Something Old/Something New

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I’ve had these jeans for a disgusting long time.  I’m pretty sure I picked them up while I was in high school…that would make ‘em over 10 years old.  Why hang on to these for so long?  They’re my benchmark jeans.  I slip them on every so often to make sure I’ve been eating (somewhat) healthy and staying active (uhhh…chasing after kids counts as excercise, right?)

And this crescent shaped high shine necklace is my newest addition.  I’ve been having fun lots of fun with it!  It works great worn by itself, or as a layered look (more on that coming soon!)

Hope you’re having a great weekend!

shirt – thrifted / jeans – ?? / bracelets – gift, vintage / necklace – c/o Oasap

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Floral Button Down

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I was never really a fan of button down shirts…but then I got pregnant and the clothing options became limited.  Now a days they are a staple in my wardrobe.  Solid colors, stripes, polka dots…even ones, like this, covered in a floral print that looks like upholstery fabric.  I like ‘em a smidge on the loose side and paired with a skinny pant…a perfect uniform for busy mamas!

shirt, jeans (diy lighter with a bleach bath) – thrifted / jacket, sunglasses – Loft / shoes – Sears

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Pastels | Everybody, Everywear


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70 degree temps in March aren’t the norm for us in the Chicago area, but seriously, who’s complaining!?  (btw…this tree doesn’t usually bloom until late April!)

I haven’t officially switched out my fall/winter wardrobe for the spring/summer one yet, but I do have a few dresses (like this one), that end up getting used year round.  Adding a button-down tied at the waist, and some sandals, makes it perfect for these gorgeous days!

shirt, earrings – thrifted / dress - c/o eShakti  / shoes – Payless

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Watermelon Copy – #14

28 Jun 2011 Permalink

I’ve been seeing this “watermelon” color combo pop up here and there (meaning on other blogs) for summer…decided to give it a try.  Such a fun mix of color for the summer!

What inspires your daily attire?

dress – Forever 21; top – thrift

Mama’s Day

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There is absolutely nothing else in the world like being a mother.  And though motherhood requires so much in so many different ways…it is, hands-down, the most rewarding experience that I have ever encountered.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers and mother-like figures out there.  Also, Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, who has modeled greatly for me the selfless acts that occur daily during the lifetime “duty” of motherhood.

halter dress – Old Navy maternity; polka dot button down; bracelet, bag - thrift; earrings – mom; jacket – H&M

Opposites Attract

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Wearing button downs always seem a bit masculine to me, so to add some femininity to it, I added these “pearl” necklaces.  There’s something about having on two totally different styles that just make the outfit work.  (Think: cute floral dress with a cropped leather jacket or a lace top with a leather mini.) 

Opposites just attract to each other…which is why I’ve been with my man for almost 11 years. (Yikes!)

Here’s wishing my opposite a very happy birthday.


Barefoot and Pregnant

30 Mar 2011 Permalink

Small fry is getting over an ear infection, so today we just spent time together at home.  One of my most favorite things about hanging at home is fact that I can walk around without shoes on all day long (sounds a bit hillbillyish, I know).  Even though I may be sans shoes, I don’t let the rest of my attire slack…remember, this is Knocked Up Fabulous.

A long, flowy, comfortable skirt out beats sweat pants in my book any day.  The tux button down adds a bit a texture and structure to the skirt.  And the coin earrings sprinkle a little fun into the mix.  Easy, comfy clothes.

skirt – thrifted; shirt – Old Navy; earrings – from my mom


Bubbles helped keep small fry here distracted just long enough for a few pictures.


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