5 Chic Ways to Wear a Baseball Hat

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baseball hat, striped shirt, jean skirt - casual summer outfit

baseball hat, striped shirt, jean skirt - casual summer outfit

Yes.  I’m wearing this hat again!  I can completely understand why guys love baseball hats so much – they just seem to make every outfit look that much cooler.

But from a ladies perspective, it helped me battle a windy day without having to worry about my hair.

Still not convinced about the baseball hat?  Here’s a few more examples of how to wear this androgynous accessory:

  • Striped tee, black skinnies, rhinestone necklaces and a baseball hat?  Such a fun unexpected combo!  Click here.
  • This black on black combo looks so cool…I’m hopping all this time at Planet Fitness will pay off soon so I can copy this look.  Click here.
  • Baseball hat and a little black dress are a match made in heaven!  Click here.
  • Besides for the LBD, a little white dress with this accessory look perfect too!  This is one of my favorites from last summer!  Click here.

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Lots of Red

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head to toe red, buffalo plaid, red

head to toe red, buffalo plaid, red

These red pants are lots of fun, but if I’m not careful with what I wear them with, they can look really busy.

When in doubt, I keep my looks tonal.  Head to toe in one shade looks really streamlined.  Plus, matching pants and shoes makes legs appear longer – a nice bonus for my 5’3″ frame!

plaid jacket, sweater, pants – thrifted // shoes – Nine West

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All About Red

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I’ve been having a little moment with the color red.  Red pants…red shoes…red lips…red nails…I even found a beautiful red maxi skirt recently.  I snatched it because it reminded me of the lovely number that Blair from Atlantic-Pacific wore in her post Red.  The only downside, it doesn’t quiet fit!  Any takers?  It would look perfect for the holidays with a cropped sweater…or ultra cute with a denim jacket worn as a shirt.  (Let me know if you’re interested; I can send you measurements and more pictures.)

sweater, pants – thrifted // shoes – Nine West


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Life has been so hectic and stressful these last few weeks…my husband and I have taken any excuse to celebrate, including a week-night dinner for two at his favorite German place for his birthday.

Other reasons to celebrate (or get a little giddy at least), this straw clutch has been waiting to make a debut.  For less than $3 and with a Marshall Field’s (RIP!) label, it makes me one happy lady!  I love little thrifted treasures.

shirt, pants, clutch – thrifted / shoes – Payless / necklaces – Forever 21, gift/diy, thrifted

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Pink and Red

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I’ve been all into these red pants recently…so naturally they seemed perfect for testing Valentine color combos.  Red and pink sets the mood…

shirt, pants, clutch – thrifted / sweater – Gap / shoes – Payless

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Sailor Made

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Wearing stripes and red usually make me feel a little French…but with this jacket (thrifted, of course, with the tags still on! Gotta love it when someone regrets their impulse purchase…) I’m ready to take on the sea…or a class of second graders.

top (Gap), pants (Express), jacket (H&M), earrings - thrifted / shoes – Sears

And because it’s been hard to sneak a few shots by myself…

Happy (Fashion) Friday!

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Gypsy Tears

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Leave it to a little too much free time to get me “testing” my fashion boundaries.  Mama don’t shop on Black Friday…or the days following for that matter.  So no shopping, plus rainy weather means homebound with experiments…

It all started as a bad hair day.  The kind that only a scarf or hat could fix.  By the time I finished getting dressed, my husband was reciting lines from Borat, asking me for my gypsy tears.  Which lead to a whole conversation of other miscellaneous sayings from the movie…of course we had to document this gypsy…

shirt, jacket, scarf – thrifted; pants – H&M men’s; shoes – Sears


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Oh, what a week it has been!!  Started off on Sunday with our ‘fridge breaking down…finally went in to meet my students on Monday…hubby had his phone “stolen” (that’s code for I lost it somewhere but I don’t know where)…then he cut his hand and after waiting in the ER for a few hours for stitches, decided to play dr on himself…took the kids to get some professional pictures and my little spit fire pulled her pants down during the shoot…

Yeah, it was one of those weeks.

So last night, we decided, was our Friday.  We stopped by the mall, did a little shopping, and picked up dinner from the food court.  After a Cinnabon and some strolling in my red heels, I’m feeling much better.

Now let’s see how I feel after Saturday night…got the big 10 year high school reunion.  (Yikes!!)  Did you go or will you go to yours?? I’d love to hear some stories!

blazer (Limited), top (Express), jeans (Levi’s men’s) – thrifted

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