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Keeping it super short today so I can get back to the Fifty Shades trilogy…

This top was a deeper color, but I gave it a quick bleach bath to lighten it up.  And I distressed the shorts.  And one more thing, if you haven’t read I trying my own little project (Project DIY)…take a look.  I’d love to see your creativity!!!

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Spots Spots Spots

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These shorts have really been on quite the journey…I hope Gap doesn’t mind!  Today’s post is the last stop for them though!  I wanted them to go out with a bang, and I wanted to try this diy project that I pinned…so it was a win-win situation.

This project wasn’t too bad…but it was time consuming!

Some tips to consider: Make sure you have a great fabric pen!  Try doing the spots by freehand (It really wasn’t bad, and probably saved lots of time!)  Also, I tried using the fabric pen to outline a spot, then I went back and filled it in with fabric paint.  The fabric paint turned out darker than the marker, so if you think something is wrong with your computer while looking at these shorts, it’s not you, it’s me.

One final look at this short journey…

Hmmm…maybe next I’ll pick up a shirt from the thrift store and have some fun with it!

jacket (Gap), shirt, shorts (Gap) – thrifted // bracelets – vintage and the “spikey one” from Oh So Glam (I won a Stella and Dot giveaway!!! And thanks, Tara!)

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Dyeing Over Purple – Part 3

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After I had fun bleaching these shorts (note the sarcasm), I decided to dye these bad boys a lovely shade of purple.  If you haven’t dyed something before, it’s pretty easy to do.

Some tips to consider: Follow all the directions on the package…adding a cup of salt, as stated on the box, can make the difference.  Stir, stir, stir that garment.  And if you’re a bit wary about taking the risk on a favorite piece of clothing, pick up some cheapies at the thrift store to try it out on first.

Wouldn’t you say these purple shorts turned out very cute?!  But I do have to show you, since I mentioned the tragic error yesterday…becareful when bleaching your clothes!!!  Note the hole on the zipper part…then please stop looking at my crotch.  Thanks.

Here’s a little recap showing the journey these shorts have taken thus far.  One more diy to go!  I’ll give you a hit…it’s something I pinned here!  Can you guess what it is??

shorts – Gap (thrifted) // shirt – thrifted // bag – deedee & edee // shoes – Marshalls // hat – Target

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Bleached – Part 2

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Do you recognize these shorts?  They’re the same ones from yesterday…they were just given a bleach bath.  I am happy with the light yellow shade that they turned from the process, but there were some disappointments…

Some tips to consider: No matter what your husband says, it’s probably best NOT to leave the denim soaking in the bleach/water mixture overnight. (“What could go wrong?” he had said when I questioned it.  Well, the zipper and other metal decals started to oxidize and eat away at some of the denim.  Also, the shorts were significantly looser after the bleaching process.  Pay close attention to your clothing when bleaching…lesson learned!)

The bleach-bath-gone-wrong is not the end of the line for these shorts though!  The diy up next is a favorite of mine…see you tomorrow!

top – Loft // shorts – diy (see here for more info) // sandals – Marshall’s

The Cut-off

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Welcome to the denim shorts mini-series! This week is all about cut-offs and diy projects.  In fact, all the shorts in the up coming posts are actually the same pair.  This series has been in the works for about 2 weeks, but it made the most sense to post all of the projects back-to-back.

This first project is super basic.  I used an old pair of Gap jeans and just cut them.

Cut-offs…the easiest way to add to your summer wardrobe!

Some tips to consider: use a looser pair of pants…skin-tight shorts aren’t very flattering!  If you’re not sure about the length you want, it’s better to cut it longer than shorter…you can always snip off more later, but once you cut, that’s it!

I really had to restrict myself, too…I wanted to distress these shorts (like I did to this skirt!)  Tomorrow I’ll show you what I did next to these cut-offs…make sure to stick around!

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Working the Romper

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Always one to get the most use out of my clothes, when I pulled out this romper from my spring/summer bins, I remembered how much I wasn’t a fan of it.  I tried wearing it with a blazer and then with a jacket, but it wasn’t the look that I was going for.  So I just slipped my favorite tribal print, oversized top on over it…now the romper just looks like a pair of shorts.  Not exactly rocket science, but at least I’m getting to wear them one more time.

shirt, romper, cuff – thrifted // shoes – Target

btw…today is the LAST day to enter the eShakti giveaway!  Make sure to enter…doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that one either!  Winner will be announced tomorrow!

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Hair are the facts

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There’s nothing I despise more during the summer than blow drying my hair.  I mean, by the time you get out of the refreshing shower (which probably helped cool the heat off of your body) the last thing you want is a heater blowing on you, making you all sweaty again.  Sure, sometimes I take a short cut while blowing drying (you know, just drying the top and front layers…ignoring the rest).  But most summer days I let my blow dryer collect dust and allow the mane to air dry.

Now mind you, this air drying doesn’t end with cute results.  Enter the scarf.  I’ve been using a lot of these bad boys recently (see here and here).  They have really helped with my hair styling laziness (a definite savior on extreme humidity days), and they can really help add some color to an outfit.

Other random hair fact…being fair skinned pays off at times…I haven’t shaved my legs in about a week and a half.  Shhh…don’t tell!

top – Target maternity; shorts, scarf, bracelets - thrfited; necklace, shoes – UO

This is why I…

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Not to get all philosophical on you (it’s too early in the day for that), but have you ever really thought about what influences you to do certain things? Hmmm…

Take the hot summer weather for example.  This is why I have (temporarily) stopped using my blow dryer/straightener/curling iron and have opted for updos and head scarves.  (Also influenced by this lovely lady here.)

Also, I don’t usually wear white bottoms because they are guaranteed to get a spot or two on them.  These white shorts do have a spot on them (which I think happened about 25 minutes after putting them on)…but I guess having one kid or more means that nothing stays clean for long.  (Why didn’t I remember this when I bought that white maxi skirt from Savers?)

blouse – Kmart; shorts – ?/gift from MIL; shoes – Sears; scarf – gift

BIG BAG little bag

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I’ve always felt a bit like a bag lady.  Between schlepping around my school bag (teachers, you feel my pain here…papers, projects, etc…), lunch pack and diaper bag, the last kind of bag I wanted to use was a purse.  So, I began to use a clutch for all of my personal essentials: wallet, keys, lip gloss, and phone.  A clutch easily slides into my bag for work or daughter’s diaper bag (though technically we’re done with diapers!), and I can just as easily grab it and go when needed. 

Anyone else take a different approach when dealing with bag overload?

t-shirt – Target maternity; necklace – the Antique and Resale Shoppe; clutch – thrift; bag – Michaels; shoes – Sears

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S-U-C-C-E-S-S – #27

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Ever wake up in a super-unmotivated mood?  Completely crabby for no apparent reason?  (Does this sound like an infomercial?)  So…what do you do?

  I really believe in the power of looking good…well at least the power of forcing yourself to get dressed in clean, decent looking clothing.  There is something so motivational about dressing yourself for daily success…even if the only “successes” consist of going to the grocery store, bank, and making a quick stop at the playground with your little one.

blazer, blouse, shorts, jewelry – thrifted; shoes – Target

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