Multifunctional Wardrobe Pieces

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Multifunctional Wardrobe Pieces

Multifunctional Wardrobe Pieces

Multifunctional Wardrobe Pieces

If you’ve been around KUF for a bit, then you probably know that I make my wardrobe work!  Meaning rarely do I just wear one item one way.  Take this dress…last time I wore it “as is” with a jacket and cut-out wedges.  The time before that, I pinned up the lining and let the lace detail take the stage.  Today this dress is being worn as a skirt.  A dress that can be worn three different ways, now that’s getting use out of the old wardrobe!

This Canonbury Clutch is another multifunctional piece.  I love that it comes with a removable strap!  It’s currently in my work bag in clutch form…but I keep the strap with me in case I need to run an errand with the kids and be hands-free.  I have it here in Sulphur, but it comes in six other fabulous colors (including leopard print!)  With the use I’ve been getting out of it, I just might have to pick up a second color!

From now until October 27, you can shop the Boden site and save 40% on selected items!  And if there is an item that you like that’s not on sale, use the code K155 to get 15% off and free shipping.

sweater, dress – thrifted // jacket – Carson’s // clutch – c/o Boden

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Preparing for Fall

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black lace dress, army jacket

Last time I wore this dress, I pinned up the lining for a different look.

black lace dress, army jacket

But this time, a black lace dress with an army jacket made for an easy combo for a work day/social night.

black lace dress, gap boots, over-sized cardigan

And once the fall season really sets in, this dress will continue to transition nicely with boots and an over-sized cardigan.  (I’ve been stock piling cardigans…they just have so many styling possibilities!)

ways to style a cardigan for fall

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Dress Top

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knocked up fabulous

knocked up fabulous

knocked up fabulous

I haven’t worn a dress as a top in a while.  All I did here was tuck the lining of the dress into my skirt…then I just tied the rest of the dress in a knot.  A fun and relaxed outfit for a Sunday afternoon.

In other news, my husband asked when I was going to cut my hair.  He mumbled something about it being too long…and that I looked like a hippie.  I’d say that’s pretty close to being a complement from him.  Butmaybe it is time for a trim.

dress (worn as shirt), skirt – thrifted // shoes – Target

Try It Tuesday: 5 Ways To Wear A Blazer

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Wallis blazer, printed dress from eShatki, Accessory Mercado statement necklace, Jeffery Campbell wedges

statement necklace

ways to wear a blazer, blazer with a dress

If the other week was all about tanks and skirts, then this will be the week of dresses.  I tend to lean towards ones with a print when I’m headed to a day full of potential spills and stains.  Luckily, if I did get anything on this bird-print dress, I didn’t notice it at all at picture time.

One thing I did notice?  There’s a Savers 5 minutes from my work now.  This is either a good thing, or a bad thing…but it definitely beats the 40 minute drive time to the now 2nd closest Savers.

blazer, dress, statement necklace

blazer, dress, bun

One final thought to leave you with…something that was Pinterest inspired (of course, right?!)

Try It Tuesday!  (I was going to abbreviate, but T.I.T. just didn’t seem right for a post title.)

5 Ways To Wear A Blazer:

1.  Like I’ve done here, wear a blazer over your favorite summer dress to help transition it to fall.

2.  Wearing a blazer with printed jeans helps take the look to a more professional and sophisticated level.  Devon Rachel has a great example of that here!

3.  Another way to dress up an outfit would be with a tuxedo-style blazer.  I love this crisp black and white look.

4.  Marche shows how to wear a long striped skirt with a white blazer.  This is an outfit that I can totally see myself wearing!

5.  And if you want to take a basic t-shirt and jeans outfit and kick it up a notch, then get inspired by Kendi.  Her bright pink blazer (thrifted, by the way!) looks great with everyday staples.

Are you a blazer lover?  I’d love to hear how you style yours!

blazer – c/o Wallis // dress – c/o eShakti // shoes – Jeffery Campbell // necklace – Accessory Mercado

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DVF Snake Print Dress

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DVF snake print dress, brown leather cross body bag, gold, watch, layered necklaces - Knocked Up Fabulous

DVF snake print dress, brown leather cross body bag, gold, watch, layered necklaces - Knocked Up Fabulous

Saving the best from this week for the last!

For me, one of the coolest things about thrifting is coming across top designer pieces.  This Diane Von Furstenberg dress from thredUP immediately caught my eye.  In perfect condition for around $40, it was one of the first items that made it into my cart.  (You can’t even get this dress that cheap from ebay.  I checked.  It sells for $139 there.)

But, another factor for me is wearablilty.  Can I wear it more than one way, or for more than one occasion?  The top pictures show a more casual side.   The bottom pictures show a dressier version.  The dress itself is a loud piece, so for both occasions, I just let the accessories play the supporting role.

DVF green snake print dress, earrings, gold accessories, black heels, date night outfit - Knocked Up Fabulous

DVF green snake print dress, earrings, gold accessories, black heels, date night outfit - Knocked Up Fabulous

A special ‘thanks’ to thredUP for providing me with a week’s worth of awesome clothes!  If you haven’t checked out their site yet, put it on your list for the weekend.  First time orders receive 20% off!

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Another Pink Dress

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pink dress, bridal shower, vintage bag - Knocked Up Fabulous

pink dress, bridal shower, vintage bag - Knocked Up Fabulous

pink dress, bridal shower, vintage bag - Knocked Up Fabulous

I can’t think of many places where I’d wear a bubble gum pink dress (besides for seeing Pinkalicious!), but a bridal shower is one of them.

I stuck with the ‘girly’ theme…a vintage purse and golden accessories completed the look.  These solid-color dresses have been coming in handy recently!

Oh, before I forget again, I found another time waster for myself…I’m on Instagram!  Find me at april_kuf!

dress – thrifted // shoes – Nine West // necklaces (shortest to longest) c/o Katie Dean Jewelry, c/o Accessory Mercado, Express

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Finding The Perfect Wedding Guest Attire

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Guys have it so easy when it comes to getting dressed for a wedding.  They just take out a suit and perhaps buy a new tie.  But the ladies…we don’t have it that easy!  I always feel like I need to wear a “new” dress…or at least one that I haven’t worn in front of the other wedding guests before.

Formal wear can be very expensive, too!  A trip to Macy’s for a new dress and shoes can easily run into the hundreds.  (Add that, plus your gift for the newly weds, if you have travel or hotel costs…multiply by how many weddings per season.  That adds up to being broke!)  Needless to say, I started bypassing the mega retailers for my attire and decided to thrift instead.

Here’s a few items that I saw over the weekend at Savers.  Now, please look at these with an open mind.  Remember that most anything can get personally tailored, and even with the costs of custom work, you’re still paying less than shopping at other places.

The red and blue dresses below look like a flashback from the 80′s, but I have a soft spot for that era, and if the pieces were hemmed a few inches up (and the large bows removed), the dresses would be perfect for some cocktails and dancing.  You could also have a tailor (or do it yourself) detach the top and bottom, add your own black pencil skirt, and you’ll have a cute color-blocked outfit.

Finding The Perfect Wedding Guest Attire

There were also tons of black dresses at Savers!  One could do so much with a $8 black dress…change the hem line, add slits, stitch on some fancy beading…so many options!

I bought the long black dress.  One of the weddings I have to go to this year will be very formal.  The dress itself doesn’t need a whole lot of changes to it.  It will have to be taken in a size though.

Finding The Perfect Wedding Guest Attire

Here’s a few things to consider when shopping for formal wear at a thrift store:

1.  Make sure zippers or other closures work! Those could be difficult to replace/repair.

2.  It’s easier to buy something in a larger size and have it tailored down, than it is to buy a smaller size and have the seams let out.

3.  Consider chatting with your local tailor first before purchasing so that you know what they’re capable of.

4.  Give yourself time! Find a dress at least a few weeks before the event so that you have time for alterations and cleaning.

5.  Be creative! With a little open-mindedness and creativity, you’ll have a perfect one-of-a-kind gown!

And if you’re feeling a bit iffy about checking out that thrift store, or want to find cute accessories for that dress, stop by Shopcade, your personal shopping app, to help you scope out deals on your favorite stores.  Plus, right now its Shopcade’s Wedding Month.  They are going to be having a HUGE Twitter party tomorrow (June 20th) at 9 pm EST.  I signed up with Shopcade so that I know when those special things that I want go on sale!  (I’m also digging this cute bracelet from Ettika…perfect for summer layering!)

Adding Color to the Wardrobe

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Knocked Up Fabulous

Knocked Up Fabulous

Knocked Up Fabulous

If you were to look into my closet a few years ago, you would have seen about 70% of the stuff in there was the color black!  I thought sticking with black was easy.  I mean, wearing black is easy.  It’s a no-brainer…buuuut it’s also boring!  So, slowly I started to add color to my wardrobe.  This purple dress was one of the very first “color” pieces that I bought.

Even though the styling here is simple, you can see that this dress has as much potential (if not more!) as its black counterpart.

I don’t know why I stuck with boring for so long when there’s so many fabulous color options out there.  If you gotta get dressed everyday, might as well make it count!

dress – Target // jewelry, clutch – vintage/thrifted

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The Polka Dot Dress

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Printed dresses are always a no-brainer for me.  I let the print do most of the work and keep the accessories simple…today it’s just a bold necklace.  The jacket-that-could-pass-for-a-shirt was added to save me from the ac at school.

Hope your weekend was fabulous…or at least relaxing!  I got tons done including a major thrift trip and my embellishment diy!  Did you get your Project DIY finished?  Remember to send me those pics!

dress – thrifted // jacket – Loft // necklace c/o - Oasap // shoes – diy

For more great statement necklaces see these lovely ladies linked with Marionberry Style!

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