Gingham and Gingham

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Yesterday was a busy party day!  We had a lunch date with my husband’s side at an Italian restaurant, and immediately after that we went to a family reunion at my parents’ house.  I wanted to wear something that was appropriate for both places…this gingham on gingham get-up seemed to do the trick.  I wore the shirt tucked in at the restaurant with the button-down as an added layer (it can get so chilly indoors!).  When it was time for the (outdoor) family reunion party, I removed the button-down and tied up my shirt.  I also switched from these heels to flats.

Hope your weekend was equally enjoyable!  I seriously can’t believe that it’s August!

top, button-down, shorts – thrifted // shoes – Target

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Music in the Park

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During the summer months, our town has these “music in the park” nights.  Every other week, I’ve been taking the kids to listen (and dance!) to the sounds of different styles of music.

This skirt was a great choice for the night.  It has a fun print and the length made it perfect for sitting in the grass at the concert.  Since it was another hot day, I kept the top super simple, but add a few bolder accessories.

Later today (at 1 p.m. ET) I’ll be co-hosting (along with other fabulous bloggers) a live, all-text Talk on The Motherhood, called How to Be Fashionable on a Budget.  We’ll be trading ideas and answering questions about creating a fashionable, classic wardrobe on a budget.  I’d love for you to stop on by!  Can’t make it?  Don’t worry!  Afterwards the chat will be put into a blog post so that you can check it out at a later time.

tank – Old Navy // skirt, bag - thrifted // sandals – H&M // bangles – jewelry store in Branson // earrings – from my mom

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Under the Weather

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This week has been torturous…the kids and I have been battling a summer cold.  One of the worst things about being a mom is being sick and having to take care of sick kids.  As tempting as it was to just lounge around the house in pajamas all day long, I made us get dressed shortly after breakfast.

It’s a mentality thing more than anything.  Kind of like the saying, “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”

Now I did get out of my pajamas…but then I put on pajama pants and a loose top.  I still felt comfy, but I was also an accessory (or two) and a pair of heels away from at least looking 90%.

And to remind myself of why I even bother getting out of bed…

And a little heads-up for next week…on Monday (July 16, at 1 p.m. ET) I’ll be co-hosting (along with other fabulous bloggers) a live, all-text Talk on The Motherhood, called How to Be Fashionable on a Budget.  We’ll be trading ideas and answering questions about creating a fashionable, classic wardrobe on a budget.  We will chat for 30 minutes!  Melissa Angert of Girlymama, will be hosting.  I’d love for you to stop on by!  Can’t make it?  Don’t worry!  Afterwards the chat willl be put into a blog post so that you can check it out at a later time.  Sounds like it’s going to be a great chat!!!

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Silver Wear

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Most days I wear some sort of gold-toned accessories, but this time it was all about the silver.  And after wearing them, I remembered why I stick with gold…silver is such a pain to polish!  What are your tips for keeping them shiny?  I need to know!

dress, silver rings, cuff – thrifted

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Mermaid Hair

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Dubbed “Mermaid Hair” by my husband, this is by far one of the easiest things that I do with my hair during the summer.  After showering at night, I let my hair air dry, then I put it into a French braid.  Come morning, all I have to do is flat-iron the ends, undo the braid, and finger comb/brush it out.  And most days I top it off with a bunch of hair spray…if I don’t the humidity will make it look extra special.

From this step, I can either leave it down, twist it into a top knot, or pull it back into a low pony…but it’s the volume that I get from the French braid that really has me hooked on this simple technique.

How do you battle your hair during the summer?

Hot Hot Summer

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I opened up my front door on Saturday to see how hot it actually was outside…it was as if I opened the oven door!  The heat just smacked me upside my head.  So I found clothing in my closet made from the thinnest material.  (If this top and skirt were solid colors, my under garments would be seen for sure!)

Luckily for the kids, I’ve been letting them run around in their underpants.  This one wanted to come outside for pictures…I think she regretted it.

top, skirt (refashioned), bag, bangle - thrifted // shoes – Payless

Side note on the shoes – I picked them up very recently from Payless.  They also had the same shoe in plain white canvas.  DIY anyone?  Fabric paint or markers, studs, dye…endless possibilities!

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Summer Tribal

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Besides for my strange attraction to clothing from the 80′s, I also have a soft spot for tribal prints.  This blouse makes dressing during the summer easy…especially for the hot weather we’ve been having.  When the temps are consistently in the 90′s, simplicity is key!

Side note…I’m soooo glad I’m not pregnant right now!  This time last year I was having so many Braxton Hicks contractions, this heat would have been the end of me!

blouse, necklace – thrifted // shorts – Old Navy // sandals – Marshall’s

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Sundays are no doubt the best day of the week.  Husband is home from work.  Dinner at mom and dad’s with my siblings.  Swimming in the pool.  It’s really a great way to start the week.  And this week I really need Sunday.

You probably won’t see me around much the next handful of days.  I’ll be in a class all week…if you like I can give you a lesson on helping ADD/ADHD children in the classroom when I’m done.  I’m sure you can’t wait.  I do have one little thing planned for KUF for during the week though.  (Spoiler…it has to do with this.)

And there’s someone I’d like to introduce you to…Readers, this is Andrea.  Andrea, readers.  She’s one of my little sisters, working on her Psy. D., an awesome photographer, and future thriftaholic.  Slowly but surely I’m breaking her of her mall-shopping ways.

Isn’t she gorgeous!?!  Enjoy your week, friends!  Hope it’s a good one!!!

On me: tank – hand-me-over from aunt // skirt – thrifted and hemmed // shoes – diy // hat – Target

On Andrea: I’m not sure, but knowing her the dress, shirt, and hat are either from Target, Forever 21, or New York and Co.

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