15 Best Braiding Hair for Box Braids in 2023

Best Braiding Hair for Box Braids

Looking amazing around the clock isn’t always easy, but hopefully, this list of best braiding hair for box braids will make your life just a little simpler.

Box braids are a hair braiding style best used to protect the hair. They are typically described as boxy because of the square hair sectioning. The braids are usually created with synthetic hair to add thickness and protect the real hair inside the twist; however, you can create box braids with natural hair. This type of braid is known for easy maintenance, but the installation process itself takes a long time. Once they’re installed, these braids will last for up to eight weeks.

15 Best Best Braiding Hair for Box Braids Reviews

Check out our top picks for braiding hair for box braid along with honest product reviews. You can also learn things you should consider before buying and get answers to frequently asked questions — you’re welcome!

This set of box braids comes with seven packs of box braids with curled ends. Each package of braids comes with 20 roots.

Though the bundle claims to be enough for a full head’s coverage, they often need more than one pack to finish their entire head, so do your calculations wisely before starting the job!

You wouldn’t want to run out of braids halfway through. The set also came with a crochet hook and hair jewels, so you should be all set.

2. Pre-stretched Professional Braiding Hair (20 Inch 8 Packs – 1B)

This braiding hair is made with flame-retardant, sweat-resistant synthetic fiber that’s pre-stretched for professional braiding. It comes in eight packs of twenty-inch long hair that’s pre-cut and styled.

You can choose between different colors like brown or black, or live a little with pink, red, blonde, or blue ends! Seal the style by dipping the hair in hot water. One of the best features of this box braid hair is that it’s light-weighted, so your neck and shoulders will be thanking you!

3. 6 Packs Box Braids (22 inches)

These 22-inch, medium-sized synthetic braids come in 6 packs with 15 roots per back. The seller recommends using eight to ten bundles per head, so you might want to double up on this purchase. You’ll get a needle with each pack for crocheting the hair too. This box hair braid also comes in a bunch of lovely colors like wine ombre, blue ombre, blonde curls, and a few others. You can choose whatever style you’re feeling for the next few weeks before changing them out — if you like more than one, which is great! Add them to the rotation and get ready for the endless compliments with the for box braid.

4. 7 Packs 18 Inch Box Braids Crochet Braids

These 18-inch box braids seem pretty easy to install and make everyone pretty happy. If not, there is a 100% money-back guarantee! The ends are already sealed, so part of your work is done for you. One pack should be enough for your head, based on the manufacturer’s recommendations, so they are quite affordable.

5. FreeTress Synthetic Hair Crochet Braid Medium Box Braids (6-Pack, 1B)

These braids are a bit pricier than the others on the list so far, but not by much. For that minor price differential, you’re getting a known name brand in the hair braiding world. The braids have a crochet and latch hook, are individually pre-looped, and made from premium synthetic fiber to feel more like human hair than other threads. These specific braids are 20 inches long, so they’re an excellent option for long, luxurious hair.

6. UNA Box Braids Crochet Hair Extensions

This low-temperature synthetic fiber hair comes in seven packs with twenty roots per pack. Though they’re individually pre-looped, the loops tend to be on the small side and may require specialized experience in crochet and latch hooks. You have the choice between 18-inch or 14-inch braids, so if you’re new to the braid world or haven’t worn braids in a while, maybe give your scalp a break and start with the 14-inch braids. They are all reusable if you take good care of them, so you can take them out and reinstall them if you like them – which you hopefully will!

7. AliRobam Hair 24Inch Senegalese Twist Box Braids

Girl, with 24-inch hair, you’ll be getting everyone’s attention. These come in a few different colors, even bright pink! Their ombre purple, blonde, and pinks are fabulously done and are sure to look stunning on everyone, so don’t hesitate. You’ll get twenty-two strands in one pack, and they’re sold in a set of six-packs. The seller says you will need six to eight bundles for a full head, and you can purchase two extra packs if you contact them directly, so you should be good to go!

8. 7 Packs Crochet Box Braids 20 inch Box Braid with Curly Ends

Who doesn’t love the word ‘handmade’? These 20 inch 1B braids are thick, shiny, and easy to install, though they can tangle after installation because of their curly ends. They come in seven packs of sixteen strands per pack. Wear a wig cap to avoid frizzy hair and tangles and to prolong life, and you’re set to hear nonstop compliments!

9. Thin 3X Box Braid Hair Extension

Made of 100% Japanese Kanekalon synthetic fiber, these braids are hand-woven, comfortable, and guaranteed not to shed or tangle. Sold in six-packs of 20 stands, you can choose from four different lengths: 14 inches, 18 inches, 24 inches, or 30 inches. Choose wisely!

Make sure your hair and scalp can handle what you install. You can also choose from 18 different colors per length, which comes out to.. a bunch of options! You’ll get a free crochet needle and a bonus gift with purchase, though that gift varies from person to person!

10. 18 inch 8 Packs Senegalese crochet braids

These high-temperature Kanekalon fiber Senegalese braids come in 14- or 18-inch-long packs of eight. Each packet contains a whopping 30 strands – way more than we’ve seen in any other item on this list, making this one of the most affordable buys.

You’ll have a choice of several hair colors, though most of them lean towards the tamer side, so if you are a wild child, this braiding hair might not be ideal for you.

11. Pre Stretched Braiding Hair 8 Packs/Lot 26 Inch Long

We have another set of pre-stretched braiding hair. Though it may be easier to buy pre-braided hair, there is something genuinely satisfying about watching hair disappear into a tidy braid repeatedly. Some stylists are gifted at making quick work of it, and it’s nearly hypnotizing! The length is 26 inches, but of course, your braids will be shorter. The hair is low-temperature synthetic fiber set with hot water, so you can style it however you want to. You will enjoy a plethora of colors to choose from with this product, so if you’re the wild child who didn’t want the previous product, this might be what you need.

12. Xtrend 5Pcs 24 Inch Synthetic Ombre Jumbo Braiding Hair Extension

Are you not into small or medium braids? How does a jumbo braid extension sound? You can select from ten different colors, ranging from brassy blonde to bright purple and a great deal between those shades. The hair is 24 inches long and is excellent for box braids or Senegalese twists.

13. Refined Senegalese Twist Crochet Braids

These synthetic Senegalese hair twist extensions come in 14-inch, 18-inch, or 22-inch lengths and are sold in packs of seven. Like that great deal mentioned above, they come in 30 strands per pack, making them incredibly affordable. You will also get a free crochet hook included, but that’s not the fun part. You can contact the seller for a custom mixed-color set, and they’ll ship it right to your door! No need to buy extra packs of hair you don’t need; they’ll do all the work for you. How’s that for customer service?

14. Jumbo Braiding Hair Crochet Braids 5Pcs Jumbo Box Braid

There’s that jumbo word again – and it comes in a pack of five with so many fun colors! One of them looks like a tie-dye. Can you guess which one? These hair extensions are made from heat-resistant, synthetic Kanekalon fiber for hair twists or braids. The seller has a money-back guarantee, so try them without fear – you have nothing to lose!

15. Pre Stretched Braiding Hair 8 Packs

No plot twists or scandals here – these pre-stretched hair packs are sold in eights. Set them in hot water to change the style. They’re great for quick and easy braiding, especially since they’re soft, light-weight, and have a non-slip texture. You can get them in 26 inches, 28 inches, or 30 inches — whatever length you desire.

Things to Consider While Buying the Best Braiding Hair for Box Braids

Before you set your heart on a beautiful head of hair, let’s first consider a few things you should consider.

Material type and quality of Braiding Hair

When you’re looking for box braids to install, make sure you’re considering your routine in terms of styling. Will you be using heat to style anything? If so, you should look for heat resistant fibers. You want to look for tangle-free and frizz-free hair, though that may be inevitable with some styles (like curls).


Like with any purchase, you should consider the cost to purchase and maintain this investment. Are you going to install the braids yourself, or will someone do it for you? If you have someone helping you, do you have to pay them for time and labor? That can be expensive, especially since this is tedious labor. The braids themselves tend to be relatively affordable and reusable (in most cases), so they are not entirely wasted money.

Weight or Box Braiding Hair

Box braids will be hanging from your scalp and hair – you want to make sure you can handle the constant weight of that. It is essential to consider your limits, how heavy the braids are, and how long you plan on wearing them before buying a pack.


Box braids tend to be a commitment you make for a few weeks at a time, at the very least, so if you get a bundle installed, let’s hope you like the color! Consider important events coming up before you buy a set and have them installed. Are you at a wedding party with a bridezilla that will lose her mind if you show up with pink hair? Or maybe your boss will flip out if you go to that professional conference with blue ombre braids. Think about your schedule, not that anyone should have a say in your style besides you!


Like we mentioned, most braids can be reused. Read reviews and product descriptions to ascertain if you’ll be able to get your money’s worth. If it’s a one and done purchase, but you’re ok with that, great! If you want your braids to be more like the giving tree, you need to do your research.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of hair should I buy for box braids?

You can use human hair but that can get expensive. Synthetic hair, including Kanekalon braiding hair, is more durable and lasts longer! And here is a bonus – its way more affordable.

How many packs of hair do you need for box braids?

The number of packets you need depends on the braids you get. Your head shape, as well as the thickness of your hair, will also play a factor. The smaller the braids, the more bundles you’ll need. If you have a tiny head, you’ll need fewer packets, but if you have thick hair, you’ll need more to cover that up.

How do you wash box braids with extensions?

You can use braid shampoo or dilute regular shampoo in water and apply it to your scalp. Rinse it out thoroughly and dry your braids with a towel. Don’t forget to spray a conditioning treatment on your hair and scalp to hydrate, and let the twists air-dry to avoid melting the synthetics!

How many packs of extensions do I need for box braids?

The number of packs you’ll need will vary from person to person, but the manufacturer will have a recommended amount of packets. If you have thick hair, you may want to increase the number of packs you buy or ask for additional packages from the seller.

Can I use human hair for box braids?

You can use human hair for box braids! It can get expensive, and a synthetic hair is designed to have a better texture for box braids than human hair, but it is certainly possible.

How do you do box braids with short hair extensions?

Braids should be correctly installed to protect your hair. Otherwise, you run the risk of damaging your hair. Are you unable to connect your braids? Don’t worry; consult a professional.

How long does extension braids last?

Box braids can last anywhere from four to six weeks! Experts do not recommend leaving them in longer than six to eight weeks because they can begin to cause damage to your hair instead of protecting it at that point, which defeats their purpose.


Whether you go for a cute 14-inch hair or an extended 30-inch style, you’ll rock it like a queen! You have all the answers you need from how to wash your locks to how many packets you should purchase. The most important thing, though, is you can get the best braiding hair for box braids and be the envy all of your friends and family. Your hair game is going to go from drab to fab and change your outlook on life!

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