Stripes and Stripes

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Horizontal stripes used to scare me.  They used to be a big “no-no”…but these days, I can’t get enough.  So here we have a little mix and match stripe action to help tame my stripe craving.

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sweater – Loft // shirt,skirt, chain necklaces – thrifted // crescent necklace – c/o Oasap // shoes – Payless

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Reason #30

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I’ve never bought anything from J.Crew.  Not because their clothing isn’t cute or anything – it totally is…it’s because I can’t see myself spending $60 or more on a sweater (I’m way past that stage in my life…I like my paycheck, thank you, even if it’s only a teacher’s salary).

This sweater I’m wearing…J. Crew.  Featherweight cotton.  Neon Green.  Thrifted.

sweater, pants, necklace – thrifted / bag – Forever 21 / shoes – Payless

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Floppy Hat DIY

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I don’t remember where I saw it, but I saw an image of a floppy beach hat with bright trim…and then the following day I came across this basic hat at Target‘s Dollar Spot (for $2.50) and a quick diy was born…

Supplies need: floppy hat, large bowl, bag from dry cleaning, rubber glove, spray paint in color of choice, and tape.

Put the large bowl into the dry cleaning bag and tape bag so that it doesn’t slide around.

Position bowl over the hat.

Spray paint.  (Note…it’s probably best to do this on a flat surface.  Grass = not flat = some paint out of the lines…arg!)

Let dry.

I’m pretty sure that Target had this hat in at least two other shades…might have to head back there soon.  A fair skinned gal can never have enough sun protection in the summer time!


Spring Break Stripes

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I’ve been on spring break this week.  Between thrift store trips, cleaning house (closets specifically…donated 9 garbage bags of clothes!), diy projects, and soaking up as much quality time with the kids as possible…it has been one busy, but productive week!

shirt – Loft / jeans (Old Navy) – thrifted / necklaces – thrifted & Forever 21 / shoes – Naturalizer & diy

20 pound babies come in handy…he thinks we’re playing airplane, but really mama is getting in a little arm workout.

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Neon Safari

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I’ve been messing around with neon spray paint…spraying necklaces, bracelets, a pair of shoes…just about anything from my collection that could use a boost in color.  Though I’m no spray painting expert, here’s a few tips I’ve learned through my trial and error:

  1. Make sure the item you’re going to paint is clean and dry.
  2. Wear rubber gloves when spraying.
  3. Use the paint outside on a warmish, windless day (cold or windy weather and paint don’t mix!) and on a covered surface (I sprayed on top of an old cardboard box).
  4. If you really want the color to pop, prime first with white paint.
  5. It’s best to do light coats of paint…don’t soak the item…you can always reapply later.
  6. Be patient! To paint this beaded necklace, it took me about a week (Everyday after work I’d spray a little …)

I know some tips sound like no brainers, but incase you haven’t used spray paint before (*hand raised*) I thought these tips might help.  Have you thought about spraying some of your unused things?  For a few bucks, it’s a real easy way to add some color to make old things new again.

necklace – Busia / jacket – Loft / shirt (Loft) – thrifted / shoes – Sears

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Neon | Everybody, Everywear

DIY – Ring Bling

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I’ve been trying to clean up the little bits and pieces of jewelry that I’ve collected over the years…turning broken or old things into something new.  Single earrings can make for a great ring…

    I had this old clip-on earring from a lot of jewelry my husband came across…I used it as a brooch a few times, but I thought it might look cute as a cocktail ring.  So I purchased a ring band from online, removed the earring clip, and hot glued the two together.

I could have stopped after glueing, but the rhinestones looked a bit beat up, and neon jewelry has been popping up all over the place…so I couldn’t resist but to paint some of the stones with bright nail polish.

Spoiler alert…after painting this ring and seeing images like this, I’ve since bought neon spray paint and dug out old necklaces to do a few more diy projects (I’ll share with you next week.)  Bringing life to forgotten items kinda feels like getting a great score on a thrift trip…hope I don’t end up spray painting all my jewelry!

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