Momiform Musts: Coats & Boots

30 Nov 2015 Permalink

black coat, black boots

love these boots!!

black coat, black boots

love these @Rockport black boots!!

On days when the kids and I have a ton of running around to do, I’m left with little time for myself to get ready. Recently I’ve been focusing on my hair and makeup, rather than deciding what to wear. There’s a few reasons for this…

I like how a fresh face of makeup can make it appear as if I got a full night’s sleep. (Hello, concealer and lipstick!) And on the hair side of things, if I don’t take the time to do something with these red locks, I might end up looking like Carrot Top.

During the winter months, especially when the minis and I have a list to accomplish, I’m spending most my time wearing a coat anyway. Outerwear plays a big part of my “outfits” once the temps drop down. So, to keep things simple, I stick with darker colors for a monochromatic look. (Side note…I found the most amazing vintage faux fur coat over the weekend! So excited to add it to my coat collection!)

Boots are another necessity to my mom-on-the-go outfits. I have been wearing my black over-the-knee boots every chance I get, but these heeled booties from Rockport are slowly taking over.

The first time I actually wore them was to the Chicago Toy & Game Fair the other weekend at Navy Pier. I was a little skeptical to wear heels to an event that required so much walking, but I wanted to try out the NanoGLIDE® cushioned heel. Alison even made a comment about how crazy I was to wear heels to the event, but I kid you not, I forgot that I was even wearing them!! They’re that comfortable!

Today you can save 40% at Rockport!! (Yay for Cyber Monday!!) Besides for these beauties, there’s plenty of other stylish yet comfortable options for ladies…and men too!

coat – Banana Republic | boots – c/o Rockport

Easy Outfit Of The Day | All Black With A Little Color

02 Feb 2015 Permalink

all black outfit with a bold red sweater

all black outfit with a bold red sweater

all black outfit with a bold red sweater


all black outfit with a bold red sweater

all black outfit with a bold red sweater

I recently picked up a few pairs of black skinny jeans, and I have no idea how I’ve managed this long without them!

They’re definitely easy to wear…very versatile too!  Black jeans can go from casual to super sexy in no time.  Here I’m wearing them with a bright vintage sweater, but last Saturday I wore a pair with a white button up and some killer heels for my brother’s birthday.  It was the perfect look for a night on the town!

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3 Tips For Building Your Confidence Through Your Outfits

26 Jan 2015 Permalink

3 Tips For Getting Confidence From Your Outfits

vintage coat

cute outfit

vintage coat

My husband is in the midst of a makeover.  I think after all these years, I’m finally rubbing off on him!

On Saturday, a group of us went out to Boystown for my brother’s birthday.  My husband, who is usually dressed in his contractor gear, actually put some thought into his outfit for the night – with a little help from me.  And I do have to say that he looked pretty good.  So good that throughout the night he was getting a decent amount of glances from the public.

He LOVED it.

The extra attention was just what he needed to confirm that his hard work at the gym has been paying off.  And, it proved to him that I’m not as crazy as he thought when I take that extra step or two to make myself presentable.

There is just something so powerful about wearing a fabulous outfit.  It’s basically guaranteed to boost your confidence and makes you happier.

Getting your outfits to help you get that extra confidence is actually pretty easy to do!

  • Have your closet stocked with clothes and shoes that make you feel special when you wear them.
  • Wear only clothes that flatter your body.  Having a trusted tailor can help you get that perfect fit.
  • Get dressed everyday thinking that you’re going to run into someone you know…like your boss, an old friend, or even an ex.

And a few other “things” to keep in mind…

  •  Keep up with personal maintenance!  Get regular hair cuts.  Trim your nails.  Use an exfoliant.  It will make a world of a difference!

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Outfit of the Day | Black Friday Shopping Outfit

26 Nov 2014 Permalink

Outfit of the Day | Black Friday Shopping Outfit @AprilGia

Outfit of the Day | Black Friday Shopping Outfit @AprilGia

Outfit of the Day | Black Friday Shopping Outfit @AprilGia

Outfit of the Day | Black Friday Shopping Outfit @AprilGia

I know some of you have already gotten underway with your holiday shopping.  I started ordering a few things online last week.  I’m still debating whether or not I want to venture out on Black Friday once the turkey settles.  But if I do decide to go, you can bet that I’ll be wearing something like this…

A THICK SWEATER – One thing that I can’t stand about shopping during the cooler months is having to schlep around winter coats and accessories.  When I have the privilege of hitting up the stores by myself – meaning without kids – then I wear a thick sweater and leave my coat in the car.  It limits the layers that I wear and keeps my outfit simple so that I can focus on tackling that shopping list.

SKINNY JEANS – I like to keep my outfits balanced.  This means that if I wear something bulky, like a thick sweater on top, then I go with a more fitted bottom.  Besides, skinny jeans – or leggings – are the only pants you should wear tucked into boots.  Anything too baggy tucked into those knee-highs will give off a pirate appearance.

KNEE HIGH BOOTS – These boots are perfect for all the right reasons.  They look great with skinny jeans and they heel is the perfect height for hours of shopping.  Plus, this pair really helps protect me from the elements!  They’re warm and slush or snow wipe off super easily.

CROSS-BODY BAG – No shopping outfit would be complete without a cross-body bag!  How else can one conquer the stores without both of her hands?!  I’ve been using this Phillip Lim for Target beauty a lot during the past few weeks.  I love that it can be worn during the day for shopping, and then transitions nicely into my hand if I’m meeting up with friends at night.  Gotta love a bag that can be worn multiple ways!

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