head for fine lines, and the ‘beauty suction’ head for cupping. The beauty suction head claims to relieve fatigue! This vacuum is also FDA certified so that you can vacuum with peace of mind.

9. BZ Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum

Sometimes, too many options can be overwhelming. For a more straightforward vacuum, look no further. This vacuum has a sleek design with all the functionality you need at a mid-range price. An LED display shows you one of three suction levels: oily and mixed, neutral, or dry skin, as well as the battery level.

What’s more, you get six removable heads with this vacuum kit: two oval heads for wrinkles, two small heads for softer suction, one round head for blackheads, and microdermabrasion scrub head for exfoliating.

Easy, on-the-go charging with the included USB cable makes this little kit easily portable, so take it wherever you go!

10. Expesar Pore Vacuum Blackhead Remover Cleaner

This blue, dremel shaped vacuum is an affordable and functional vacuum for anyone in the market to suck the gunk off their face. Its shape may not be the most ergonomic, but it does come with three levels of suction for oily, normal, and dry skin. It also comes with six suction heads: a large round head for blackheads, a middle round head for oily skin and acne-prone skin, a small round head for sensitive skin, a round head, a mini round head, and an oval head for wrinkles.

The HD LED display shows the suction mode during use. Unlike the Eunon model, this model cannot be used during charging, though that may not be a huge issue for most people. Once it is fully charged, its running time is up to 90 minutes.

11. ProTragen Advanced Revive Comedo Suction Blackhead Removal Device

This upgraded pore vacuum is a professional level blackhead remover with five levels of suction for all skin types. A simple LCD display shows the strength of the suction in use, and its ergonomic design ensures that no fatigue sets in while you treat yourself to an in-home facial.

The intensity of this product’s suction is quite high, even at its lowest setting, so do be cautious testing it out! It comes with four removable tips for dermabrasion, blackhead removal, and fine lines.

As with most similar models on the market, its lightweight nature and rechargeable battery make it a great candidate for portable, on-the-go facials as well!

Something that does set this little kit apart is the inclusion of a special blackhead removal cream called ‘Purple Magic.’ I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely intrigued!

What is a pore vacuum?

Oddly enough, when you look up ‘what are pore vacuums’ on a particular search engine – you know the one we all use – there aren’t really any results that explain what it is in detail. Maybe it’s so basic, we’re supposed to just *get* it, but that doesn’t seem right.

what is a pore vacuum?

After all this, you may be wondering what a pore vacuum is, exactly. Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a mini vacuum-like device that sucks the oil, dead skin cells and bacteria from blackheads (and sometimes whiteheads) from your pores. Some online reviews dubbed the tool ‘magic’ because it visibly removes dirt and oil from the surface of your skin. Granted, the concept of lifting dirt from your skin is not a new one. Blackhead strips have existed for over 20 years, and pore vacuums are really the same concept on steroids. Or technically, on batteries.

Pore vacuums are typically handheld, cordless, rechargeable devices with a suction ability. Users apply them to their faces to extract sebum (oily secretion) and dirt buildup. That doesn’t mean they’re dirty, of course – just human.

Keep in mind: pore vacuums can cause temporary discoloration and some minor discomfort. There’s a specific way to use them, and it takes a bit of prep work. Nothing complicated, but definitely highly recommended if you don’t want to walk around looking like Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer!

Do Pore Vacuums Work?

If you’re wondering whether or not pore vacuums actually work, the answer is yes and no. They can work, but research shows that they’re actually most effective if the pores are pre-loosened with something like salicylic or glycolic acid, or physical exfoliation. Either way, steaming ahead of the vacuuming is much more effective than taking the vacuum to dry skin right away.

Also, the pore vacuum process requires enough friction to pull the dirt out. Therefore, it certainly can be harsh on the skin. Misuse can lead to side effects like bruising and inflammation due to microscopic tears in the skin.

For the most part, these facial pore cleansers, or pore vacuums, are effective on mild blackheads but won’t be enough for large or deep-rooted blackheads. They won’t prevent blackheads or skin issues, but regular use may show improvement just because they will get rid of the previously built-up sebum.

Aside from the purely functional factor, there’s also something intensely satisfying about the idea of sucking all the dirt from your face and being able to see it. You may not agree, but there’s certainly something to it – videos on blackhead extractions and pimple popping rack up millions of views each year.

Things to Consider While Buying the Best Pore Vacuum

pore vacuum buying guide

There are a few things to consider when buying a pore vacuum. Depending on the traits you’re looking for, different features may appeal to you.

Rechargeable Battery

We’re all busy people – we don’t have time to wait for a face vacuum to charge up. We need our gadgets to be ready for us whenever we need them. That’s why it’s essential to consider things like charge time, standby time, and the ability to operate while charging.

Levels of suction

If you’re a beginner to the pore vacuuming game, maybe you don’t need seventeen different levels of suction; maybe three is just right. However, if you’re Goldilocks in search of that perfect suction level – not too light and not too harsh, perhaps something with more options is what you need.

Multiple Heads

We’re not talking about a hydra here. As we’ve mentioned, most vacuums come with removable heads in different shapes and sizes – sometimes even different materials – for varying purposes. Depending on what you want to get out of your vacuum, it might be worth investing in a vacuum that has extra heads.

Display Type

Though we may not all be easily hypnotized by fancy lights, LED displays certainly do have a specific draw. They also use low voltage power, so they don’t drain the battery of the vacuum. LED displays are typically very durable, so there’s minimal risk of damaging them as well.

Ergonomic Design

Although you won’t be holding your pore vacuum for very long, you do want to make sure it is easy and comfortable to grip. If the handle is too large or not angled correctly, it could make your hand cramp, and that could lead to some unpleasant facial bruising.


Some vacuums are much more affordable than others, but is price the most important consideration? Just like a good pair of shoes, sometimes an item is worth spending a little extra cash on. The skin on your face goes through a lot: sun, wind, (are you even wearing your SPF moisturizer right now?), and all the other elements alone put it through enough. It’s important to know what your face can handle and treat it accordingly. If a more expensive vacuum model has a feature that you think is worth the extra dough, maybe it’s worth skipping the extra lattes for a while until you’ve saved up for it!

How to Use a Pore Vacuum?

So now that we’ve looked at some options and figured out how to pick the best one for you, let’s talk about how actually to use this baby!

  • Insert attachments

As discussed, most pore vacuums come with a variety of attachments that are designed to be used on different skin types and various blemishes. Once you determine which attachment works best for your skin needs, insert it into the vacuum nozzle.

  • Prep Your Skin

Now comes the fun part. You cannot actually use the vacuum on dry or unprepped skin, so you get to enjoy a mini, DIY facial. The best way to prepare your skin for the vacuum is to steam your pores open. You can do this by taking a nice hot shower, using a steaming machine, or cleansing your face with warm water. It is also recommended that you use salicylic acid or glycolic acid to loosen the impurities in the pores and make them easier to remove.

how to use pore vacuum?

Another optional step here is to use toner. Soak a cotton ball with it and move it gently across your face. Toners help to remove excess oil, dirt, and bacteria that may remain on the skin after cleansing. Once you’ve opened your pores, start moving the device at a low suction level over your face slowly – but not slowly enough that you stay on the same spot for more than a couple of seconds.

  • Start vacuuming

Try to avoid going over the same place multiple times, as that might irritate the skin.
It is recommended that you perform the pore vacuuming in the evenings to give your skin time to recover – some redness is normal and should not be any cause for alarm.

  • DO NOT overuse

You shouldn’t try to vacuum your pores more than once a week – you don’t want to overwork your skin. Once you’re done going with the vacuum, it’s a good idea to cleanse your face with a gentle solution and moisturize before calling it a night.

Mixing in some vitamin C serum with the moisturizer will minimize any scarring or redness that you may already have as well.
Keep in mind that aftercare is just as important as the rest of the process!

  • Safety

Safety is always the most important thing. Check your vacuum to make sure it’s clean and that it actually works as described.

Blackhead Remover Vs. Pore Vacuum: What’s the difference?

Okay, we’ve thrown many terms at you – pore vacuums, blackhead extraction – what’s the difference? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. A blackhead remover is a handheld, non-electric tool that is used as a better alternative to squeezing blackheads with your fingers. They’re also called ‘comedone extractors.’ There are different shapes and types of blackhead removers, and they’re typically sold in a set in a convenient little carrying case.

Here are some examples of what they may look like:

Flat loop:

This is the most popular blackhead removal tool for manual extraction. It works on all sizes of blemishes. The user places the oval-shaped loop over the blackhead and presses down until the blackhead pops out.

Angled loop:

similar to the flat loop but teardrop-shaped. It is more suited to stubborn blackheads and blackhead clusters.

Small loop:

a miniature version of the angled loop.

Eye loop:

circular loop designed for all blackheads.


a needle-shaped tool to pierce blackheads and pimples. This tool can cause damage when misused.

These tools are typically made of a metal like stainless steel to do cleaning and sanitizing easier. The sanitization process is simple but crucial to maintaining the health of the skin. Otherwise, bacteria can grow on these tools and make any skin condition a million times worse than it initially was. Some of them come with non-slip grips, which is ideal. You definitely don’t want a lancet accidentally slipping down your cheek, do you?

Just like with the pore vacuum, blackhead extraction tools should only be used carefully, briefly, and after the skin has been prepared.

Speaking of the pore vacuum, it does a similar job to the blackhead extractor, though it is less labor-intensive. It is usually battery or electricity powered, which means there are less manual labor and more automation. While this may be another case of robots taking our jobs, in this case, our faces may be grateful for it. The evenly-applied suction of the pore vacuums, as opposed to the very subjectively applied pressure of the blackhead extractors, is most likely a better option for our skin, but that is only if it is used correctly.

Another critical difference is the price. The manual kits are typically priced between $7 – 15 USD, while electric blackhead removers (or pore vacuums) can be as expensive as your budget allows them to be.


How should you prep skin before using the tool?

As we mentioned in the ‘How To’ section, it is crucial to prepare your skin for the suction it is about to experience. If you don’t, you could break the tiny blood vessels under your skin, which could lead to inflammation and bruising. The best way to prepare your skin is to cleanse and steam it beforehand, then moisturize afterward.

Are pore vacuums bad for your skin?

Pore vacuums are only bad for your skin if you misuse them, just like anything else when abused. In other words: No, pore vacuums aren’t bad for your skin. As long as you prep your skin and use the pore vacuum in the way it is meant to be used, your skin is safe from harm.

How often can I use an electric pore vacuum?

It is not recommended that you use your pore vacuum more than once a week in order to give your skin time to rest. During your rest time, make sure to care for your skin by moisturizing, cleansing, gently exfoliating (nothing harsh!), and using toners to remove extra dirt.

Do pore vacuums work on Whiteheads?

Whiteheads develop when your pores are clogged with dead skin cells, oil, and dirt. They’re not like blackheads that can be pushed out; they are closed within the pore. The best way to handle whiteheads is to avoid touching them, as it can lead to irritation and permanent scarring. As such, we recommend not using the pore vacuum on them.

What happens to blackheads if not removed?

If left untreated, blackheads can lead to the formation of more bacteria in the skin and eventually create cysts. Oil and bacteria in the existing blackhead can also cause more blackheads in the surrounding area as they trap more and more bacteria. However, nothing medically significant will happen beyond these cosmetic issues.

Does removing blackheads make pores bigger?

Nope. A pore is a pore. You can’t change the size of an orifice, unfortunately, or we’d all be working whatever that magic was to make them smaller. After removing a blackhead, make sure to use a toner to kill any bacteria you’ve inadvertently spread and to condition your pores.

Are big pores bad?

Pores are just hair follicle openings, and we all have them. Pore size, however, is determined by our genetic makeup. People with oily skin tend to have larger pores, but they also tend to counteract the physical signs of aging and wrinkling. You win some, you lose some, right?

Do pores enlarge with age?

Pores do enlarge with age. As we grow older, collagen breaks down, and our skin’s elasticity is lost, which makes our pores look more dilated. They stretch in size with more sun damage as well, so that’s just another reason to wear that SPF moisturizer!

What causes big pores?

Genetics, age, and sun damage can all contribute to larger pores. Other contributing factors could be smoking, bad diets, dehydration, and bad skincare routines.

Can pores be removed permanently?

No! Pores are hair follicles. We all have them, regardless of size. The best thing to do is to make sure you cleanse your face with gentle products. Then exfoliate with AHA and BHA products, moisturize, and accept your look for the beauty it is!

How should the pore vacuum be cleaned?
You can clean your pore vacuum with alcohol and a cotton tip or cotton ball. Make sure to clean all the areas that touched your skin or were involved in the suction. If your pore vacuum includes any specific instructions, make sure to follow them precisely.


Pore vacuums are a hot trend and look incredibly useful. It’s not hard to get sucked in – pardon the pun – but make sure it’s the right fit for you and your skin before taking the plunge. I hope this buying guide will help you to find the best pore vacuum. And before you dive in, make sure to prep your skin correctly. Happy vacuuming!

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