Changing an Outfit From Professional to Playtime

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Changing an Outfit From Professional to Playtime

Changing an Outfit From Professional to Playtime

Changing an Outfit From Professional to Playtime

It’s around this time every year when I start to count the minutes until the end of the day, then make a beeline for my house and grab the kids for a little play time outside.  As much as I don’t want to ruin my nicer work clothes at the playground, I also don’t want to put on a whole ‘nother outfit and give myself more laundry to wash!  (I know!  Laziness wins every time!)

I wore this top and pants combo to work with a pair of heels.  For playing outside with the kids, I traded the heels for boots and threw on a jean jacket.

Simple changes.  Or as my 4 year-old would say, “Easy peasy lemon squeezy!”

jacket (Gap), top, pants, bag, sunglasses – thrifted // boots – Gap

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Winter Runaround Outfit

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sweater, booties


skinny jeans, booties

Boy, I have been getting lots of use out of this sweater!  When I first saw it, I wasn’t sure if it would work so well for me.  The trick?  When wearing a wilder than usual print, wear neutrals or colors that are used in that print.  Feeling a little bolder?  Incorporate a complementary color.  Last time I wore this sweater, I wore it with red-orange pants…it played well with the blue-green in the sweater.

This outfit was perfect for running errands with the kids.  Even though I have two weeks off for the holidays, there is so much to do!  Next on the agenda…Julia’s 4th birthday.  If you don’t hear from me for a few days, I probably overdosed on these rainbow cupcakes.

sweater, cross-body bag, scarf - thrifted // jeans – diy // boots – Gap

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Comfy Cozy Clothes

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Next time I open my mouth to comment about the weather, just stop me.  I usually don’t do all-out baggy…but for this can-I-just-stay-wrapped-in-my-comfy-cozy-blanket day, an oversized sweater and loose jeans seemed like a logical choice.

sweater – Express // jeans – H&M (men’s) // boots – Urban Outfitters

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Run Around

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Today was one of those random holidays that kids get off from school.  An extra day to sleep in a little…and then drag the kids out for some errands.

This is a perfect errand outfit…jeans with a button up looks more polished than a plain tee…a hands-free bag, for keeping the hands, uh, free…and a few simple accessories (it’s amazing how a couple studs and bracelets can make you feel more put together).

What’s your usual run around outfit?

shirt, bag, sunglasses – thrifted / jeans – Marshall’s / boots – Gap

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Exhibit A

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Sometimes when I have no idea what to wear, I start with an all black outfit, then add some fun, colorful accessories…looks different every time and requires little brain power.  Ahh…the many powers of the ‘color’ black.

sweater, bag – Forever 21; jeans – thrifted; scarf – Cost Plus World Market; shoes, earrings – Target

Me and My Shadow

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This has been my uniform as of late…sweater, jeans, boots, and a statement piece.  Added a belt since the old waist is beginning to make an appearance again (holidays didn’t help there)…and a little red lipstick never hurts either.

Have any fun plans for the weekend?  I’m planning on covering all my windows with those blackout shades so I can trick my daughter into catching some more z’s.  For some reason she insists on waking up as soon as the sun starts to shine…not on mama’s day off!

sweater, jeans, belt - thrifted; necklace – gift; shoes – Target

So Much to Learn

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These photos were taken a few weeks back and left unposted…I was standing in the shade and the images turned out super dark. (Lesson #1 – don’t stand in the shade…duh!)  But then after screwing around on Picnik, I learned there is a ‘shadow’ feature. (Lesson #2 – spend more time screwing around on Picnik.)  Hmm…all I need now are some modeling lessons and a spray tan feature and I’ll be all set!

On another completely random note…

Do you like printed dresses as much as I do?  They are so easy to throw on…perfect for those days when you think the doctor’s appointment is an hour later than it actually is, and then by the time you realize it, you have 15 minutes to pack the kids and head out the door…

dress –; top – thrifted; boots – UO

Oh Happy Day!

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What’s the best part about spring rain? Jumping in the puddles, of course!

My daughter and I slipped on our rainboots and had a bit of fun in the rain this morning before I dragged her off to go thrifting…that would be Mommy’s favorite part about rainy days…well my second favorite.  My new first favorite thing about rainy days is watching her play outside.

button down, cardigan, jean jacket – thrift; leggings – H&M maternity; rainboots – Hunter

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