Florals for Fall

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floral blouse and gray pencil skirt

floral blouse and gray pencil skirt

floral blouse and gray pencil skirt

floral blouse and gray pencil skirt

Recently I’ve been on the lookout for patterns – like I mentioned here.  Luckily for me, when I was checking out eShakti’s fall collection, I came across this beautiful floral print blouse.

I wore it a little dressy in these pictures – it was parent-teacher conferences – but I can easily see this blouse in more of a casual light, too.  (Blazer and jeans anyone?)

As for last week’s break, it was definitely great to step away for a little.  I’m convinced that there’s nothing that a few days in the Caribbean can’t fix!

blouse – c/o eShakti // skirt – c/o thredUP // coat – thrifted // shoes – Nine West

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One print dress + one bright blouse + one belt = one happy mama!  Confused? Take a glance at yesterday’s post…

dress (non-maternity) - Loft; blouse (non-maternity), belt, necklace - thrifted

Flower Mama

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Whenever I wear this flowy blouse, I get hippie vibes….succumbed to the flower power and decided to wear this necklace (seen here) as a head peace piece.

Peace, love, & happiness, friends!

blouse – H&M maternity; shorts – thrifted; earrings, necklace – gift from grandma


This is why I…

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Not to get all philosophical on you (it’s too early in the day for that), but have you ever really thought about what influences you to do certain things? Hmmm…

Take the hot summer weather for example.  This is why I have (temporarily) stopped using my blow dryer/straightener/curling iron and have opted for updos and head scarves.  (Also influenced by this lovely lady here.)

Also, I don’t usually wear white bottoms because they are guaranteed to get a spot or two on them.  These white shorts do have a spot on them (which I think happened about 25 minutes after putting them on)…but I guess having one kid or more means that nothing stays clean for long.  (Why didn’t I remember this when I bought that white maxi skirt from Savers?)

blouse – Kmart; shorts – ?/gift from MIL; shoes – Sears; scarf – gift

Overcast – #28

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Nice picture, huh? I was trying to open my eyes, but the UV rays were attacking my vision.

Do you have this problem?  The sun is no where in sight, yet you still find yourself needing sunglasses…

I’m not sure if it’s just my blue eyes or if pregnancy has been making me extra sensitive towards the sun, but this definitely justifies owning more than a few pairs of sunglasses…Now if I can only get my husband to understand.

blouse – Kmart maternity; jacket – Loft; skirt – thrifted; shoes – Sears


S-U-C-C-E-S-S – #27

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Ever wake up in a super-unmotivated mood?  Completely crabby for no apparent reason?  (Does this sound like an infomercial?)  So…what do you do?

  I really believe in the power of looking good…well at least the power of forcing yourself to get dressed in clean, decent looking clothing.  There is something so motivational about dressing yourself for daily success…even if the only “successes” consist of going to the grocery store, bank, and making a quick stop at the playground with your little one.

blazer, blouse, shorts, jewelry – thrifted; shoes – Target

Florals and a Fedora – #23

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Summer is in full swing, and if you’re one of the lucky ones carrying around a growing fetus inside of you (sorry…is that too gross to hear??), then you’re probably feeling extra warm and uncomfortable.

I’ve been trying to keep my clothing to a minimum…it’s just too hot to wear any layers!  So, accessories have been my pregdrobe rescuer.  Instead of wearing a necklace how it was intended, I wrapped this double chain one around my wrist.  A fedora helps block the sun, and of course, sporting sunglasses means I was able to skip out with applying eye make up (kind of…I always apply mascara.)

How’s the summer treating you?  How do you change your attire/makeup routine in the warmer months?

hat, blouse (maternity) – kmart; skirt – Gap maternity; “bracelet” – thrift

Lots ‘O Dots – #12

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Feeling like I needed to dress a bit girlie before another man enters my life (A baby boy counts as a man, right?)  Sheer top, polka dots, and red lips – yes, please!  Throwing on the fedora made me feel like I was from a different era, but that’s ok.  It’s fun to get a little out of character every now and then (plus, it helps balance out these wacky pregnancy hormones!)

blouse, skirt (pulled up and worn as a dress) - thrift; fedora – Kmart ($5!!)

What to Wear: Mall trip

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The hot, humid weather has finally decided to take a break…but thunderstorms and rain have quickly taken its place.  Oh well, rainy day = trip to the mall.

This polka dot blouse was a recent thrift find – I have stopped looking at clothes in my regular size and have just been looking at bigger items.  It came with a sash which provided a nice little belt to prevent blobism.  After pants, shoes, and necklaces, the look felt a bit dressy for shopping…I threw on this mens button down and liked the look – a little feminine/masculine mix.

blouse, necklaces, jeans (Gap maternity) – thrift; shoes – Payless; shirt – handed over from brother (Thanks, Mark!)


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Over the weekend, the hubby and I took a little babymoon (think: honeymoon, but before the baby is born.)  Well, it was actually part babymoon, part anniversary getaway…  I guess I should have been smiling in these photos, but after 6 years of marriage with a total of 11 years together, I wanted a vacation from him too, not just from changing diapers.  (Is that wrong to say?) 

Either way, it was a much needed break.  And I’ll take any excuse to dress up a little!

blouse, skirt, belt – thrifted; necklace – vintage

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