The Downside of Thrifting

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The Downside of Thrifting - Knocked Up Fabulous

The Downside of Thrifting - Knocked Up Fabulous

The Downside of Thrifting - Knocked Up Fabulous

The Downside of Thrifting - Knocked Up Fabulous

After all the good things I have to say about thrifting, there is something that totally bums me out…

No, it’s not the grodiness, or the part about wearing clothes that someone else has worn before…It’s finding something so cool that’s not in your size!  I love these pants.  They’re just a size too big.  I guess I could take them to my local, trusty seamstress (ahem…Mom…), buuuut some days just call for over-sized, baggy pajama pants.  (So I’ll wear them with a smile.)

And that just means I’ll have to keep hunting for another pair.

top, pants (Gap), denim jacket (Gap) – thrifted // shoes – Sears // earrings – Guess

Congrats to Trina for winning the Henri Lou bracelet!!

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5 Great Reasons to Shop at Thrift Stores

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If you’ve been around KUF at all before, then you know I do a fair amount of thrifting.  In fact, I really don’t shop at “regular” retailers anymore…with a few exceptions.  And if you don’t shop at thrift stores, you really should!  Here’s the top reasons why:

5…Thrift stores are great places to find unique pieces!  Stand out from the crowd…the world doesn’t need to see anymore J. Crew knock-off bubble necklaces.

4…Trends come and go.  Want to try “oxblood” (maroon, burgundy…)?  It’s been around before, and chances are you’ll find it at a thrift store.

3…Thrift stores carry fur and leather pieces!  I’d never buy a real fur coat from a retailer, but a vintage fur coat?  It’s like saving an animal from being euthanized.

2…Valentino, DVF, Coach can be and have been found at thrift stores.  Just pretend you’re on a treasure hunt (minus the map!)

1…I can easily pick up 4 shirts, two pants, a few skirts, and some vintage costume jewelry all for less than a pair of pants from a department store.  More cash in my wallet…enough said!

Do you have more great reasons to thrift?  I’d love to hear them!

jacket, sweater, jeans, chain necklace – thrifted // rhinestone necklace – Forever 21

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