Studded Clutch DIY

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After Becks from Oomph created a killer pair of studded shorts using studs from an old belt, I was on a mission to find some old studs.  Over the weekend, I came across not one, but two studded belts and this leather clutch from Savers.  It was a match made in DIY heaven!

My husband, bless his heart (and hands!), helped me remove the studs.  This was not easy!  But pocket knives helped us do the trick of prying them out.  After the studs were all removed, I planned my design and pressed each stud into the leather to mark it.  Then I used a kitchen knife to cut slits into the leather where each mark was.  And one by one the studs got put into place.  (Funny story…while I was putting the studs in, I kept stopping to check out the process.  When I had about a handful in place…like the 3rd picture here, I asked my daughter if she liked it.  “No, mommy.  I don’t like it…it needs more!”  Ahh…a girl after my own heart!)

If it sounds like a long process…it was!  But I’ll tell you, I really love how it turned out!

Don’t I look excited about my clutch!  (Insert sarcasm here.)

Have you been busy embellishing?  Send me your before and after pics for this Project DIY and stop back on Friday for the showcase!

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Mommy…why are you wearing your pajamas to work?

15 May 2012 Permalink

I really don’t think preschoolers can comprehend trends or styles…but they know what it means when you say, “everyone else is doing it.”

That’s exactly how I responded to my daughter when she questioned these pants before I left the house.  “Pajama pants are ‘in’, Julia…and these aren’t mommy’s pajama pants anyway.  They’re work pants.”  And with that said, I kissed her good-bye, and departed for school.  The whole car ride I imagined her as a teenager…dressing in who knows what…giving me the same line.  “But everyone else is wearing them, mom.”

Oh, I can hardly wait.

shirt – Loft // blazer, pants, clutch, necklace – thrifted // shoes – Payless

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Knotted Florals

26 Apr 2012 Permalink

I have yet to pick up (or diy!) a high/low skirt, but putting a small knot at the bottom of this floral one seemed to add a nice little something to this springy look.

Hope you have an amazing weekend!  I tending to some sick kids…but don’t feel too sorry for me.  Summer vacation is right around the corner!

sweater – Target // skirt, clutch, sunglasses – thrifted // shoes – Payless

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Life has been so hectic and stressful these last few weeks…my husband and I have taken any excuse to celebrate, including a week-night dinner for two at his favorite German place for his birthday.

Other reasons to celebrate (or get a little giddy at least), this straw clutch has been waiting to make a debut.  For less than $3 and with a Marshall Field’s (RIP!) label, it makes me one happy lady!  I love little thrifted treasures.

shirt, pants, clutch – thrifted / shoes – Payless / necklaces – Forever 21, gift/diy, thrifted

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Old and New

08 Mar 2012 Permalink

The weather has been leaning towards the warm side of things…and mamas gotta new favorite dress (I couldn’t decide from these style options, so I just added my spring favorites…jean jacket and pink heels.)  Isn’t it amazing how the smallest things can make us happy?

dress, jacket, belt, clutch – thrifted / shoes – Payless

Gray Days

16 Nov 2011 Permalink

I’m always a fan of this neutral color…much softer than black and really works with nearly everything.  And it really seemed to fit my mood for the day…a day that included an emergency root canal…I’m sure that will cost a pretty penny.  Looks like everyone’s getting homemade gifts for Christmas!

cardi - from MIL; top – Old Navy; pants, clutch – thrifted; necklace – Forever 21

BIG BAG little bag

18 Jul 2011 Permalink

I’ve always felt a bit like a bag lady.  Between schlepping around my school bag (teachers, you feel my pain here…papers, projects, etc…), lunch pack and diaper bag, the last kind of bag I wanted to use was a purse.  So, I began to use a clutch for all of my personal essentials: wallet, keys, lip gloss, and phone.  A clutch easily slides into my bag for work or daughter’s diaper bag (though technically we’re done with diapers!), and I can just as easily grab it and go when needed. 

Anyone else take a different approach when dealing with bag overload?

t-shirt – Target maternity; necklace – the Antique and Resale Shoppe; clutch – thrift; bag – Michaels; shoes – Sears

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Go Figure… – #19

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So, of course after I ranted and complained about randomly rude strangers I was given a very thoughtful compliment by one.  Thank you, lady from the drug store.  You put a smile on my face!

Have a fun and festive weekend friends!  Yay for the USA! 

top (tied with a knot in back) – Forever 21; skirt – Mimi Maternity; clutch – thrift; necklace – Antique and Resale Shoppe

Portable Blanket

03 May 2011 Permalink

I’ve been fighting off a cold for the past few days now, and the last thing I wanted to do this morning was to get out of bed.

But, “sigh”, I had to go to work, so I did the next best thing…I wrapped myself in a shawl.

These lovely accessories not only double as body warmers or easily add color to an outfit, they’re also great for: wrapping up and comforting a baby, using as a nursing cover-up (remember – this is a pregnancy/fashion blog), or wiping snot/tears/puke off of a crying child (just wash before wearing again after this use!)

Black and Blue

18 Apr 2011 Permalink

The winter-like weather and snow on the ground this morning made for an all black day.  But, the colors in this scarf helped add some cheer.  (And yes, I said snow…whoever upset Mother Nature better run away, fast!  We want spring!) 

long-sleeve t-shirt - Gap; pants – Liz Lange/Target; scarf; bracelets - thrifted


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