Variation – #25

11 Jul 2011 Permalink

I try to always create different outfits (there’s just so many different styling options…why wear something exactly the same?), but sometimes if I really liked how two pieces worked together I’ll try wearing them a different way.

I wore this black dress with this “vest” a small while back (see here).  Today I tied the button-down over the bump, and added a white shell necklace and white sandals.

Not the most creative outfit, but things have been hectic these days!  I really need to finish baby prep after having a little reality check last week (spent some hours being monitored at the hospital after having contractions 2 minutes apart…)  This week’s agenda: install baby’s car seat, pack bag for hospital, and get a much needed hair cut!

Go Figure… – #19

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So, of course after I ranted and complained about randomly rude strangers I was given a very thoughtful compliment by one.  Thank you, lady from the drug store.  You put a smile on my face!

Have a fun and festive weekend friends!  Yay for the USA! 

top (tied with a knot in back) – Forever 21; skirt – Mimi Maternity; clutch – thrift; necklace – Antique and Resale Shoppe

Tone it down – #7

21 Jun 2011 Permalink

This LBD is a smidge dressy on its own…to keep it casual, I added a printed “vest” (a sleeveless shirt that can no longer button down) and a sliver/turquoise pendant necklace (a recent “find” that might be making lots of appearances.)  The best part of this outfit?  It is super comfy for this warm, muggy day.

dress – Target (?); vest – thrifted; sandals – H&M; necklace – Antique and Resale Shoppe

I just can’t get enough.

29 May 2011 Permalink


I just can’t get enough of this miliary-style jacket!  It’s use might even be surpassing my other trusty standby…the jean jacket.

Rather than wearing this skirt under my bump (like I did here), today I pulled it over…tied my maternity shirt, and all its excessive fabric, into a knot at my “waist”…threw on a pair of fun earrings, and was off for a morning of thrifting with my sissy.

What are your favorite “go to” pieces?

skirt – thrifted; shirt – Liz Lange (Target maternity); jacket – Loft; earrings – from ma

Print Play

13 Apr 2011 Permalink

Mixing prints has been big for this spring.  I’ve had this outfit waiting to be worn for a while…waiting for warm weather and waiting for me to be ready.  I’m trying to incorporate more prints into my daily attire, but to wear two different prints at once was a big step.  With the sun’s help today, I felt ready.  What do you think?  Should I play a bit more with prints, or stay far, far away??

top, jacket – Loft; skirt (it’s an elastic waist…a pregnant girls good friend!) - thrift


02 Apr 2011 Permalink

Today I had my 2nd trimester ultrasound.  For those unfamiliar with the whole baby thing, each pregnant woman typically has one ultrasound during her pregnancy; this takes places at around 20 weeks after the body of the baby has developed.

Since I knew I was going to have to lay on my back and have cold gel rubbed on my midsection, I decided to wear pants and a top.  I picked up this cinnamon colored top (yeah, I said cinnamon…it’s one of “the” colors for spring) when I was last thrifting.  I was a bit skeptical to try it out with my red hair and all, but I was hoping the blue scarf would complement the earth-colored tone. (Plus, I saw a picture of Julianne Moore on in redtones and she looked amazing!  See here!)

What do you think about the colors?  Here’s a link to see more about cinnamon/earth-colored tones from Refinery29.

Oh! Before I forget…IT’S A BOY!


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