The Fall Weekend Essentials

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We love doing things as a family when the fall season approaches.  Feasts, pumpkin farms, and parades are all places that we look forward going to.  Unfortunately, it’s pretty tricky to look put together yet functional…meaning being able to chase the kids around!  I tend to repeat my favorites during these family times.  This scarf and these jeans are usually in heavy rotation over the weekends.  I don’t mind one bit!  When you’re trying to shuffle a 14 month and 3-year-old out the door, I’m happy to have something that easily answers the question, “What’s mommy going to wear?”

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Oversized Button Down

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One easy outfit that I’ve been repeating a lot has been an oversized button down with a pair of skinny jeans.  Worn with flats or a wedges, a light jacket or a scarf, this ensemble always works for me when I need to run out the door to the doctor’s office, grocery shopping, ballet class…

        First Outfit: leopard shirt (Express) – thrifted // jeans – Target // jacket – Loft // shoes – UO

Second Outfit: shirt – Gap (men’s) // jeans, bag, scarf - thrifted

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 This dress was such a great purchase.  You know the kind…found it while digging in the sale racks…only your size left.  Perhaps a ray of sun was shinning on you through the store window, and some angelic song started playing in the background… 

Anyway, this dress does a great job working by itself or being paired with others (like my current favorite color combo: blue and green.)  Hmm…playing well with others.  Sounds like a student every teacher would love to have in their class.  I should teach my other clothes to behave this way.

dress (worn as skirt) - Old Navy / sweater – H&M / shirt – thrift / scarf – Newport News / shoes – Payless


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Blue Jeans

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 I’m slowing working on clearing out the clothes that worked during pregnancy and those in between stages, but I’m having a hard time letting go of these baggy boyfriend’s and this too large denim shirt.  Until I’m ready to cut the cord, pairing them with clothes that are fitted gives them a few more wears.

sweater, boyfriend jeans - H&M / scarf – vender in Vegas / denim top – thrifted / skinny jeans – Target / boots – Gap

My Kind of Town

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One of the great things about living in the Chicago area is having quick access to handfuls of awesome museums, zoos, and other family friendly places.  On Sunday we visited the Shedd Aquarium, and it was nothing short of amazing. 

Layers are always the best choice when going to big, drafty places.  And since I’m still nursing, a button down and large scarf made it easy for feeding the little man without indecent exposure.

On a sad note, picnik is closing! (Waaaahhh!) That only gives about 3 months to abuse use their site.  Gotta keep my eyes open for a new way to edit pictures.  (Know any free and easy sources?)  Until then I’ll going to be having some extra fun with their services… 

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My husband keeps reminding me that my birthday is coming up. (He’s really ahead of things this year…it’s not til March!)  Usually I’d shudder at the thought of turning another year older and try to make light of things by cracking over-the-hill jokes, but this year I’m embracing it.  I’ve never felt as comfortable with myself as I do now.  And if wearing cherry red pants doesn’t shout “I’m confident with me!”, than I don’t know what does.

scarf, shirt, pants – thrifted; earrings – vintage; ring – Loft; shoes – Target

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Exhibit A

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Sometimes when I have no idea what to wear, I start with an all black outfit, then add some fun, colorful accessories…looks different every time and requires little brain power.  Ahh…the many powers of the ‘color’ black.

sweater, bag – Forever 21; jeans – thrifted; scarf – Cost Plus World Market; shoes, earrings – Target

Gypsy Tears

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Leave it to a little too much free time to get me “testing” my fashion boundaries.  Mama don’t shop on Black Friday…or the days following for that matter.  So no shopping, plus rainy weather means homebound with experiments…

It all started as a bad hair day.  The kind that only a scarf or hat could fix.  By the time I finished getting dressed, my husband was reciting lines from Borat, asking me for my gypsy tears.  Which lead to a whole conversation of other miscellaneous sayings from the movie…of course we had to document this gypsy…

shirt, jacket, scarf – thrifted; pants – H&M men’s; shoes – Sears

The Waterfall

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Have you seen the youtube video 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes25 ways? Can you even imagine?  Before watching this I probably knew of 4 ways, maybe 5 tops.  Now I’m mildly obsessed with this 4.5 minute production.  And it was “found” in perfect timing too…with this rainy weather, few things out beat a fun-tied scarf.  (Not complaining about the rain… just thanking the weather gods that there is NO snow yet!)

dress (worn as top) – Loft; jeans (Levi’s) – thrifted; scarf – from MIL

Another Way

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I’ve been wearing scarves a lot recently…on my head…around my “waist“…with necklaces

Here, I tried it another way…as an “undershirt”.  This green dress is cut a bit low, but wrapping a scarf around my top parts helped to cover things up.

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