Animal Addiction

02 Oct 2011 Permalink

It’s amazing how a little (or a lot!) animal print added to an outfit can make you feel a bit sassy and glamorous for the day or night.  Usually I stick with just one animal print, but mixing different prints of the same color seemed like so much fun. 

What’s your favorite way to wear animal prints?

blazer, scarf, belt, skirt (worn as dress) – thrifted, shoes – Sears

*This was a Bloggers Do It Better Challenge. Check out the other lovelies here!

It’s raining men!

18 May 2011 Permalink

Ok…I fibbed a bit.  It is raining, not men though.  However, I am taking some influence from menswear today.  Do I normally dress in my brother’s clothes…no (thanks for the tie, Mark!), but I do love challenges and this look is for another Bloggers Do It Better installment.

Does pregnancy and menswear mix?  Not quiet sure.  I don’t remember the last time I wore a tie on purpose…maybe 7th grade band or something.  Either way, it was fun to give something new a try!

blazer, button down, skirt – thrift; tie – borrowed from bro; shoes – Payless

Shades of White

30 Apr 2011 Permalink

Don’t tell, but I’m not wearing this (non-maternity) skirt how it’s intended to be worn.  It’s a full skirt that’s supposed to be worn at the waist, but I’m trying another Bloggers Do It Better Challenge and had to get creative…so I hiked it up (way up) to fit over my rounding belly. 

This challenge is about wearing shades of white…usually a terrible idea for anyone with a child, or anyone even considering going remotely close to children or other stain-causing agents.  Needless to say, I have Shout Out Wipes close and ready.

skirt – Gap; blouse, blazer, bracelet - thrifted; clutch – Express

The Challenge

20 Apr 2011 Permalink

I’m always up for trying something new, so when I spotted something about a Bloggers Do It Better challenge while reading through blogland, I thought why not give it a try.

The challenge was to create an outfit with bold stripes or coloring blocking.  Well, since bold stripe aren’t really the friend of a pregnant chick, I decided to give the color blocking a go.  I knew that I wanted a neutral bottom half, so that much was easy.  As for the top, I searched through all my clothes and pulled out any relevent pieces…mixed and matched…and this is what I came up with…


I was like a scoop of sherbert for the day!

pink tank – Old Navy; orange cardi - NY&Co.; green scarf – Newport News; pants, bracelets – thrifted; shoes – Payless


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