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It always fascinates me to learn about what kinds of creative outlets people have. My cousin, for example, loves thrifting or Craig’s listing (that’s a term…right?) furniture which she then reworks into new pieces. It’s like what you might see while pinning, except hers are far from Pinterest fails.

I’m the same way with vintage clothes. I’m obsessed with treasuring hunting for cool pieces from the past and giving them a little makeover to bring them up to date.

I thrifted this romper. It’s from Express…probably the early 90s judging from the tag. All it needed was a little hem. I took it up about two inches and brought it into the present. Not too bad for a couple of bucks and some basic sewing skills from 7th grade home ec!

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The BEST Place To Find Jeans

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The BEST Place To Find Jeans

Finding the perfect pair of jeans has always been such a challenge for me.  In fact, when I do find I great pair, I never let them go.  I actually still have a pair of flared jeans from high school that I wear every now and then!

The BEST Place To Find Jeans

If you know me, then you probably aren’t surprised that I get most all my jeans from thrift stores.  Besides for finding pretty cool vintage styles, I can usually find all brands from Abercrombie to Joe’s to Paper Denim & Cloth.

Other fabulous reasons to thrift your next pair (or two!) or jeans…

  • You have access to tons brands in one store.
  • There are no sales people bothering you.
  • It’s much cheaper than paying retail!  I grabbed this black skinny pair for less than $2!!
  • Prices this low mean that you can experiment with a little D.I.Y. without worrying about destroying an expensive pair of jeans.
  • If you’re lucky, you can find a pair of jeans that are already broken in.
  • You might even be introduced to a new brand that you never thought to try out before!

The BEST Place To Find Jeans

The jeans that I’m wearing here are J.Crew.  I would have never thought to shop at J. Crew for my jeans.   This pair is sold at retail price for $115.  I found them at Savers for about $110 less than that.  Pretty amazing…right?!

What are your favorite places to shop for jeans?  Have you ever tried the thrift store?

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Everyday Clothes

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When I graduated college, I really started putting my “professional” wardrobe together…I had my work clothes, and I had my other clothes.  But as I got older, I realized that I wanted to look polished all the time…not just for work.  So I stopped buying t-shirts, and started buying tops that not only look good with jeans, but that could also be dressed up for a business causal look.  I need my clothes to function for work and for play.  This floral blouse (a recent thrifted find…it was a BIG score that day and I’ll be sharing the other pieces soon!) looks appropriate with jeans at the pumpkin farm.  And it will look equally great with dress pants or a pencil skirt and heels.

My two little pumpkins!

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Reason #37

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I’m really not stuck on labels, but when you can get a name brand for a few bucks, why wouldn’t you?  $176 versus $16.96…thrifting for the win!

Need more reasons to thrift?  See Reason #5 or Reason #30.

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