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black and white with an army jacket

black and white with an army jacket

black and white with an army jacket

For the record, I don’t always mean to look so ticked off in my outfit pictures.  Let’s blame this pout on the 20 degree temps or the strange old man who pulled up next to me as pictures were being taken.

Alright.  I’m done complaining.

Here’s a bunch of stuff that I’ve been up to…you know, to keep my mind off of the temps…and weird men…

Troy from Thriftanista in the City interviewed me (blush) for her 10 Questions for a Thriftanista series!  If you’re wondering why I thrift and how much of my closet is actually thrifted, you’ll have to click here to find out.  And if you’re local, Troy is putting together a party bus to take us thrifting!  (Woot woot!)  I’ve already gotten my ticket.  You can get yours here.

One cool thing about being the beauty contributor for Sassy Moms in the City, is that I get to try out loads of beauty products.  With winter killing my skin, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect lotion.  Well, the hunt has ended and AmLactin is my catch.  No joke, this brand has beaten out all others that I’ve tried.  You can find them at Target.  But, if you hurry up, you can still enter to win a basket filled with $75 worth of AmLactin goodies.  Head over here for a quick and easy entry.

And one last thing I’ll leave you with…

Wearing this diy necklace had me realizing that I haven’t done anything myself recently.  So, I actually made something over the weekend…something I really like.  I’ll be sharing on Friday.  See you then!

sweater – Bevello // jacket – Loft // pants – thrifted

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Casual Winter Outfit | Bold Sweater and Jeans

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Casual Winter Outfit | Bold Sweater and Jeans

Casual Winter Outfit | Bold Sweater and Jeans

This is my typical casual look for winter – especially for days when we explore the museums!  During my preblogging days though, my “casual” consisted of jeans, sweatshirts, and gym shoes.

After I had my first kid – once my body found its way back – I didn’t want to wear my old clothes anymore.  Being pregnant wasn’t fun for me.  My body wasn’t mine.  It just felt so weird.

So after the whole thing, I really had an appreciation for my body –  flaws and all.  I made a conscious decision to pay attention to what I wore and how I presented myself.

One of the first steps I took was with my tops and shoes.  T-shirts and sweatshirts got traded for blouses and sweaters, while my shoes were upgraded to ballet flats and wedges.

I’ve come to realize that when I put effort into how I look, it makes me happy.  And when mommy is happy, everyone is happy.

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Cozy Glam

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winter outfit. cozy glam.

winter outfit. cozy glam.

winter outfit. cozy glam.

My jeans and sweaters have had their work cut out for them recently.  I’m in such a cozy funk…but I’m loving it.  Especially with fabulous vintage accessories like this bag and these earrings.  It’s amazing how a little sparkle can really brighten up the day!

jeans – H&M men’s // sweater, bag, earrings – thrifted // booties – Franco Sarto

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One Good Way To Beat A Stressful Week

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gray sweatshirt, animal print maxi skirt, crossbody bag, wavy red hair

gray sweatshirt, animal print maxi skirt, crossbody bag, wavy red hair

gray sweatshirt, animal print maxi skirt, crossbody bag, wavy red hair

gray sweatshirt, animal print maxi skirt, crossbody bag, wavy red hair

Fashion Week has been my weakness these past few days.  I mean, nothing beats the stress away like looking at inspiring designs for next spring!  (I even started a board to keep track of my favorites.)  Some people may think it’s shallow, but after spending hours focusing on lesson plans, objectives, goals, grade-level meetings, open house preparation, grading, and teaching…I just need something that requires use from the other side of my brain!

And after seeing this cool sweatshirt pop up a few times this week, I think I know what my next diy project is going to be!

One final thought…Rena from The Girl With the Smile asked me some personal questions about blogging and stuff…check out my responses here!

sweatshirt – diy // skirt – thrifted

In Like a Lion

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Whenever I put on a sweater these days I keep thinking this is going to be the last time I wear a sweater until the fall

Wishful thinking, right?

I’ve got a busy weekend this one and next (including a special birthday celebration!) so if mother nature is going to take it easy, I’m hoping it’s during the next 10 days!

Make sure that you enter this $1,000 giveaway!  I would love for a KUF reader to win!!

A Cozy Sweater to End the Week

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Things have been a whole roller coaster of emotions lately.  So to keep it all on a positive note, here are a few things around the web that are keeping me happy:

Mae Badiyan picked the most wearable trends for spring.  I think I’ll be giving all of them a try.  (Maybe even following this sunglasses diy from A Pair and A Spare!)

Anna at IHOD shared her favorite lip stain, and I totally agree with her! It’s by far my fav way to get color on my lips!

  My first POPSUGAR Must Have Box is on it’s way…can’t wait to see what treasures are inside!

Must Have

Use the code SAVE5PSMH and get $5 0ff Your First POPSUGAR Must Have Subscription. Coupon code is good through March 31sth 11:59 PST. See Must Have Terms for details.

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Blazer and a Sweater

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PicMonkey Collage


I picked up a few “winter” blazers…ones that are slightly big, but fit nicely over sweaters.  Sometimes I just feel too casual in a sweater and jeans.  But when a blazer gets involved, there’s a whole new level of put-togetheredness going on.  Let me tell you friends, these days have been crazy.  So if I can feel pulled together with a blazer, I’m taking it.

blazer, sweater, jeans – thrifted // boots – Anne Klein

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Florals and a High Pony

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I’ve been playing around with some different hair styles in hopes that when I chop off my hair I don’t regret not doing anything with it while it was long.  This straightened pony was very easy to do (and not too time consuming!)  Polly said she loves fixing her hair like this and I can easily tell why!

sweater – thrifted // jacket – Gap // shoes – Ann Klein // scarf – vendor in Vegas

If you’ve been voting over at Circle of Moms for Knocked Up Fabulous, thank you sooooooo much!! Just a few days of voting left.  Please help keep KUF stay towards the top…just takes two clicks!

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Winter Runaround Outfit

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sweater, booties


skinny jeans, booties

Boy, I have been getting lots of use out of this sweater!  When I first saw it, I wasn’t sure if it would work so well for me.  The trick?  When wearing a wilder than usual print, wear neutrals or colors that are used in that print.  Feeling a little bolder?  Incorporate a complementary color.  Last time I wore this sweater, I wore it with red-orange pants…it played well with the blue-green in the sweater.

This outfit was perfect for running errands with the kids.  Even though I have two weeks off for the holidays, there is so much to do!  Next on the agenda…Julia’s 4th birthday.  If you don’t hear from me for a few days, I probably overdosed on these rainbow cupcakes.

sweater, cross-body bag, scarf - thrifted // jeans – diy // boots – Gap

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