Stripes and a Blazer

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Just stopping by for a quick mid-week visit in between grad classes and playing mommy.

Two things about this outfit…this dress used to be long (I just cut it above the knee), and this jacket used to be white.  Take a look…

I thought it would serve me well when I found it, but the white just looked too institutional for my liking.  Pink is a nice, fun change.  Altering clothes can be a nice, fun change too.  I’ve done a lot of dyeing and bleaching lately…think I’m going to dabble in some painting and a little hardware.  Let’s hope for the best!

Happy Hump Day!

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Pencil Skirt with Removable Peplum – Refashion #4

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Peplum has been showing up all over the place for spring.  I’ve been keeping my eyes open for anything peplum-ish at the thrift stores…but no such luck.  When I came across this long, purple pencil skirt, I had planned to just shorten it.  But look…

There are scraps left over!  So rather than tossing them out, I tried turning them into something with a little more use.   Removable Peplum.

I started by cutting the extra fabric so that I had two of the same size pieces.  Starting with one piece, I folded over the edge that wasn’t hemmed and ironed a crease into it.

Next I folded over the long piece so that the two short ends were touching.  Stiched this closed.

Turned the fabric right-side-in and folded it into a fan.

I then used that iron again to create more of a crease.  The last step was to put a few stiches into the ‘fan’ so that it wouldn’t come apart and…

Repeat for the second.

I used saftey pins to attach them to the pencil skirt (that way I can take them off whenever.)

And there you have it!  The last of my four refashions!  Nothing was that difficult to do either!  They just took some super basic sewing skills and a little time (actually, I did the cutting and ironing for each of the four items on one Sunday afternoon.  Then I just hand-stiched in the evenings once the kids were playing or watching Seseme Street.)

Oh!  And the shirt from today’s post was from here (or here)…I just took the sleeves off.  Wasn’t really too found of them!

Here’s a quick little recap from the week incase you missed anything!

Stripes and Pockets

Pink Skirt 2 Ways

High-Low Skirt

Are you into refashioning?  Got any projects planned or in the works?? I’d love to hear about them!

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High-Low Skirt – Refashion #3

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If you know me, you can probably guess that I got this skirt from the thrift store. And since I already own a few midi length skirts (and rarely wear them!  A skirt that hits mid calf is not the most flattering for me)…so rather than add another to the group, I decided to try the high-low trend.  Seriously…I love this cut!  It’s so fun!  This hem work was super simple to do.  Looking for the how-to?  Check out this amazing blog!

Next post I’m sharing one more refashion for the week.  Did you miss the others?  See them here and here!

top, belt - thrifted // jacket – H&M // shoes – Sears

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Pink Skirt 2 Ways – Refashion #2

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Just like yesterday’s refashion, this one started with a long, thrifted skirt.  I wanted the length a little above the knee, so I used another skirt of mine whose length I liked, and I placed it on top of this one to help guide me with the cutting.  Then I just folded over the fabric, ironed it in place, and hand-stitched the skirt and it’s liner.

I think it turned out really cute!  But the real test for my wardrobe is versatility.

Here’s the skirt dressed for work…

And one outfit that I wore during the weekend…

Make sure you stop by tomorrow…it’s Refashion #3!  And it’s probably my favorite one yet!

1st Outfit – shirt (Gap) – thrifted // shoes – Target and I spray painted the tips pink // bracelets – vintage

2nd Outfit – t-shirt, scarf – Forever 21 // denim shirt – c/o Sheinside  // bag – thrifted


Stripes and Pockets – Refashion #1

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This skirt came in handy during pregnancy as a skirt

…and as a dress.

It got some use after pregnancy, too…

…but in the end, there was just way too much fabric for me!  All I did was chop off a few inches…hem…and voila!  A new skirt!

The new length is much more flattering, don’t ya think?

This skirt has been sitting in my “to-do” pile for quite some time…and it felt great to finally hem it!  With a thick waist band, micro-stripes, and pockets…this skirt will be a favorite for summer!

Tomorrow I’ll show you a pink skirt that I found and hemmed!  I love taking thrifted pieces and bringing them into some kind of current form!

shirt (Gap), skirt, jacket (H&M), chain necklace – thrifted // rhinestone necklace – Forever 21

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Leg Warmers and Lace

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I’ve been trying to repurpose things as much as possible these days.  It’s a fun “challenge” to take an item and think about how else it can be used.  (This repurposing phase can be blamed on my daily doses of Pinterest.)  Anyway, I added a little lace to a thrifted sweater (“how to” post on the way), and used the arms from an old sweater to create leg warmers.  Both projects were quick and easy and gave this super relaxed outfit a pinch a fun.   Also, as much as I’d like and appreciate a tropical vacation (notice the tired eyes??), these pictures were not taken anywhere remotely warm…just at a green house at Brookfield Zoo.

sweater, jeans – thrifted; boots – Hunters

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