A Black and Gold Mother’s Day

12 May 2012 Permalink

We took the grandmas out to dinner…just a small thanks for all that they do.  Unfortunately the day was one of those crazy, run around days…not a whole lotta time for getting ready for dinner.  So I resorted to an old favorite.  A black dress with gold accents.  Which also gave me the chance to wear these new earrings!  My husband asked what I wanted for Mother’s Day…all I wanted was to visit my favorite store.  Alone.  Wish granted!  Happy Mother’s Day to me!

And Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamasitas and mama-figures out there!

dress – swapped // jacket – H&M // shoes – Sears // clutch, belt – thrifted

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DIY – Bracelet to Earrings

04 Mar 2012 Permalink

I’ve been all about clean things up around the house…tossing/donating things that haven’t been used in a while, and putting new life to other stuff that has potential.  (Uh…I tried a spray painting a necklace this week…don’t know if it’s too cold outside for the paint or what…but things didn’t turn out as expected.  Round two on that later…)

I came across this cheap little rhinestone bracelet.  Not my thing for an arm party, but it turned out pretty sweet for a little diy project…

This was so quick and easy to do!  Now I’m searching through my other unworn bracelets and necklaces to see what else can be upgraded.

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DIY – Ring Bling

26 Feb 2012 Permalink

I’ve been trying to clean up the little bits and pieces of jewelry that I’ve collected over the years…turning broken or old things into something new.  Single earrings can make for a great ring…

    I had this old clip-on earring from a lot of jewelry my husband came across…I used it as a brooch a few times, but I thought it might look cute as a cocktail ring.  So I purchased a ring band from online, removed the earring clip, and hot glued the two together.

I could have stopped after glueing, but the rhinestones looked a bit beat up, and neon jewelry has been popping up all over the place…so I couldn’t resist but to paint some of the stones with bright nail polish.

Spoiler alert…after painting this ring and seeing images like this, I’ve since bought neon spray paint and dug out old necklaces to do a few more diy projects (I’ll share with you next week.)  Bringing life to forgotten items kinda feels like getting a great score on a thrift trip…hope I don’t end up spray painting all my jewelry!

Sailor Made

10 Feb 2012 Permalink

Wearing stripes and red usually make me feel a little French…but with this jacket (thrifted, of course, with the tags still on! Gotta love it when someone regrets their impulse purchase…) I’m ready to take on the sea…or a class of second graders.

top (Gap), pants (Express), jacket (H&M), earrings – thrifted / shoes – Sears

And because it’s been hard to sneak a few shots by myself…

Happy (Fashion) Friday!

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