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Over the summer I had my first exposure to thredUP and I’ve been hooked since!

thredUP is basically on online resale shop.  You can buy, or sell, like-new women’s and kids’ clothes.  And I can honestly say that the clothes are in excellent condition.  (My husband was even surprised at the quality!)

If you haven’t shopped them yet, new customers can get $10 off $20 with code JAN10. New customers only, valid 1/29 through 1/31. 

Better hurry!

DVF Snake Print Dress

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DVF snake print dress, brown leather cross body bag, gold, watch, layered necklaces - Knocked Up Fabulous

DVF snake print dress, brown leather cross body bag, gold, watch, layered necklaces - Knocked Up Fabulous

Saving the best from this week for the last!

For me, one of the coolest things about thrifting is coming across top designer pieces.  This Diane Von Furstenberg dress from thredUP immediately caught my eye.  In perfect condition for around $40, it was one of the first items that made it into my cart.  (You can’t even get this dress that cheap from ebay.  I checked.  It sells for $139 there.)

But, another factor for me is wearablilty.  Can I wear it more than one way, or for more than one occasion?  The top pictures show a more casual side.   The bottom pictures show a dressier version.  The dress itself is a loud piece, so for both occasions, I just let the accessories play the supporting role.

DVF green snake print dress, earrings, gold accessories, black heels, date night outfit - Knocked Up Fabulous

DVF green snake print dress, earrings, gold accessories, black heels, date night outfit - Knocked Up Fabulous

A special ‘thanks’ to thredUP for providing me with a week’s worth of awesome clothes!  If you haven’t checked out their site yet, put it on your list for the weekend.  First time orders receive 20% off!

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Outfit for Work: Oversized Shirt and Pajama Pants

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Who doesn’t enjoy a comfy pair for pants for work?  My trick for not looking sloppy?  Make sure to wear a structured top…a pointy heel helps too!

blazer, button down, pants – thrifted // shoes – Nine West // watch – Fossil

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Looking for a bold, statement watch?  Check out these lovely Marc by Marc Jacob watches via Ernest Jones.

On Dreams and Shopping With Children

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My husband is such a good sport.  Last week Who What Wear sent out an email about a blogger project.  I fantasized about it for a moment, but then my husband said, why not give it a shot?  So, he let me drag him out to shot a little casting video on Sunday.  (If you want to watch me embarrass myself…take a look at it here.)

A girl can dream…right?

And in case you have no idea what it’s like to shop with children…

Feeding the kids Goldfish with one hand, while I browse the racks with the other.  It’s all about the snacks…once mama is out of them, the shopping trip is over!

Happy Friday!

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Week in Review

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Just a few things from the past week…

Thrifted some new-to-me pieces. I can’t wait for the temps to drop a tiny bit more so I can wear the coat!  And as soon as I get a chance, the skirt is going to get hemmed!

Found a new favorite animal print dress…probably going to hem that a little, too.

Met the lovely Anna from See Jane.

And ended the work week in a splash of color.

Cheers to the weekend!

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Statement Earrings

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I go through different phases with my jewelry.  Lately I’ve been into statement earrings.  (These beauties were found at Savers!)

I like to show ‘em off, so usually I pull my hair into a bun or ponytail…add a bright lip, and in no time flat, I feel put together!

An Impluse

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Whenever I go shopping, thrifting or otherwise, I always try to be as unimpulsive as possible.  Putting thought into the items that I buy…trying to make sure anything that ends up in my cart can easily work with the current things in my closet.

With that said, when I came across this little piece, I lost any and all senses and promptly headed to the register…

This one-piece is way too short for me to wear out and about in public!  It’s perfect for lounging around the house though…but for the real test, I needed to see how well it would play with other pieces in my wardrobe.  And so I headed home for my favorite part of shopping…playing dress-up with my new purchase!

This strapless romper works great as a top!  I paired it with this blue pleated skirt, with this short pink skirt, and with these striped pants.  Next post I’ll be wearing it with a different skirt…

After putting together a few fun outfits, I don’t feel so bad about breaking my rule on this $2 romper!

Finding DIY Projects at the Thrift Store

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It’s easy to find things at the thrift store…if y0u know what you’re looking for and keep an open mind.  Lately, I’ve been on a diy kick (let’s see how long this lasts…) and have been thrifting a little differently.  Rather than just looking for specifics, I’ve been looking at color and prints that fancy me and then I ask myself, “how can I make this article of clothing work for me?”

Here’s a super short clip from a recent trip showing a few pieces I picked up and what I plan to do with them…

And here’s a shot of that fun, floral blazer!  Guess what though?  When we went to check out, there was no tag on the thing…they wouldn’t sell it!  Sis said she was going to go back the next day (after they repriced it)…

Was it there, Drea??  If not, no worries…it just wasn’t meant to be.  We’ll score something equally awesome (or more ‘awesomer’) next time! ; )

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Pencil Skirt with Removable Peplum – Refashion #4

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Peplum has been showing up all over the place for spring.  I’ve been keeping my eyes open for anything peplum-ish at the thrift stores…but no such luck.  When I came across this long, purple pencil skirt, I had planned to just shorten it.  But look…

There are scraps left over!  So rather than tossing them out, I tried turning them into something with a little more use.   Removable Peplum.

I started by cutting the extra fabric so that I had two of the same size pieces.  Starting with one piece, I folded over the edge that wasn’t hemmed and ironed a crease into it.

Next I folded over the long piece so that the two short ends were touching.  Stiched this closed.

Turned the fabric right-side-in and folded it into a fan.

I then used that iron again to create more of a crease.  The last step was to put a few stiches into the ‘fan’ so that it wouldn’t come apart and…

Repeat for the second.

I used saftey pins to attach them to the pencil skirt (that way I can take them off whenever.)

And there you have it!  The last of my four refashions!  Nothing was that difficult to do either!  They just took some super basic sewing skills and a little time (actually, I did the cutting and ironing for each of the four items on one Sunday afternoon.  Then I just hand-stiched in the evenings once the kids were playing or watching Seseme Street.)

Oh!  And the shirt from today’s post was from here (or here)…I just took the sleeves off.  Wasn’t really too found of them!

Here’s a quick little recap from the week incase you missed anything!

Stripes and Pockets

Pink Skirt 2 Ways

High-Low Skirt

Are you into refashioning?  Got any projects planned or in the works?? I’d love to hear about them!

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