5 Great Reasons to Shop at Thrift Stores

07 Nov 2012 Permalink

If you’ve been around KUF at all before, then you know I do a fair amount of thrifting.  In fact, I really don’t shop at “regular” retailers anymore…with a few exceptions.  And if you don’t shop at thrift stores, you really should!  Here’s the top reasons why:

5…Thrift stores are great places to find unique pieces!  Stand out from the crowd…the world doesn’t need to see anymore J. Crew knock-off bubble necklaces.

4…Trends come and go.  Want to try “oxblood” (maroon, burgundy…)?  It’s been around before, and chances are you’ll find it at a thrift store.

3…Thrift stores carry fur and leather pieces!  I’d never buy a real fur coat from a retailer, but a vintage fur coat?  It’s like saving an animal from being euthanized.

2…Valentino, DVF, Coach can be and have been found at thrift stores.  Just pretend you’re on a treasure hunt (minus the map!)

1…I can easily pick up 4 shirts, two pants, a few skirts, and some vintage costume jewelry all for less than a pair of pants from a department store.  More cash in my wallet…enough said!

Do you have more great reasons to thrift?  I’d love to hear them!

jacket, sweater, jeans, chain necklace – thrifted // rhinestone necklace – Forever 21

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