Boots or Heels?

31 Oct 2012 Permalink

Last year I couldn’t get enough of these Gap boots…but this fall I’ve really been into pointy toe heels.  They just seem to make everything a little more classy and glamorous.

And out of curiosity…how’s your neck of the woods?  Feeling any wrath from Sandy?  Just a little extra windy here.  Hopefully the kids won’t get blown away trick-or-treating tonight!

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Red Pants

25 Oct 2011 Permalink

There is something so fun about colored pants….maybe because I’m used to wearing blue jeans or dress pants for work….whatever the reason, when I saw these red ones I wanted to test them out.  You know, something rather than just neutral colors.

Look #1

A mix of menswear, layered necklaces, and fall colors…

pants, blazer, sunglasses – thrifted; shirt – Loft; necklaces – target; boots – Gap

Look #2

I loved wearing this tribal print top during pregnancy.  (Example, example, example!)  Pairing it with the red pants looks very bold and loud…but I think it’s kinda fun!

top, pants, bracelet – thrifted; shoes – Sears

This Vest

04 Oct 2011 Permalink

I’m sure by now you’re all sick of seeing this vest…it’s pretty much everywhere in blogland.  But I’m really loving it.  The olive green color goes with so many fall’ish’ items…the drawstring waist helps create shape…and with this getup it helps calm down these crazy prints! (I couldn’t help myself…this trend used to scare me, but now I think I’m scaring it!)

top (Gap), skirt – thrifted; vest – Old Navy 

Fall Fun

03 Oct 2011 Permalink

I have a love/hate relationship with the weather this time of year.  I love layering clothes and sipping on hot apple cider, but I hate that the sun is setting soooo early!  Luckily there’s so much to look forward in the fall that I can forget about the not-so-great-stuff.  Pumpkin farms (The apple donuts served there are oh so yummy!), Fright Fest at Six Flags Great America, Halloween parties and trick-or-treating, parades…Fall festivities are the best!

What are you looking forward to this fall??

dress, shirt, scarf, vest(sleeves cut off a jean jacket) – thrifted