Gray Skinny Jeans and This Thing Called Life

02 Nov 2013 Permalink

gray skinny jeans with an over-sized cardigan

gray skinny jeans with an over-sized cardigan

gray skinny jeans with an over-sized cardigan

Jeans are part of everyone’s wardrobe.  But there are a few pairs a denim that always seem to be on my must-have list.  I’ve shared boyfriend jeans and distressed ones – today’s post is about colored denim.

I always find myself grabbing these gray skinnys when I don’t feel like wearing blue jeans.  Sometimes blue jeans just don’t look right with the tops that I want to wear.  Plus, I think dressing up colored denim can be easier than it’s counterpart.

I took these pictures three weeks ago, and I’ve worn these gray jeans every weekend since.

Three weeks ago?

One thing that I’ve learned as a blogger is to have some extra posts in reserve for your rainy days.  ‘Cause let’s face it – life happens.  And literally it has been rainy and/or gloomy for the past week.

Halloween Day was no exception.  The kids got dragged to two houses before I realized I was not about to punish them or myself anymore.

We went home, ate dinner, and played find-the-hidden-candy in the basement.  The combo of Easter egg-hunts and Halloween sweets was just what the kids needed.

And that’s how life has been recently – going with the flow while wearing gray skinnys and eating leftover candy.

Boots or Heels?

31 Oct 2012 Permalink

Last year I couldn’t get enough of these Gap boots…but this fall I’ve really been into pointy toe heels.  They just seem to make everything a little more classy and glamorous.

And out of curiosity…how’s your neck of the woods?  Feeling any wrath from Sandy?  Just a little extra windy here.  Hopefully the kids won’t get blown away trick-or-treating tonight!

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Fall Fun

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I have a love/hate relationship with the weather this time of year.  I love layering clothes and sipping on hot apple cider, but I hate that the sun is setting soooo early!  Luckily there’s so much to look forward in the fall that I can forget about the not-so-great-stuff.  Pumpkin farms (The apple donuts served there are oh so yummy!), Fright Fest at Six Flags Great America, Halloween parties and trick-or-treating, parades…Fall festivities are the best!

What are you looking forward to this fall??

dress, shirt, scarf, vest(sleeves cut off a jean jacket) – thrifted