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Besides for swimming over the Memorial Day weekend, we stopped by Cantigny Park.  This beautiful estate was home of Colonel Robert R. McCormick, long-time editor and publisher of the Chicago Tribune.  With over 500 acres of gorgeous photo opps, I couldn’t help myself.  Truth be told my husband was the one saying, “let’s take a picture over here…how about here, too…”

Let’s just say with all the WWII memorabilia and ideal scenery, it was a trip that we both enjoyed…and the kids did too!

dress – Forever 21 // hat – thrifted // sandals – Marshall’s

And now…the winner of the eShakti giveaway…drum roll, please!

Kathryn from!  I’ll pass your info along to eShakti!  Thanks for everyone who entered!!

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I’ve been back working now for nearly a month since returning from maternity leave.  Every day brings new challenges, but there are some things that I would not be able to survive without…taking time to be organized, having a FANTASTIC support team, and finding time for me (even if that means giving myself a mani during my lunch break!)

sweater – H&M; shirt, pants, hat – Thrifted; necklace – Forever 21

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Simple Pleasures

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My husband thinks I’m a complicated person, but really it’s the simple things that make me happy…wearing a skirt as a dress (had to belt it, of course)…curling my hair sans heat (check it out here!)…taking a trip to Cosco to refill my Izze drink supply…watching the little one parade around all day as Cinderella, even while riding her trike…

skirt (worn as dress) – thrifted; belt, sandals - Target; bracelet – thrift



Green Again – #24

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I know…I’ve been wearing this green dress a lot (like here and here.)  But it is sooo comfortable for me during this 8th month of pregnancy.  Plus, some of the pieces that I picked out for the 30 for 30 Challenge are either getting a little snug these days or too warm to wear in this heat and humidity!

Some summer essentials helped with jazzing up the dress: big floppy hat and sunglasses.  And to add a bit of color, I tied an animal print scarf around the hat and applied a bright coral color on my lips.  Oh, and golden coin earrings helped some with the glam factor…pregnant women can be glamourous too, right??

dress – Forever 21; hat – Target; scarf – thrift; earrings – from my mom



Florals and a Fedora – #23

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Summer is in full swing, and if you’re one of the lucky ones carrying around a growing fetus inside of you (sorry…is that too gross to hear??), then you’re probably feeling extra warm and uncomfortable.

I’ve been trying to keep my clothing to a minimum…it’s just too hot to wear any layers!  So, accessories have been my pregdrobe rescuer.  Instead of wearing a necklace how it was intended, I wrapped this double chain one around my wrist.  A fedora helps block the sun, and of course, sporting sunglasses means I was able to skip out with applying eye make up (kind of…I always apply mascara.)

How’s the summer treating you?  How do you change your attire/makeup routine in the warmer months?

hat, blouse (maternity) – kmart; skirt – Gap maternity; “bracelet” – thrift

Watermelon Copy – #14

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I’ve been seeing this “watermelon” color combo pop up here and there (meaning on other blogs) for summer…decided to give it a try.  Such a fun mix of color for the summer!

What inspires your daily attire?

dress – Forever 21; top – thrift

Lots ‘O Dots – #12

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Feeling like I needed to dress a bit girlie before another man enters my life (A baby boy counts as a man, right?)  Sheer top, polka dots, and red lips – yes, please!  Throwing on the fedora made me feel like I was from a different era, but that’s ok.  It’s fun to get a little out of character every now and then (plus, it helps balance out these wacky pregnancy hormones!)

blouse, skirt (pulled up and worn as a dress) - thrift; fedora – Kmart ($5!!)

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