Red, White, and Cute

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Redhead, star sunglasses

red, white, and blue

red, white, and blue star

dino hat

boy summer outfit


If you can’t tell from looking at these pictures, we’re majorly excited for summer. (And if you think their smiles are big, you should see mine!) There’s one more week left of the school year. We can’t wait to get our break started!

From cookouts to pool parties to neighborhood festivals, summer is packed full of fun activities! These two kiddos are at the perfect ages where we can just go and enjoy the different street fests and parties. No strollers or diaper bags needed! I love being able to just walk out of the house and go.

Memorial Day will start the summer fun for us, and this year we’ll be hanging out poolside. Family, friends, and a little grill action…just what we need for the perfect 3-day weekend!

And what’s a party without some cool threads??

Gymboree has these two set for celebrating in the most patriotic of ways with their One Big Happy Red, White & Cute campaign! I mean, how adorable are these outfits?! Julia’s accessories alone are beyond awesome. And I’m loving how Ivan’s star shirt and star shorts look with the dino cap. And those flag sneakers?? Too CUTE!!

One of the things that I love most about Gymboree, besides for their very reasonable prices, is that their clothes stand the test of playtime. Julia and Ivan have a number of pieces from Gymboree, and they far outgrow them before the clothes even begin to give. Definitely a plus in my book!

With these two lookin’ so fly for Memorial Day, I know that we’re going to have a blast! Now if I can only find myself a pair of matching flag sneakers…

The kids’ outfits and accessories were provided for this post as part of a collaboration with Gymboree. All opinions are honest and my own.

5 Ways To Boost Morale During A Life-Changing Event

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red maxi dress


The last few months have been one big blur of a mess.

I’m in the process of a divorce.

Like with many life-changing events that people go through, this one has really made me think and prioritize all the big and small things in my life. I’ve done a lot of soul-searching and thinking, too. And each day has brought different challenges. But through it all, there have been things that I needed to do for myself to maintain my sanity and be the best possible mom for my kids.

1. Hit the gym.

For the past year I’ve really been focusing on adding more physical activity to my schedule. But I have found it even more important now that I’m taking on this role of a single mom. It feels so good to jam a little Britney and sweat it out for an hour.  It helps clear my head and makes me feel refreshed. Plus, the results make every sore muscle worth it.

2. Fill up that social calendar.

Keeping in touch with friends is something that cannot be overlooked during a life-changing event. With all the drama and legalities that come with divorce, it’s important to step away and enjoy a few laughs with a friend.  Oh, and grown-up drinks help too.

3. Spa services to the rescue.

I’m always big on beautification. Seriously, nothing can make you feel like a million bucks quite like a massage or chemical peel.  Getting a fresh hair cut or mani/pedi can do just as many wonders.

4. Indulge a little bit.

I usually save indulgence for special occasions, that’s why it’s called “indulging”, right? But during significant times, it’s important to treat yourself a little. When my divorce is all said and done, I’d love to take a trip somewhere.  Even if it’s just a weekend getaway to a bed and breakfast. Until then, my favorite chocolate treats from a local bakery will have to do.

5. Seek professional help.

I know that some people are a tad uneasy when it comes to talking to a therapist about their feelings. But personal, I wouldn’t have been able to get through all of this without my weekly sessions. It has really helped to have an outsider’s perspective on things. Plus, unlike friends, a therapist remains objective. They’re trained to put biases aside and focus on you and your thoughts.

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Easy Outfit Of The Day | All Black With A Little Color

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all black outfit with a bold red sweater

all black outfit with a bold red sweater

all black outfit with a bold red sweater


all black outfit with a bold red sweater

all black outfit with a bold red sweater

I recently picked up a few pairs of black skinny jeans, and I have no idea how I’ve managed this long without them!

They’re definitely easy to wear…very versatile too!  Black jeans can go from casual to super sexy in no time.  Here I’m wearing them with a bright vintage sweater, but last Saturday I wore a pair with a white button up and some killer heels for my brother’s birthday.  It was the perfect look for a night on the town!

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5 Chic Ways to Wear a Baseball Hat

07 May 2014 Permalink

baseball hat, striped shirt, jean skirt - casual summer outfit

baseball hat, striped shirt, jean skirt - casual summer outfit

Yes.  I’m wearing this hat again!  I can completely understand why guys love baseball hats so much – they just seem to make every outfit look that much cooler.

But from a ladies perspective, it helped me battle a windy day without having to worry about my hair.

Still not convinced about the baseball hat?  Here’s a few more examples of how to wear this androgynous accessory:

  • Striped tee, black skinnies, rhinestone necklaces and a baseball hat?  Such a fun unexpected combo!  Click here.
  • This black on black combo looks so cool…I’m hopping all this time at Planet Fitness will pay off soon so I can copy this look.  Click here.
  • Baseball hat and a little black dress are a match made in heaven!  Click here.
  • Besides for the LBD, a little white dress with this accessory look perfect too!  This is one of my favorites from last summer!  Click here.

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