Trying it Out

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Knocked Up Fabulous

Knocked Up Fabulous

Knocked Up Fabulous

Knocked Up Fabulous

Trying new things can be scary.  (Just ask my daughter how she feels when she sees a new vegetable on her dinner plate!)  But when it comes to your style, trying new things can be fun.

My typical nail polish color consists of reds and oranges, but this yellow color was just calling my name.  Well, at least I thought it was.  After painting my nails, I decided that the color was just not that flattering.  Eh…win some, lose some.  Right?!

On the other hand, printed pants were another “new thing” that I wanted to try.  They have been a current trend, but I didn’t feel that I was ready to go all out with a bold, bright print.  These neutral stripes are perfect.  They are subtle enough to help with any fear of print pants, and yet they make me want to experiment with the trend more.

jacket (Loft), sweater (vintage), pants – thrifted // shoes – Jeffery Campbell

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Dressing for Spring

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Knocked Up Fabulous

Knocked Up Fabulous

Knocked Up Fabulous

I think this anorak jacket might temporarily replace the camo one that I’ve been wearing non-stop.  This light-weight piece works equally well in the chilly morning as it does once the AC kicks on in my classroom after lunchtime.

There’s just something about outdoorsy style jackets that get me every time!

Hope all you moms had a fabulous mother’s day!

jacket (Loft), shirt, pants, clutch, necklaces – thrifted

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The Downside of Thrifting

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The Downside of Thrifting - Knocked Up Fabulous

The Downside of Thrifting - Knocked Up Fabulous

The Downside of Thrifting - Knocked Up Fabulous

The Downside of Thrifting - Knocked Up Fabulous

After all the good things I have to say about thrifting, there is something that totally bums me out…

No, it’s not the grodiness, or the part about wearing clothes that someone else has worn before…It’s finding something so cool that’s not in your size!  I love these pants.  They’re just a size too big.  I guess I could take them to my local, trusty seamstress (ahem…Mom…), buuuut some days just call for over-sized, baggy pajama pants.  (So I’ll wear them with a smile.)

And that just means I’ll have to keep hunting for another pair.

top, pants (Gap), denim jacket (Gap) – thrifted // shoes – Sears // earrings – Guess

Congrats to Trina for winning the Henri Lou bracelet!!

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Changing an Outfit From Professional to Playtime

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Changing an Outfit From Professional to Playtime

Changing an Outfit From Professional to Playtime

Changing an Outfit From Professional to Playtime

It’s around this time every year when I start to count the minutes until the end of the day, then make a beeline for my house and grab the kids for a little play time outside.  As much as I don’t want to ruin my nicer work clothes at the playground, I also don’t want to put on a whole ‘nother outfit and give myself more laundry to wash!  (I know!  Laziness wins every time!)

I wore this top and pants combo to work with a pair of heels.  For playing outside with the kids, I traded the heels for boots and threw on a jean jacket.

Simple changes.  Or as my 4 year-old would say, “Easy peasy lemon squeezy!”

jacket (Gap), top, pants, bag, sunglasses – thrifted // boots – Gap

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Striped Pajama Pants and Beaded Neckline DIY

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I love doing style challenges.  Probably because it gives me another reason to play around with my clothes and jewelry!  So when Marion mentioned stripes for this months challenge, I knew that I wanted have another go with these pajama pants.  I really like how the faux fur stole adds a little bit of glam to an otherwise basic pants and jacket outfit.

And this plain black shell top got glammed up, too.  I used the beads from an old beaded necklace and just stitched the beads around the neckline.  Take a look…

PicMonkey Collage

The three pictures on the right show different ideas that I had before sewing the beads on.  I always have a tough time deciding…but I like how the final product looks!

blazer, pants (Gap) – thrifted // stole – Guess by Marciano

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Thanksgiving has been a favorite holiday of mine for as long as I can remember.  Spending time with the ones I love, and continuing with old and new traditions (like our walk around the neighborhood) after stuffing ourselves to the limit.

My family is a very accepting one, too.  They’re not judgemental (too much anyway!) when I experiment with nontraditional outfits.  Wearing this skirt over a dress seemed like a good idea at the time, but with the movement of the fabric paired with all the movement of the day…didn’t work out quiet as planned.  Eh, win some, lose some.

Hope your holiday was relaxing!  Dare I even mention Christmas now?!

black dress – New York & Co. // skirt worn as dress – thrifted // shoes – Nine West

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Picture Day

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Yesterday was picture day at school.  I still hated it as much as I did when I was a kid.  (The worst part being the day that the picture orders got passed out! Ugh!)  The only good thing about being a teacher on picture day is that the photographer didn’t mind me looking at my shot.  And then doing a retake.  Three times.

sweater – Loft // skirt – thrifted // boots – Gap

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4th of July DIY

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A long while back I picked up some freezer paper with intentions of using it for stenciling.  I couldn’t decide what design to do (why is it that the easiest things can be the hardest to decide?), but after seeing this picture, my mind was made up for a nautical theme…plus this striped shirt will really come in handy for getting dressed on Wednesday!

Just a few supplies are needed for this project: image of your choice from the web…I used Google Images (or you can free-hand your picture if you’ve got talent), freezer paper, and fabric paint.

Trace the image onto the freezer paper (on the dull side), then cut it out.

Iron the freezer paper (wax side down) onto your shirt or other clothing item.

Apply a coat or more of paint.

Then wait for the paint to dry, peel off the freezer paper, and iron the paint to set it.

 This diy took about an hour or so to do (plus interruption time from the little ones)…and when my daughter saw what I was doing, she wanted to make a shirt for herself too.

Both shirts were completed before lunch time.  (If you’re looking for more detailed instructions, just search “freezer paper stencil” and some 2,160,000 results show up!)  Such a super-simple project…I’ll for sure be doing this again!

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