10 Best Lip Brushes For the Perfect Pout: 2023 Reviews

best lip brush

Lip brushes are often underrated in the makeup brush world, but they are incredibly useful tools to apply lip cosmetics precisely for a smooth, smudge-proof result. With a brush, you can mix shades and formulas, blend lip liner into your lipstick, and shade your lipstick into a flawless application without harsh lines.

If you’re tempted to use a lip brush, but you aren’t sure where to start, take a look at the best lip brushes below – you might uncover a new tool you never knew you needed!

Best Lip Brush Reviews

1. JAPONESQUE All Over Lip Brush With Cap

Japonesque is a beauty tool beast, so you know you’re in good hands. The synthetic fibers of this brush make for a durable brush with an easy-to-clean, retractable brush head. It comes with a cap, so take it anywhere you want to go for easy touch-ups.

This brush is rounded and perfectly dense, providing you with complete coverage for budge-proof color and the perfect pout.


  • Synthetic fibers make the brush durable and easy to clean
  • Retractable head and brush cap make it perfectly portable


  • None

2. Jane Iredale Retractable Lip Brush

Jane Iredale makeup is a mineral skincare and makeup line focused on holistic beauty, so of course, their brushes are special. The lip brush in this line is retractable for easy lip color application and on-the-go touching up.

It is a slimline brush, and unlike the Japonesque brush that was more rounded and dense, this brush tip is longer, narrower, and more flexible. With this lip brush, it comes down to a matter of preference, of course – neither is technically “right” or “wrong.”


  • Synthetic fibers make the brush durable and easy to clean
  • Retractable head protects it from dust when not in use


  • Some users expressed that they’d like softer bristles, but that also comes down to a matter of preference. Softer bristles make controlling application more difficult.

3. Make Cosmetics Expert Lip Brush, No. 9

MAKE cosmetics is yet another great brand to try if you’re just dipping your toes into the waters of makeup brushes. It’s a cruelty-free, vegan brand made right in the good ole USA.

The angled brush provides superior coverage and control for lipstick and lip gloss, and the synthetic brush fibers pick up just the right amount of product without absorbing any of it or wasting it.


  • Synthetic fibers won’t waste product
  • Angled brush provides a perfect application


  • Not retractable and might suffer damage upon travel

4. Vertex Beauty – Lip Brush Set (5-pc)

Are you hunting for a bargain? Maybe you just don’t know which type of brush you want to commit to yet; this lip brush is probably your best bet.

This set comes with five different brushes at a super affordable price. You’ll get a pencil precision brush, a small V brush, a flathead brush, a small angled brush, and a contour defining brush.

A makeup artist designs the set, so they all have a task in mind. They’re all cruelty-free, synthetic, densely packed brushes created especially to give you a flawless look!


  • Synthetic fibers
  • Five different brush styles so you can find what works for you


  • Beginners might be overwhelmed with too many brushes and may not need them all

5. Dual End Lip Brush Concealer Brushes (3 Pieces)

This affordable two-in-one brush set includes three pieces, so you can buy the set and give a couple away to friends. It’s a double-sided brush with one end for eyeshadow or concealer and the other end for use as a lip brush.

The rounded end is the eyeshadow brush, while the thinner, more pointed end is the lip brush, for any confused beauty babes out there.

The lip brush is retractable, which is excellent for avoiding dust and gunk on your lips, especially if you’re traveling with the brush. The sets come in three color choices, so you get to choose whatever your heart desires.


  • Retractable lip brush
  • Eyeshadow/concealer brush comes with a cap


  • Bristles are slightly stiff, but not terrible for the price point.

6. BEGIN MAGIC Retractable Lip Brush

For anyone who prioritizes vegan products, this brush is not for you. The bristles are Kolinsky fiber, which is the tail of a weasel. These bristles are lauded for being flexible and expensive, and they are even used in paintbrushes.

This lip brush is retractable and comes with a cap. Unlike the other brushes we’ve seen so far, this brush is a square-edged brush that makes the application very precise.


  • Retractable lip brush and comes with a cap
  • Durable, thick bristles


  • Brush bristles are not vegan and are derived from animal sources

7. Retractable Lip Brush with Cap Dual End (3 Pcs)

This lip and brow brush duo is similar to the lip and eyeshadow brush combo we saw earlier on this list, with a few differences. Both ends are made of premium synthetic, soft, dense bristles with aluminum handles, retractable lip brushes, and caps for the brow brushes.

They’re great for travel and come in a set of three, so be generous and give away the extras, or keep one in every bag you own!


  • Retractable lip brush and comes with a cap
  • The aluminum handle makes it lightweight


  • Some users experienced the lip brush retracting while using it.

8. Rosette Professional Lip Brush Applicators

This retractable lip brush seems almost chic. It has a long, tapered point to easily paint color and gloss on your lips without looking like Pennywise.

The bristles are synthetic, but the manufacturer recommends dipping the brush in clean water before the first use, then letting it dry. They also claim that the brush can be used as a concealer brush – we stan dual-purpose items!


  • The retractable brush comes in many colors
  • Can also double as a concealer brush


  • Needs to be cleaned in water before first use

9. ZOREYA Fashion Gradient Color Retractable Lip Brush

This premium synthetic fiber lip brush allows for a precise product application, and then you can retract the head and put it away until the next use. It’s certainly an eye-catching design, with its metallic pink to gold gradient – you won’t lose this in your makeup bag!

The tip is long and tapered, so you’ll have great control over product pickup and placement.


  • The retractable brush comes in an eye-catching metallic gradient
  • Synthetic fiber


  • None

10. Revlon Retractable Lip Brush, for Lipstick Lipliner and Lipgloss

The last brush on our list is an award-winning lip brush. Who would have thought? It’s a sleek, retractable brush that makes it easy to line lips, blend colors, and apply lipstick, gloss, and balms like you’ve been doing it for years – even if it’s your first try.

The “diamond grip handle” is designed for ultimate control during the application, so try it out!


  • Award-winning design
  • Synthetic fibers


  • Some users experienced fiber shedding

What is a Lip Brush?

A lip brush is a makeup applicator shaped like a long, thin wand and typically ends in a tapered point, though it can be angled, square, or rounded.

what is a Lip Brush

It is used to apply lipstick, gloss, or balm, though many makeup routines skip the brush and use the product directly on the lips. Using a brush can create a smoother, more smudge-proof look.

Do I need a lip brush?

Though you can probably get by without a lip brush, using it will significantly enhance your makeup application process. It makes lining and blending your lips much easier, and if you’re mixing two or more colors, it is a must! Using a brush also avoids over-applying products, which in turn then creates product transfer. With a lip brush, you’ll use the right amount of product, making your lipstick last longer on the stick and your lips.

How do you apply lipstick with a lip brush?

Make sure your lips and the brush are clean. For both lipstick and lip gloss, start from the center of your lips when applying. Blend the product outwards to the corners of your lips and towards your lip lips. For a sharp finish, use the very tip of the brush’s bristles to line your lips.

How do you clean a lip brush?

You should wash the lip brush gently with warm water and soap, and make sure to keep it dry. Replace them when the bristles get too stiff, start to shed, or the handle begins to fall apart. Like you clean your other brushes, it is essential to clean your lip brush (if not more so!).

Can I use a concealer brush for lips?

No. While we do love a dual purpose brush, concealer brushes are not usually designed for lip application. They tend to pick up much more product than you would want or need on your lips, and they do not allow for the precise, controlled application you want on your lips either. You’re much better off using a lip brush as a concealer brush than the other way around.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Lip Brush

There are a few things you might want to consider before you purchase a lip brush:

Bristle Fiber Type

Are the fibers synthetic, or do they come from an animal source? Synthetic fibers are ideal because they don’t pick up too much product. Some people don’t have moral issues with animal-sourced bristles and swear by their brushes. It’s a personal matter that you have to be comfortable with.


One brush won’t set you back a lot, but accumulating an entire collection of brushes might be aware of what you’re spending per brush!

Retractable or Stationary

If you know you’re planning on touching up your lips in front of every mirror you pass, you’re better off investing in a retractable lip brush or two and taking them along with you. If you’re just going to leave it at your vanity tabletop, the retractable feature becomes less of a priority.


Now that you have some excellent lip brush options, we hope you won’t be skipping the lip brush in your makeup routine. These lip application tips will also help you perfect your look. Whether you are an aspiring makeup artist or just a person who loves playing with color, you’ll notice the difference using the best lip brush.

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