10 Best Contour Brush for Nose (2023 Reviews)

Best Contour Brush for Nose

We’ve all marveled at the Insta gods and goddesses filling our feeds with their perfectly sculpted faces. Yes, they have some very skilled doctors to thank for that, but it’s not all plastic – makeup plays a huge role in how our eyes perceive certain aspects of the face, and the nose is no exception.

If you want to change your face, you should play around with some nose contouring and see what it does. And to do that properly, you’ll need the best contour brush for nose.

10 Best Contour Brush for Nose Reviews

Contouring your nose is not as hard as you think – it’s all in the brush you choose. We have tested top selling contour brushes for nose in the market and picked the top 10 for you.

1. USpicy Makeup Brush Set

These thick brushes come with a foldable pouch for on-the-go makeup lovers. The brush fibers are synthetic and easy to clean, while the long brush handles provide the perfect application length and control. This kit comes with a brush specifically for nose shading, so you aren’t stuck making do with a brush that’s not designed for your nose’s curves. Of course, there are 31 other brushes, so you will have more than enough brushes to keep you busy!


  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Nose shading brush explicitly designed for nose contouring


  • Brush bristles are firm, which is better for packing makeup instead of blending it out.

2. SHANY Professional Brush Set with Faux Leather Pouch

This 32 brush set has quite the fiber collection. The brush bristles are made of goat hair, badger hair, sable and pony hair, squirrel hair, raccoon hair, and nylon fibers. It’s like a little zoo in your vanity!

The kit comes with a powder brush, a broad contour brush, shading and blending brushes, lip brushes, eyeliner brushes, mascara brushes, sponge tip applicators, fan brushes, angled brushes, concealer brushes, and of course, contouring brushes in multiple sizes.

Ding ding ding! That’s what we’re here for. Despite the extensive menagerie of animal hair in their brushes, the manufacturer claims to be a PETA member, so hopefully, these fibers were obtained ethically.


  • The brush kit comes with an explanation of each brush’s job
  • Soft brushes are great for sensitive skin


  • Complicated return process if you are unsatisfied

3. Beauty Junkees Nose Contour Makeup Brush

This contour brush for nose on the list is different because it’s not a kit; it’s just one brush. It’s great for when you want to contour precisely – like say, your nose – but you can even use it under your bottom lip to make it look fuller or on the crease of your eye as a blending brush if you’re out of clean brushes.

It works with creams, powders, liquids, or minerals to handle anything you throw at it. The synthetic fibers are super easy to clean and should be gentle on any skin.


  • Specifically designed to contour precisely
  • Synthetic fibers


  • None

4. BESTOPE Makeup Brushes

This cosmetic set has 16 brushes: 5 big mamas and 11 tiny babies for precision work. Everything you need is in this set. The fibers are all synthetic, so no animal hair here. It’s a versatile brush set, great for creams, powders, liquids, or anything in between.

It won’t absorb your entire product and leave you wondering how the heck you went through all that foundation.

The angled detail brush in this kit is perfect for nose contouring; then, you can blend out the contour with a beauty sponge or a larger brush to buff any remaining darker patches out.


  • Cruelty-free practices
  • Brushes are very soft


  • Brush bristles are not packed densely enough

5. BEAKEY Makeup Brush Set

This little set comes with an extra “Wait; there’s more,” moment. In addition to the ten makeup brushes you get, you’ll also get a beauty sponge and a makeup brush cleaning tool. It’s a cute little bonus, especially with how widely used sponges are today and how important – and often ignored – cleaning your brushes is.

The small angled brush is what you should use in this kit to contour your nose, and unlike in other makeup brush kits, you’ll be able to use the included sponge to buff your contour out!


  • Includes beauty sponge and cleaning tool
  • Brush kit comes with an explanation of each brush’s job


  • Some of the brushes tend to shed

6. MOROTOLE 7pcs Wooden Handle Makeup Brushes Set

These brushes look like an expensive painting set, but they’re not expensive at all! Though none of them are specifically for contouring the nose, there are two options you could easily use: the smudge brush and the shader brush.

The makeup brush kit comes with seven brushes, all made of synthetic fiber and sustainable wood handles.


  • A minimalist, sleek look
  • Two options for nose contouring


  • Some brushes are dual-ended, which is not ergonomic

7. Aesthetica Cosmetics 4-Piece Premium Synthetic Contour and Highlight Makeup Brush Set

So this contour brush for nose has something we rarely hear of — weighted brushes. Makeup brushes have different hefts, and we all love a gentle, weighty brush, right? Well, Aesthetica took that idea and ran with it.

They weighted their brushes with reinforced steel rods. Feel fancy yet? You’ll want to use the small domed brush to contour your nose in this kit.

Along with the set, you’ll get the travel-friendly mirrored pouch with a slot for each brush – perfect for protecting the makeup brushes from dust even if you aren’t traveling.


  • Vegan leather, mirrored travel pouch included
  • Weighted brushes with reinforced steel rods


  • None

8. Tropical Makeup Brushes Docolor 14 Pieces

Do you like fun, color brushes? Standard makeup brushes can be tedious, so why not spruce up your makeup vanity with this nose contouring brush? It’s tropical-themed!

These clear handles with flowers and palm trees will make you want to do your makeup every day. Did we mention the bristles are green — synthetic bristles.

It comes with four essential face brushes, eight eyeshadow brushes, a cheek brush, and a lip brush. Though there are no specific nose contouring brushes, you should quickly use the shader brush in its place!


  • Variety of brush selection
  • Colorful brushes


  • No dedicated nose contouring brush

9. Lamora Pro Face Contour Brush Set

This no-fuss makeup brush kit has the five most needed contour brushes every makeup lover needs. You’ll get the round angled brush, the flat brush, the precision angled brush, the tapered highlighter brush, and the fan brush.

For nose contouring, you’ll want to use the precision angled brush, which gives you the most control and highest level of detail for a small area. These brushes are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, so no worries about random animal hair here! The set of brushes comes in a travel tube instead of a folding case. It’s great for protecting your brushes from dust and damage!


  • Protective carrying tube
  • Brushes are very soft


  • The company’s quality control doesn’t seem very high

10. BS-MALL Makeup Brush Set 14Pcs

You’ll get fourteen brushes in this kit, all vegan and cruelty-free. These wood handles are made of birch, which isn’t something we often see with makeup brushes, so they’re extra durable, and tbh they’re stunning.

With wood handles, you need to be careful when cleaning them to avoid soaking them for long, but maybe these will be worth the extra care!


  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee
  • Synthetic fibers


  • 100% wood handles, which require extra care

Types of Nose Contouring Brush

Nose contouring seems complicated, but that might be because we don’t understand the basics of the tools involved. There are three basic brush shapes you can use: round, pointed, or angled. Each form will give you a different benefit based on your intended strategy. When contouring, keep in mind that you’re mimicking a shadow.

Why should you use a nose contouring brush?

Contouring is a makeup trick used to enhance the naturally existing structure of your face. It’s tricking the eye using light and dark, or shadows and highlights, to change the sculpture of your nose without the pain (and cost) of a nose job.

Things to Consider before buying best nose contour brush set

Nose contouring takes practice, and you’ll need the right tools to do it. Maybe you are already a pro, and you want to elevate your game. Either way, spending money on a new setup shouldn’t be a spur of the moment decision. Before you commit to a specific set, you’ll want to consider a few things.

nose contouring

Cost of the contouring brush

How much are you willing to spend on a new makeup brush set? Set a budget in mind based on what you can afford and what is realistic given the market.

What’s Included in the contour brush set

Does the kit you have your eye on actually include a nose contour brush? If not, does it have a brush that could work as a nose contouring brush, or will you struggle to make it due? If you will, then it defeats the purpose of you buying the kit at all.

Your Face Shape

This one might sound silly, but hear this out. Your face shape can impact what kind of brushes you might want to use. Maybe your cheeks work better with angled brushes, or your bone structure needs a flat top brush. Pay attention to the brushes you already prefer. If you’re just starting, watch videos of people with a similar facial structure to you. What brushes are they using? Do you like their makeup style? If the answer is yes, look for identical brush kits – without breaking the bank.


Makeup should be fun. Don’t stress about all the rules. Yes, there are theories to cosmetics, but as long as you look and feel good, then you are doing something right. You are sure to find the best nose contour brush — no matter the width. Grab a makeup brush kit and start practicing until you are smiling in the mirror.

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