Maternity Style: One Dress for Day and Night

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dressing a bump for day and night

It’s always around this time of the year when I start to think about my two pregnancies.  (Probably because my first kid was born in December – the cooler temps and holidays trigger those third trimester memories.)

As much as I love my kids, I do not miss being pregnant.  At all.  But, when I do see expecting moms with their bellies poking out, I slightly miss getting dressed during those not-so-fun nine months.

Melissa George was seen in this lovely evening gown – absolutely glowing, right?!  Seeing her in this long dress reminded me that accessories can play such a BIG role when getting dressed with a baby bump.  She kept her evening attire rather simple, but here’s a couple of ways how I’d wear a similar dress if I were knocked up again…

dressing a bump for day and night

Any one of these three dresses would be a perfect start for an outfit.  While the middle dress is very much like Melissa’s, the shorter dresses (1 and 3) are both cute options.  Plus, a pair of black maternity tights would easily transition them between seasons.

dressing a bump for day and night

When it came to getting dressed during pregnancy, one of my biggest challenges was staying comfortable while looking stylish.  (This is still something that I continue to work on!)  For a day of running errands, a denim jacket (I love the 80s vibe this one gives) and a pair of sleek sneakers are perfect.  The backpack is great for holding the miscellaneous items that might be coming or going, while the gold hoops, watch, and red lipstick add polished, feminine touches.  And, of course, no daytime outfit would be complete without a cool pair of shades.

dressing a bump for day and night

When transitioning from day to night, the last thing any lady with a bump wants to do is to start picking an outfit all over again – when you started your day with a solid colored dress, there’s no need to.  This leather jacket adds a bit of coolness, as do the open-toed heels.  (Not a fan of heels during pregnancy?  Find a great pair of wedges to support your whole foot.)  The bold clutch, arrow head-inspired earrings, and gold cuff add fun and sophistication.  And since I don’t wear sunglasses at night, I like to play up my eyes with a strong liner.

One of the great things about using accessories to change up your outfits is that you don’t have to be pregnant to do it.  Knocked up or not, accessories are your friends – and outfit makers.  (If you are looking for more tips about dressing your bump, here’s seven ways to look great during pregnancy.)

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Fashion Forward Maternity

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I’m sure you’ve all heard of places that let you “rent the runway”…rather than shelling out cash to buy designer pieces, you just rent specific items for a period of time.  Fashion Forward Maternity does just that…but for those ladies who are knocked up!  Seriously, how awesome is that?!  This excites me on so many levels!  When I think about money wasted on buying a maternity dress for attending a wedding, or all those so-called “9 months” clothes that claim to fit you your entire pregnancy…If I had known about renting clothes for my “pregdrobe”, I’d have saved some serious cash.

No matter if you buy or rent clothes, you want to make sure that you can piece together some fun outfits with whatever you get.  Make that closet work!  If I was pregnant again (which won’t be happening for a long time, if ever, no matter how many times my daughter asks for a sister), I’d rent this cute color blocked dress and this printed top.  And here are two ways that I’d get caught wearing them.


army jacket – Amazon // shoes – jc penny // necklace, bag – Forever 21

shoes – jc penny // necklace, bag – Forever 21

Did you notice that it was all about the accessories?  I am aware that many preggers don’t feel comfortable in heels, but I loved wedges while I was knocked up.  Flats can easily be substituted in, too.

And, here’s the VALENTINA TOP!

Maternity Pants – Old Navy // Cross-body Bag, Stud earrings, wrap watch – Piperlime

Pencil skirt  – Fashion Forward Maternity //  Shoes, Bag, Cuff – Piperlime

Any pregnant readers (or nursing moms…they have nursing wear, too) who are interested in renting from Fashion Forward Maternity can get a 15% discount by using code 12KUF15 at the checkout.  Interested in some more fun stuff? Sign up for their email updates!  If you do, you’ll get $25 off your first order of $150 or more which ends up being basically one free item for a month.  Fashion Forward Maternity also has a blog loaded with everything pregnancy related!  (A great resource for any pregger!)

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Summer Tribal

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Besides for my strange attraction to clothing from the 80’s, I also have a soft spot for tribal prints.  This blouse makes dressing during the summer easy…especially for the hot weather we’ve been having.  When the temps are consistently in the 90’s, simplicity is key!

Side note…I’m soooo glad I’m not pregnant right now!  This time last year I was having so many Braxton Hicks contractions, this heat would have been the end of me!

blouse, necklace – thrifted // shorts – Old Navy // sandals – Marshall’s

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7 Tips for Looking Great During Pregnancy

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Spring always seems to be the time of year when all of a sudden there’s all these pregnant ladies out there!  Even two of my sister’s friends are pregnant with their firsts…so this post is dedicated to all the new mamas…

Darln’, your body is about to change.  Some changes will be awesome.  Others, not so much.  But just because your body is growing a person, and your skinny jeans will no longer fit, doesn’t mean you can’t look amazing.  Here are my top tips for looking great during pregnancy:

1.  Use those button-downs!  They work over a bump in the early stages, or as a layered piece later on (when you won’t be able to button the thing anyway).  You can also knot it over the bump.  They even work wonders postpartum, making your figure look streamlined, not lumpy.

2.  Blazers, jackets, and cardigans can also be marvelous pieces during your 9 months of pregnancy fun.  Don’t be suckered into buying “maternity” of these…such a waste of money.  If you really need something to button over that bump for just a few months (like say during the winter time) borrow from a friend or button the top buttons and use a scarf to help keep you warm…though you’ll probably be sweating anyway.  They don’t say you’ve got a “bun in the oven” for nothing!

3.  Long skirts with elastic were my favorite pregdrobe item!  They can be worn over or under the bump…and longer skirts can even double as a dress!  Try using a belt, or a scarf as a belt, so you don’t look like the marshmallow man.

4.  Dig through your man’s closet.  Try on his button-downs, tanks, or other shirts.  I even borrowed from my brothers’ clothes and searched through the men’s section at the thrift stores.

5.  Accessories will become your friend!  It’s easy to have a few simple maternity dresses and change the entire look just by using different accessories.  Necklaces, earrings, scarves, hats…every accessory you used before getting knocked up can still work during pregnancy.  (Uh…maybe not everything! Rings can be difficult to wear with swollen fingers, and you might want to save those sky-high heels ’til after the baby.  That belly can throw off your balance a bit!)

6.  Use the thrift store to its fullest.  Check out this well-written post by Nicole, a mama of two!

7.  There are a few items that you’ll need to buy maternity!  Maternity jeans, leggings and these t-shirts worked wonders during both of my pregnancies.  And for those awkward in-between clothing stages (during pregnancy and after), a belly band can be a magical tool.

Phew!  What a list!  I seriously could have added a few more…but being pregnant for the first time can be overwhelming in itself!  If you’re looking for more maternity fashion inspiration, check out my archives from the beginning (Cringe! Keep in mind this here style is constantly evolving!) to August 2011.  And now-a-days there are TONS of  sites and posts dedicated to the knocked up crowd.

And other mamas, let’s help the newbees out! What did I miss on the list?  How did you stay as fashionable as possible during your pregnancy??