Casual Outfit | Ripped Grunge

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Casual Outfit | Ripped Grunge

Casual Outfit | Ripped Grunge

I have such a problem doing nothing.  It’s hard to just sit and watch a show without either organizing toy bins, checking emails, or filing my nails.  So when my little guy and I found ourselves up late because his sleeping schedule was thrown off, I decided to dye these jeans.

I grabbed them at Savers (surprise) for just a few bucks.  They were a light gray, but I wanted them darker.  And I wanted some knee rips in them too.

It felt pretty therapeutic to mess them up.

Casual Outfit | Ripped Grunge

The dyed/ripped jeans just begged to get worn with this sweatshirt (also a diy project), denim vest, and moto jacket.  And to make sure the look was me, a red lip and heeled boots finished the look.

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Casual Winter Outfit | Bold Sweater and Jeans

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Casual Winter Outfit | Bold Sweater and Jeans

Casual Winter Outfit | Bold Sweater and Jeans

This is my typical casual look for winter – especially for days when we explore the museums!  During my preblogging days though, my “casual” consisted of jeans, sweatshirts, and gym shoes.

After I had my first kid – once my body found its way back – I didn’t want to wear my old clothes anymore.  Being pregnant wasn’t fun for me.  My body wasn’t mine.  It just felt so weird.

So after the whole thing, I really had an appreciation for my body –  flaws and all.  I made a conscious decision to pay attention to what I wore and how I presented myself.

One of the first steps I took was with my tops and shoes.  T-shirts and sweatshirts got traded for blouses and sweaters, while my shoes were upgraded to ballet flats and wedges.

I’ve come to realize that when I put effort into how I look, it makes me happy.  And when mommy is happy, everyone is happy.

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Cozy Glam

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winter outfit. cozy glam.

winter outfit. cozy glam.

winter outfit. cozy glam.

My jeans and sweaters have had their work cut out for them recently.  I’m in such a cozy funk…but I’m loving it.  Especially with fabulous vintage accessories like this bag and these earrings.  It’s amazing how a little sparkle can really brighten up the day!

jeans – H&M men’s // sweater, bag, earrings – thrifted // booties – Franco Sarto

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Gray Skinny Jeans and This Thing Called Life

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gray skinny jeans with an over-sized cardigan

gray skinny jeans with an over-sized cardigan

gray skinny jeans with an over-sized cardigan

Jeans are part of everyone’s wardrobe.  But there are a few pairs a denim that always seem to be on my must-have list.  I’ve shared boyfriend jeans and distressed ones – today’s post is about colored denim.

I always find myself grabbing these gray skinnys when I don’t feel like wearing blue jeans.  Sometimes blue jeans just don’t look right with the tops that I want to wear.  Plus, I think dressing up colored denim can be easier than it’s counterpart.

I took these pictures three weeks ago, and I’ve worn these gray jeans every weekend since.

Three weeks ago?

One thing that I’ve learned as a blogger is to have some extra posts in reserve for your rainy days.  ‘Cause let’s face it – life happens.  And literally it has been rainy and/or gloomy for the past week.

Halloween Day was no exception.  The kids got dragged to two houses before I realized I was not about to punish them or myself anymore.

We went home, ate dinner, and played find-the-hidden-candy in the basement.  The combo of Easter egg-hunts and Halloween sweets was just what the kids needed.

And that’s how life has been recently – going with the flow while wearing gray skinnys and eating leftover candy.

4 Essential Items

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4 Essential Items - Knocked Up Fabulous

4 Essential Items - Knocked Up Fabulous

4 Essential Items - Knocked Up Fabulous

4 Essential Items - Knocked Up Fabulous

 I know that I made smart purchases when I find myself wearing the same items (in different ways) over and over again.

This leather jacket, though fake, has gotten lots of use.  I love how it adds a little toughness to an outfit.

These boyfriend jeans (literally boyfriend…they’re from the men’s section) have also been in heavy rotation.  I was just wearing them the other day!

A fun pair of heels always works wonders!  Red has been my go-to color, but I can’t wait to get my hands on a pointy-toe, white pair.

These gold hoops are new to my arsenal of essentials.  Hoops never disappoint!  I was drawn to the textured design on these…a glamorous upgrade on a classic.

What have you been finding yourself wearing again and again recently?

jacket – Carson’s // button down – thrifted // jeans – H&M // earrings - c/o Jewellery World // heels – Nine West

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Two Signs of Spring

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knocked up fabulous

knocked up fabulous

knocked up fabulous

Maybe some of you have been doing this for a while in your neck of the woods, but baring arms time is officially here for us!

How else do I know that it’s spring?  My kid is running around without pants on.  (Hmm…if I only dress him in tees, then I have less laundry to wash.  This is something to think about!)

top, jeans (diy here), faux leather vest – thrifted // shoes – Sears

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Spring Staples

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moto jacket, graphic tee, distressed denim - KnockedUpFabulous

moto jacket, graphic tee, distressed denim - KnockedUpFabulous

moto jacket, tee, layered necklaces - KnockedUpFabulous

moto, graphic tee, denim - KnockedUpFabulous

graphic tee, moto jacket, layered necklaces - KnockedUpFabulous

Every season seems to have its own uniform, or key pieces that are in constant rotation.  This spring I’m stocking my wardrobe full of graphic t-shirts, distressed denim, and delicate little necklaces.  A cute little moto jacket never hurts either.

What are your must-haves for spring??

jacket – Guess // t-shirt, clutch, jeans (distressing was a diy) – thrifted // triangle necklace –  c/o Style Lately // ‘a’ necklace – Tiffany & Co. (b-day gift from my SIL!)

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Project DIY – Denim

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Summer and denim go together like no other.  Whether it’s a pair of cut-offs or a cute little denim vest, anything jean related is totally welcome when the temps get hot.  This Project DIY is all about denim.  Take a peek at these awesome do-it-yourself projects and be prepared to be inspired!

Megan from T f Diaries created these adorable scalloped shorts.

Merrick from Merrick’s Art used a basic pair of jeans and turned them into skinnies.  (She seriously works magic with her sewing machine!)

Beck over at Oomph used an old pair of jeans and an old belt to create some pretty hot shorts!

Anna from at In Honor of Design used a denim jacket and turned it into a vest…with cargo pockets!

I took an old denim jacket and did a little something-something to make the sleeves look like leather.

And here’s a favorite of mine from the archives!

 Did you have a favorite project?  I loved how each of these ladies (btw…they’re all mamas!!) used something old from their closets and refashioned it into something so trendy.  Make sure you stop by their blogs for the how-tos…and to see more of their amazing styles!

Interested in being a part of next months Project DIY?  Send me an email or check back on August 15 for the next “assignment.”

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