Florals for Fall

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floral blouse and gray pencil skirt

floral blouse and gray pencil skirt

floral blouse and gray pencil skirt

floral blouse and gray pencil skirt

Recently I’ve been on the lookout for patterns – like I mentioned here.  Luckily for me, when I was checking out eShakti’s fall collection, I came across this beautiful floral print blouse.

I wore it a little dressy in these pictures – it was parent-teacher conferences – but I can easily see this blouse in more of a casual light, too.  (Blazer and jeans anyone?)

As for last week’s break, it was definitely great to step away for a little.  I’m convinced that there’s nothing that a few days in the Caribbean can’t fix!

blouse – c/o eShakti // skirt – c/o thredUP // coat – thrifted // shoes – Nine West

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Return Of The Backpack

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army jacket, floral maxi dress, dark brown backpack, summer outfit - Knocked Up Fabulous

army jacket, floral maxi dress, dark brown backpack, summer outfit - Knocked Up Fabulous

army jacket, floral maxi dress, dark brown backpack, summer outfit - Knocked Up Fabulous

army jacket, floral maxi dress, dark brown backpack, summer outfit - Knocked Up Fabulous

With two little ones, I’m always using some sort of hands-free bag.  And while a sturdy cross-body bag is my go-to, backpacks are making a scene once again.  I decided to give this simple dark brown one a try over the weekend…you might be seeing it during the week too.

army jacket, floral maxi dress, backpack – thrifted


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Florals and a High Pony

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I’ve been playing around with some different hair styles in hopes that when I chop off my hair I don’t regret not doing anything with it while it was long.  This straightened pony was very easy to do (and not too time consuming!)  Polly said she loves fixing her hair like this and I can easily tell why!

sweater – thrifted // jacket – Gap // shoes – Ann Klein // scarf – vendor in Vegas

If you’ve been voting over at Circle of Moms for Knocked Up Fabulous, thank you sooooooo much!! Just a few days of voting left.  Please help keep KUF stay towards the top…just takes two clicks!

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What the…?

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Question…a person you know has a little schmutz on them.  Do you tell them right away, or do you continue the conversation trying to ignore the obvious??  I flat-out tell the person.  My husband on the other hand usually doesn’t even notice that anything is there.

After taking these pictures though he did notice something red on my arm.  Paint…strawberry jelly…blood…I had no idea what it was!  I’m just glad it wasn’t brown…’cause no one likes to play the “is it chocolate, or is poop?” game.

top, skirt, belt, clutch, earrings – thrifted // shoes – Jeffery Campbell

Are you working on you denim diy?? (I’m nearly finished!) Remember to send me those before-and-after pics by the 29th!

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Yellow Summer Dress

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Yellow is one of those colors that instantly makes you happy…and after sitting in class all. week. long. I really needed this dress to help boost my mood!  I figured it would look great with just sandals and basic accessories for typical summer lounging…or even with a denim jacket or vest and killer pumps for a little night out (though I’m quickly forgetting what that’s like these days!)

For this wearing, I wanted something a little more lady-like.  This crazy blazer came with a matching skirt.  When I pulled them off the rack and showed them to my sister at the store, she kind of chuckled and said, “just don’t wear them together!” Mmm…I think I’m going to though…this light floral pattern is growing on me.

dress – c/o Sugarlips // blazer, belt - thrifted // shoes – Payless // bag – Forever 21

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Fun with Color

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Yesterday I played around with this floral romper…today it’s another top!  I really like the bright floral print!  And I used this old white skirt (from Gap), and dyed it yellow (I did the process twice).  I would have been a bit skeptical about going yellow, but after seeing this on Pinterest, it was a done deal!

Have you ever dyed your clothes?  I have a little mini-series planned for next week about some ways to refresh your clothes…stay tuned!!!

romper (worn as top), belt – thrifted // skirt – Gap // hat – Target (and then diyed) // shoes – Payless

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An Impluse

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Whenever I go shopping, thrifting or otherwise, I always try to be as unimpulsive as possible.  Putting thought into the items that I buy…trying to make sure anything that ends up in my cart can easily work with the current things in my closet.

With that said, when I came across this little piece, I lost any and all senses and promptly headed to the register…

This one-piece is way too short for me to wear out and about in public!  It’s perfect for lounging around the house though…but for the real test, I needed to see how well it would play with other pieces in my wardrobe.  And so I headed home for my favorite part of shopping…playing dress-up with my new purchase!

This strapless romper works great as a top!  I paired it with this blue pleated skirt, with this short pink skirt, and with these striped pants.  Next post I’ll be wearing it with a different skirt…

After putting together a few fun outfits, I don’t feel so bad about breaking my rule on this $2 romper!

Hawaiian Shirt Dress

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How could I pass up this dress?  If the floral craziness is bothering you, get over it.  This is the simplest thing to wear during the summer!  Period.  (Plus the buttons in front make it super easy to feed the little man…who, by the way, will be one in August!)

It’s hard to imagine that last June I looked like this and was worn out from the heat…this year I can’t wait to get out and enjoy all the summer festivities!  What fun things so you have planned for the next few months??  I need ideas to keep these kids busy!

dress – thrifted // jacket – Loft // shoes – Marshall’s

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High-Low Skirt – Refashion #3

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If you know me, you can probably guess that I got this skirt from the thrift store. And since I already own a few midi length skirts (and rarely wear them!  A skirt that hits mid calf is not the most flattering for me)…so rather than add another to the group, I decided to try the high-low trend.  Seriously…I love this cut!  It’s so fun!  This hem work was super simple to do.  Looking for the how-to?  Check out this amazing blog!

Next post I’m sharing one more refashion for the week.  Did you miss the others?  See them here and here!

top, belt - thrifted // jacket – H&M // shoes – Sears

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