Yellow Summer Dress

30 Jun 2012 Permalink

Yellow is one of those colors that instantly makes you happy…and after sitting in class all. week. long. I really needed this dress to help boost my mood!  I figured it would look great with just sandals and basic accessories for typical summer lounging…or even with a denim jacket or vest and killer pumps for a little night out (though I’m quickly forgetting what that’s like these days!)

For this wearing, I wanted something a little more lady-like.  This crazy blazer came with a matching skirt.  When I pulled them off the rack and showed them to my sister at the store, she kind of chuckled and said, “just don’t wear them together!” Mmm…I think I’m going to though…this light floral pattern is growing on me.

dress – c/o Sugarlips // blazer, belt – thrifted // shoes – Payless // bag – Forever 21

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DIY To-Do List

14 Jun 2012 Permalink

I have a whole big stack of diy projects planned.  I usually try to pick projects that use items I already have.  Some diy projects can get pretty costly…it doesn’t make sense to spend more on a project (just so you can do it yourself) than you would paying for something similar in the stores.

Here’s some projects that I hope to accomplish in the very near future:

I want to take this necklace I got from Forever 21 and turn in into something similar that Alicia did here.

This multi-chain necklace looks totally doable with extra necklaces that I have around the house.

I just need to pick up some bright fabric paint to turn this striped top into this one from J. Crew.

I’m on the lookout at the thrift stores for t-shirts to do this to and pants to do this to.

These ladies at A Beautiful Mess have tons of great diys…I want to try this out, but I haven’t decided what kind of stamp to do.

Love Meagan has the cutest peplum t-shirt diy!

Kayla and Merrick are always making great graphic t-shirts with fabric pant and freezer paper.  I picked up the paper, but I’m not sure about the design…maybe one like this.

And I have a whole lotta garments to alter and hem…

It’s just a few things…but if you have any magical elves who help you around the house, feel free to send them my way when you’re done!

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Pink Skirt 2 Ways – Refashion #2

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Just like yesterday’s refashion, this one started with a long, thrifted skirt.  I wanted the length a little above the knee, so I used another skirt of mine whose length I liked, and I placed it on top of this one to help guide me with the cutting.  Then I just folded over the fabric, ironed it in place, and hand-stitched the skirt and it’s liner.

I think it turned out really cute!  But the real test for my wardrobe is versatility.

Here’s the skirt dressed for work…

And one outfit that I wore during the weekend…

Make sure you stop by tomorrow…it’s Refashion #3!  And it’s probably my favorite one yet!

1st Outfit – shirt (Gap) – thrifted // shoes – Target and I spray painted the tips pink // bracelets – vintage

2nd Outfit – t-shirt, scarf – Forever 21 // denim shirt – c/o Sheinside  // bag – thrifted


Printed Wrap Skirt (and other marvelous finds)

05 May 2012 Permalink

Before I started blogging, my go-to color would be black.  See a cute shirt at the store…had to pick it up in black.  Adorable dress online…ordered it in black.  I’ve been trying really hard to stay away from black, and incorporate color and PRINT into my wardrobe instead.  It’s not as easy task…old habits die hard.  But this skirt is a mix of the two…fun-printed goodness and my old friend, black.

Do you like this wrap skirt?  It’s a new find.  I also found some more fun skirts when I picked this one up.  They needed a little hemming though.  So…the next few posts here will be dedicated to altering thrifted finds.   I’m really excited about it…can’t wait to share!

top, skirt, bangle – thrifted // black necklace – Forever 21 // chain necklace – vintage // shoes – Sears

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