Casual Outfit | Ripped Grunge

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Casual Outfit | Ripped Grunge

Casual Outfit | Ripped Grunge

I have such a problem doing nothing.  It’s hard to just sit and watch a show without either organizing toy bins, checking emails, or filing my nails.  So when my little guy and I found ourselves up late because his sleeping schedule was thrown off, I decided to dye these jeans.

I grabbed them at Savers (surprise) for just a few bucks.  They were a light gray, but I wanted them darker.  And I wanted some knee rips in them too.

It felt pretty therapeutic to mess them up.

Casual Outfit | Ripped Grunge

The dyed/ripped jeans just begged to get worn with this sweatshirt (also a diy project), denim vest, and moto jacket.  And to make sure the look was me, a red lip and heeled boots finished the look.

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Revisiting A Couple DIY Projects

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When I take the time to do a diy project, I want the outcome to be something that I’ll actually get use out of!  A while back I added some detailing to these tops…now I’m putting them to work again.

studded shirt diy

studded shirt diy

I added gold studs around the shoulder and back area of this blouse.  Last time I wore it to a party (see pic with leather skirt, or this post), but this time I actually wore it to school.  (Casual Friday, baby!)

studded shirt diy, leather skirt, party outfit

beaded sweater diy

beaded sweater diy

This diy is something that I’d love to recreate again!  I used the beads from an old necklace to update a basic sweater vest.  Here I wore it casual, but like the next picture shows, it can easily be a little more dressed up!  For details on the diy, click here.

beaded sweater diy

I’m working on a few more new diys…ones that are leather related!  I’ll be sharing soon!!

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Sweatshirt DIY

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sweatshirt, diy, printed wrap skirt, adidas gym shoes, phillip lim for target, knocked up fabulous

sweatshirt, diy, printed wrap skirt, adidas gym shoes, phillip lim for target, knocked up fabulous

sweatshirt, diy, printed wrap skirt, adidas gym shoes, phillip lim for target, knocked up fabulous

sweatshirt, diy, printed wrap skirt, adidas gym shoes, phillip lim for target, knocked up fabulous

I sure have gotten use out of this old Hanes sweatshirt.  In the beginning of the summer I cut the sleeves off, and now I took an x-acto knife to it.  The cutting was super simple to do!  I just placed a cutting board in between the front and back of the shirt.  And I do have to say, this piece looks moderately similar to it’s inspiration.

Gotta love it when a diy turns out!

sweatshirt (diy) - Hanes // skirt – thrifted // shoes – Adidas // bag – Phillip Lim for Target // necklace – Accessory Mercado

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A Super Easy Way to Distress Your Jeans

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mirrored sunglasses, camo jacket | Knocked Up Fabulous

sunglasses, cardigan, distressed boyfriend jeans | Knocked Up Fabulous

red head, distressed jeans | Knocked Up Fabulous

distressed denim, floral sandals | Knocked Up Fabulous

After seeing these distressed jeans, I wanted to go balls-to-the-wall with tearing up one of my pairs.

I got this jeans from the thrift store some time last year.  They’re men’s Levis and the cut is a little different than I normally wear, and because of that they’ve been hanging around in my closet a little too much.  (But hey, that made them the perfect candidate for my project!)  Instead of using a knife for distressing like I had done in the past, I decided to just use a pair of scissors.  I put the jeans on and marked where I wanted the slashes to be.  Then I took off the jeans and held them upside down, aligning the creases together…basically folding each leg in half.  Finally I used the scissors to make cuts.  (The larger areas of distressing had three or four cuts in a row.)  The last and most important step was to run the jeans through the washer and dryer.

After seeing these results, I think I need to be a little careful…I might end up destroying distressing all of my jeans!  This new method I tried was so easy to do!

sweater, jeans, jacket – thrifted // shoes – Target // short necklace – c/o Katie Dean Jewelry

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Double Cardi with Distressed Denim

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grey and navy cardigans, baseball hat, distressed jeans

navy and grey cardigan sweaters, gold watch, baseball hat

grey and navy cardigan, distressed jeans, baseball hat

This weekend I felt the pain of all you single moms out there!  With my husband away and two sick kids to care for, doubling up on comfort with not one, but two cardigans was just what the doctor ordered.  (Well…not really but you know…  The kids were ordered for antibiotics, steroid medication, and breathing treatments every 4 hours…yeah, asthma and allergies are real fun.)

Last summer I had fun distressing an old jean skirt.  This time I used the same technique to slice up a pair of jeans.

distressed denim

steps to distress jeans

With the jeans on, I used chalk to mark where I wanted the distressing to be.  Then I used a kitchen knife and added a few cuts.   I also used scissors to shorten the length.  The final step was to wash and dry the jeans…this is the part that really helps rough up the cut spots.

Make sure to check back in tomorrow for some very exciting news!! (Hint…it has to do with money, lots of money!)

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Starting the New Year with a DIY

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Hey friends!  I hope you had a fabulous holiday.  It’s been pretty hard to get back into the swing of things around here, but I thought starting the year with an easy do-it-yourself statement piece would be a great way to keep things moving!

Over on Pinterest world, I’ve spotted a few bib necklaces that have really tickled my fancy…like this Noetic Snowfall one from Anthropologie or this Tortoise and Crystal one from ShopBop.  After staring at them a half-dozen times or so, I realized that they aren’t that difficult to recreate…


First, I gathered the necessary supplies: a yellow scrap of leather for the base, an autoshape printed from Microsoft Word (You don’t see this step, but I traced the autoshape onto the back of the leather, then cut it out), old jewelry that hasn’t been worn in a while, and some jump rings.


Next, I deconstructed the jewelry.  You would think that having a carpenter for a husband would mean that I would have the proper tools available…not so much.  I just use kitchen shears and my super-woman strength.  Deconstructing was actually quite the stress reliever!


Then I played around with the leather scrap and decided which jewelry pieces I wanted to use.  I have tiny rhinestones pictured here, but they didn’t end up in the final cut.


I used a sharp kitchen knife to poke a hole into each top corner.  Then I inserted one jump ring into each hole.  The chain was separated in two and connected to the jump rings.  I used my trusty hot glue gun to attach the jewelry pieces to the leather base.



Not too bad, huh?  For the pieces of jewelry that I was willing to part with, I like how it turned out!  But you can bet that the next time I go to the thrift store, I’ll be looking for other necklaces and babbles to recycle into other bib necklaces.

Top 5 DIYs

31 Dec 2012 Permalink

PicMonkey Collage

I know that it’s been a while since my last DIY, but I wanted to share a few of my favorites from the year (before the year officially ends!):

1. Making earrings from a rhinestone bracelet

2. Denim jacket with black-waxed sleeves

3.  High-low floral shirt refashion

4. Studded leather clutch

5.  Pink-trim sun hat

I already have some more do-it-yourself projects in the works for 2013…so stay tuned!

And if you’re going out tonight, have a fun and safe time!  We’re all coming down with a little something here…looks like it’s going to be a gourmet meal at home with some On-Demand movies!

6 Fabulous Embellishment DIYs

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Embellishments are going to be seen lots in these up coming months.  And this trend makes for a perfect diy…you probably have something just hanging in your closet already, waiting for a little update.

Check out these cute and easy diys!

I Spy Diy used beaded appliques to fancy up a basic blouse.

Love Maegan made a pair of Brian Atwood inspired heels.

Honestly WTF embellished a denim shirt using vintage buttons.

Laura from On the Racks also embellished denim…but she used a cute pair of jeans!

And I had my hand at studding a shirt

…and a leather clutch.

Are you looking forward to doing or wearing a little embellishment this fall?

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The Polka Dot Dress

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Printed dresses are always a no-brainer for me.  I let the print do most of the work and keep the accessories simple…today it’s just a bold necklace.  The jacket-that-could-pass-for-a-shirt was added to save me from the ac at school.

Hope your weekend was fabulous…or at least relaxing!  I got tons done including a major thrift trip and my embellishment diy!  Did you get your Project DIY finished?  Remember to send me those pics!

dress – thrifted // jacket – Loft // necklace c/o - Oasap // shoes – diy

For more great statement necklaces see these lovely ladies linked with Marionberry Style!

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A Studded Surprise

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I’ve been waiting to share these pictures all week with you!  This diy was done and worn over the weekend.  I’m so happy with how it turned out…thanks so much for your honest opinions!  I tried using permanent marker on the buttons, but ended up painting them with black nail polish.  And I think the two rows of studs on the back add just enough without overdoing it.

I’ve been so big on the embellishment train…I’m sure this diy will be the first of many embellishment projects!

If you’re interested in jazzing up your clothes, I’d love to see your diy projects, too.  Take a look at this month’s Project DIY details!

shirt – thrifted & diy (Forever 21) // leather skirt, leather bag - thrifted // shoes – Sears

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