Getting Out Of A Funk

27 Jun 2013 Permalink

leopard print dress, aviator sunglasses, redhead - Knocked Up Fabulous

leopard print dress, aviator sunglasses, redhead, faux leather jacket - Knocked Up Fabulous

leopard print dress, aviator sunglasses, redhead, - Knocked Up Fabulous

leopard print dress, aviator sunglasses, redhead, faux leather jacket - Knocked Up Fabulous

These past few weeks I’ve been busy writing a grant for my classroom.  (Paperwork and research and more paperwork…blech!)  It’s tasks like these that drain my energy and make me question what I’m doing.  To keep myself positive and get my thoughts back on track, I look back at past accomplishments.

Take KUF for example.  If you look back at the beginning…wait, please don’t, it’s super embarrassing.  Let’s just pretend that you looked back.  You’d be able to tell that this blog has come quite a way.  And when I do encounter obstacles (like a husband who works too many hours to take my silly outfit pictures), I figure out ways to work around it.  (A tripod and remote can be such magical tools!)

How do you get yourself out of those funky ruts?  Is putting together a cute outfit one way?  (That makes me feel good too!)

dress – thrifted // belt – NY & Co. // jacket – Carson’s // bag – Hobo // shoes – Ouijew Uue (from DSW)

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Leopard and Mustard

26 Sep 2012 Permalink

If you heard a squeal off in the distance on Saturday, it was probably me when I found this leopard pencil skirt (double bonus…leopard and pencil!!)

The first thing I did when I got home was wash it…and then I made the tough decision of what top to wear with it first.  I settled on this mustard sweater, but I have a whole slew of other options just waiting…I’m predicting that I’ll be wearing this skirt at least once a week until winter.

Have you found yourself any fall favorites yet?

skirt, sweater – thrifted // shoes – Target // earrings, bracelets – thrifted, vintage

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I can’t wait for spring…mostly because I’ll getting a little sick of wearing tights every time I want to wear a skirt or dress.  Enter the nude fishnets.  All the warmth of tights (well, not all…but most!) with no extra color added to the outfit.  This should hold me over until the weather really heats up!

dress (worn as top), shoes – Target / skirt, necklace, belt – thrifted / cardi – H&M 

Gypsy Tears

28 Nov 2011 Permalink

Leave it to a little too much free time to get me “testing” my fashion boundaries.  Mama don’t shop on Black Friday…or the days following for that matter.  So no shopping, plus rainy weather means homebound with experiments…

It all started as a bad hair day.  The kind that only a scarf or hat could fix.  By the time I finished getting dressed, my husband was reciting lines from Borat, asking me for my gypsy tears.  Which lead to a whole conversation of other miscellaneous sayings from the movie…of course we had to document this gypsy…

shirt, jacket, scarf – thrifted; pants – H&M men’s; shoes – Sears