Easy Combo

16 Apr 2012 Permalink

My head has not been with it…everyday I feel like I’m rushing to do the next task/activity/load of laundry…

When I’m running short on time in the mornings, I always rely on easy outfit combos…button-down and skinnys, skirt and striped top, or a dress with a jacket.

What are some of your favorite combos?

shirt, jeans – thrifted / bracelets – MIL / shoes – Urban Outfitters

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Pink and Red

12 Feb 2012 Permalink

I’ve been all into these red pants recently…so naturally they seemed perfect for testing Valentine color combos.  Red and pink sets the mood…

shirt, pants, clutch – thrifted / sweater – Gap / shoes – Payless

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Sailor Made

10 Feb 2012 Permalink

Wearing stripes and red usually make me feel a little French…but with this jacket (thrifted, of course, with the tags still on! Gotta love it when someone regrets their impulse purchase…) I’m ready to take on the sea…or a class of second graders.

top (Gap), pants (Express), jacket (H&M), earrings - thrifted / shoes – Sears

And because it’s been hard to sneak a few shots by myself…

Happy (Fashion) Friday!

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My husband keeps reminding me that my birthday is coming up. (He’s really ahead of things this year…it’s not til March!)  Usually I’d shudder at the thought of turning another year older and try to make light of things by cracking over-the-hill jokes, but this year I’m embracing it.  I’ve never felt as comfortable with myself as I do now.  And if wearing cherry red pants doesn’t shout “I’m confident with me!”, than I don’t know what does.

scarf, shirt, pants – thrifted; earrings – vintage; ring – Loft; shoes – Target

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Brownie Points

29 Nov 2011 Permalink

Something wrong with my camera?  Only if it were so…It’s SNOW!!!  Which means I’ll need to work extra hard to convince my husband to crawl out from under the warm covers, put on a heavy jacket, and step out into the bitter cold to take my picture in the am…good thing he loves me.

On a more exciting note, while my kids would rather sleep in while their mama leaves for work (this is a blessing, really), the tenant’s kids were using extra-large Lego pieces to try and catch snowflakes from their open window.  If I had only realized that I’m the one paying the heating bill while these pictures were being taken, I probably wouldn’t be smiling.

black top, pants – thrifted; top – Target; necklace – Forever 21

Red Pants

25 Oct 2011 Permalink

There is something so fun about colored pants….maybe because I’m used to wearing blue jeans or dress pants for work….whatever the reason, when I saw these red ones I wanted to test them out.  You know, something rather than just neutral colors.

Look #1

A mix of menswear, layered necklaces, and fall colors…

pants, blazer, sunglasses - thrifted; shirt – Loft; necklaces – target; boots – Gap

Look #2

I loved wearing this tribal print top during pregnancy.  (Example, example, example!)  Pairing it with the red pants looks very bold and loud…but I think it’s kinda fun!

top, pants, bracelet – thrifted; shoes – Sears

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