Olive-Green Coat and the Perfect Errand Outfit

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olive-green coat and the perfect errand outfit

olive-green coat and the perfect errand outfit

olive-green coat and the perfect errand outfit

olive-green coat and the perfect errand outfit

Last year I really started focusing on my outer wear.  I felt like I already put effort into getting tops, bottoms, and dresses that I liked and that fit my body type, but I didn’t really pay much attention to my coats and jackets.  And when winter hits, my outer wear ends up being part of my outfits whenever I run errands with the kids.

Today was one of those days.  Tons of running around.  In and out of buildings and offices…

Of course as soon as we walk into a place, the kids are ripping off their jackets and handing them to me.  And since I’m not about to give myself another item to carry, I just wear my coat for the day.

So, for our crazy run around days, my mommy outfit choice was kept super simple – white tank, gray jeans, black booties, and this olive-green coat.  No jewelry, but, of course, some red lips and a favorite pair of aviators.

tank – Phillip Lim for Target // jeans (thrifted) – Old Navy // booties - boot –Franco Sarto (on sale!) // coat – thrifted (similar here)


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It’s All About The Jacket

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It's All About The Jacket

It's All About The Jacket

It's All About The Jacket

It's All About The Jacket

Last week I attend an event by CAbi and had the chance to hear the fabulous Geena Davis share her wisdom as the guest speaker.  (You can read all about the event details here.)  Of course I wanted to look semi professional, but I also wanted to look stylish.  Sometimes I find it a little hard to keep a sense of style when needing to look professional.  When in doubt, I add a jacket like this.  I swear…wearing a moto jacket to basically anything just looks so good!  Wouldn’t you agree that a little leather (even faux leather) helps to spice thing up?!

jacket – Wallis // dress – White House Black Market (but I found mine at Savers!) // boot – Franco Sarto (on sale!) // bag – vintage

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Simple Summer Uniform: Printed Dress And A Jean Jacket

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floral dress, jean jacket, Coach bag - Knocked Up Fabulous

floral dress, jean jacket, Coach bag - Knocked Up Fabulous

floral dress, jean jacket, Coach bag - Knocked Up Fabulous

Jean jackets are the black blazers of the casual world…they seem to work with everything!  I’m always on the hunt for a new one.  (Especially since I have a few do-it-yourselfers that I’ve been wanting to test out!)  Unfortunately, when I look for things, I hardly ever find them!  Luckily, thredUP had a large stash for to pick from!

I don’t know if I’ll test any diy ideas on this jacket though (I’m getting rather attached to it)…might have to go back to grab another one.

dress (Dress Barn), denim jacket (x2 Denim Laboratory) – c/o thredUP // bag (Coach) – thrifted (and diy!)

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Dressing for Spring

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Knocked Up Fabulous

Knocked Up Fabulous

Knocked Up Fabulous

I think this anorak jacket might temporarily replace the camo one that I’ve been wearing non-stop.  This light-weight piece works equally well in the chilly morning as it does once the AC kicks on in my classroom after lunchtime.

There’s just something about outdoorsy style jackets that get me every time!

Hope all you moms had a fabulous mother’s day!

jacket (Loft), shirt, pants, clutch, necklaces – thrifted

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Investment Purchases

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Sometimes I have a really hard time making an investment purchase for my wardrobe…I worry that I might fork over a wad of cash, and then end up not using what I bought.  (It’s happened before!)  But there are a couple of purchases that I have in my closet that I picked up super cheap…just so I could “try” them out before buying a more expensive one.  Now I’m ready to up-grade!

First on my list is a real leather moto jacket.  I’ve been getting lots of use from my faux jacket…wearing it with everything from dresses to ripped jeans.  But the material just looks cheap.  And since I feel more secure with this style of jacket, I’m ready to treat myself.  (Bonus!  These jackets from Wilson are on sale…buy 1 get one 1/2 off!)

The other item on my list is a new pair of red heels.  These bad boys look great with skinny jeans, pencil skirts…and with a matching red lip.  The pair I currently have, I picked up for $13.  $13…and they feel like it.  Mama needs a new pair of (red) shoes!

Do you have a difficult time making investment purchases?  Are there any that you’re planning on making in the near future?

Jackets from Wilsons Leather

Shoes from Zappos


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Over Easter weekend, we took a trip to Branson for my cousin’s wedding.  The wedding itself was a dream…everything looked so beautiful!  And as always, it was great spending time with all the family!

I’ve got lots to share from the trip…next post (fingers crossed!) I’ll share a a video of a few of my road trip essentials with ya’ll!

jacket – Loft / shirt, jeans – thrifted

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Birthday Suit

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Just playing a little dress-up on my birthday.  Used a dress as a skirt (wore it at the waist and tied the sleeves together like a belt), and attempted to rock it out with a moto jacket and a high pony tail.  I may be getting older, but I can still have fun with my clothes!

And now that I think of it, last time I worn this dress, I was pregnant!


Time is going by way too quickly!

dress – Forever 21 / striped shirt – Loft / shoes – Payless / jacket – Carson’s

Green | Everybody, Everywear

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Reunion and Then Some

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Saturday was the big 10 year high school reunion for me…and honestly it wasn’t as bad as I thought.  I was sure I’d forget people’s names or just have some straight-up awkward moments, but nothing like that happened.  (phew!)  We made an appearance and socialized for a bit and then headed across town to hear my sister’s bf perform some live music.  Boy did it feel great to be an adult for a night!  (As I write this, my husband texted - I forgot how much I love going out with you.  Aww…)

I picked up this dress a couple of months back…right after the baby was born.  I love the simple cut of the dress and the neon green pattern spoke enough for itself…all I added were fun earrings, a jacket, and nude peep toes.

dress – thrifted; jacket – Carson’s; earrings – Target; clutch – Express; shoes – Sears

btw…thanks Spray Chicago for coming over to my house and spraying my pale body! (Again!)  It’s amazing how a little tan can make such a difference!

Live music by Jerrys Dawg.

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Fall Stripes

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This skirt served me well during pregnancy…flashback to here and here.  And it’s really coming in handy these days…colder weather plus unshaved legs…yup…that calls for a long skirt.

top, skirt – thrifted; jacket – Loft, necklaces – UO, Target

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