Outfit for Work: Black and White

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Outfit for Work: Black and White

Outfit for Work: Black and White

Outfit for Work: Black and White

It’s been over a month since I’ve shared any work outfits.  I promise, I have been getting dressed.  Mostly I’ve been sticking to blacks and whites/creams.

Rather than going with a basic white top here, this cream sweater added some textured details.

Tip: when wearing a color or shade head to toe, use texture to make the look more visual appealing.

blazer, pants, necklaces – thrifted // sweater – Bevello

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Try It Tuesday: 5 Ways To Wear A Blazer

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Wallis blazer, printed dress from eShatki, Accessory Mercado statement necklace, Jeffery Campbell wedges

statement necklace

ways to wear a blazer, blazer with a dress

If the other week was all about tanks and skirts, then this will be the week of dresses.  I tend to lean towards ones with a print when I’m headed to a day full of potential spills and stains.  Luckily, if I did get anything on this bird-print dress, I didn’t notice it at all at picture time.

One thing I did notice?  There’s a Savers 5 minutes from my work now.  This is either a good thing, or a bad thing…but it definitely beats the 40 minute drive time to the now 2nd closest Savers.

blazer, dress, statement necklace

blazer, dress, bun

One final thought to leave you with…something that was Pinterest inspired (of course, right?!)

Try It Tuesday!  (I was going to abbreviate, but T.I.T. just didn’t seem right for a post title.)

5 Ways To Wear A Blazer:

1.  Like I’ve done here, wear a blazer over your favorite summer dress to help transition it to fall.

2.  Wearing a blazer with printed jeans helps take the look to a more professional and sophisticated level.  Devon Rachel has a great example of that here!

3.  Another way to dress up an outfit would be with a tuxedo-style blazer.  I love this crisp black and white look.

4.  Marche shows how to wear a long striped skirt with a white blazer.  This is an outfit that I can totally see myself wearing!

5.  And if you want to take a basic t-shirt and jeans outfit and kick it up a notch, then get inspired by Kendi.  Her bright pink blazer (thrifted, by the way!) looks great with everyday staples.

Are you a blazer lover?  I’d love to hear how you style yours!

blazer – c/o Wallis // dress – c/o eShakti // shoes – Jeffery Campbell // necklace – Accessory Mercado

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When I Don’t Know What To Wear

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thick chain necklace, gray Wallis blazer, Before and Again, boyfriend jeans, pink heels - Knocked Up Fabulous

thick chain necklace, gray Wallis blazer, Before and Again, boyfriend jeans, pink heels - Knocked Up Fabulous

thick chain necklace, gray Wallis blazer, Before and Again, boyfriend jeans, pink heels - Knocked Up Fabulous

This week I’m in the classroom taking a graduate class before the school year begins.  With less time at home to find the “perfect” outfit for the day, or when I don’t know what to wear, I look back at KUF for my favorite outfits…then I tweak them just a little bit.

Last Monday I showed these boyfriend jeans with a Before + Again t-shirt…the look was super causal.  Today I’m wearing nearly the same thing, but with a few other pieces.  This Wallis blazer (c/o) steped up the causal factor for grad class…plus it provided relief from the chilling AC!  My thick vintage chain necklace and pink pumps also helped polish the outfit up.

Time is almost up to enter for a chance to win a Before + Again item!  Be sure to enter (it’s soooo easy!), you don’t want to miss out…their t-shirts are so soft and comfy!  Click here to enter!


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Textured Neutrals

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It’s been a little tricky getting dressed for work.  I’m ready for spring attire, but the temps aren’t quite there yet.  So before I change from fall/winter clothes to the spring/summer bins, I’ve been trying to mix up what I have.  A wool blazer and lace skirt with a black and gold sleeveless sweater seemed to do the trick.  Only thing missing?  A pair of tights.  (And maybe a spray tan!)

blazer, sweater, skirt – thrifted // shoes – Sears

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Outfit for Work: Suit Yourself

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I’ve been mixing and matching my blazers and trousers to create suit-like outfits for work.  They’re a real no-brainer for getting dressed Monday through Fridays.

A navy blazer and pinstriped navy pants with a touch of brightness keeps me going on gloomy days.

Here’s some other suit options that I’d love to enter my closet!

PicMonkey Collage

sources: 1 // 2 // 3

And make sure to enter the $1,000 giveaway! You’ve got nothing to lose!!

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Blazer and a Sweater

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PicMonkey Collage


I picked up a few “winter” blazers…ones that are slightly big, but fit nicely over sweaters.  Sometimes I just feel too casual in a sweater and jeans.  But when a blazer gets involved, there’s a whole new level of put-togetheredness going on.  Let me tell you friends, these days have been crazy.  So if I can feel pulled together with a blazer, I’m taking it.

blazer, sweater, jeans – thrifted // boots – Anne Klein

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Twisted Hair

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PicMonkey Collage

This cold weather has had me in tons of sweaters at school.  I just needed to take a break from the sweaters…a blazer did the trick.  A black and white printed top underneath added a little interest.  Something else that added a little interest…this twisted bun.  I saw it on Pinterest and figured it couldn’t be that hard to do!  The trickiest part was holding the left twist in place while I worked on the right.  I just used a few bobby pins to secure it in place for a second.  (A third arm would have been helpful, but hey, whatever works.)

And a big, BIG thank you for all of your votes for the Circle of Moms thing!  I’m happy to say that because of you KUF came in 11th place (from 103 other fashion mommy blogs!)  I’m also happy to say that I can stop harassing you for votes!

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Yellow Summer Dress

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Yellow is one of those colors that instantly makes you happy…and after sitting in class all. week. long. I really needed this dress to help boost my mood!  I figured it would look great with just sandals and basic accessories for typical summer lounging…or even with a denim jacket or vest and killer pumps for a little night out (though I’m quickly forgetting what that’s like these days!)

For this wearing, I wanted something a little more lady-like.  This crazy blazer came with a matching skirt.  When I pulled them off the rack and showed them to my sister at the store, she kind of chuckled and said, “just don’t wear them together!” Mmm…I think I’m going to though…this light floral pattern is growing on me.

dress – c/o Sugarlips // blazer, belt - thrifted // shoes – Payless // bag – Forever 21

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Stripes and a Blazer

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Just stopping by for a quick mid-week visit in between grad classes and playing mommy.

Two things about this outfit…this dress used to be long (I just cut it above the knee), and this jacket used to be white.  Take a look…

I thought it would serve me well when I found it, but the white just looked too institutional for my liking.  Pink is a nice, fun change.  Altering clothes can be a nice, fun change too.  I’ve done a lot of dyeing and bleaching lately…think I’m going to dabble in some painting and a little hardware.  Let’s hope for the best!

Happy Hump Day!

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Mommy…why are you wearing your pajamas to work?

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I really don’t think preschoolers can comprehend trends or styles…but they know what it means when you say, “everyone else is doing it.”

That’s exactly how I responded to my daughter when she questioned these pants before I left the house.  “Pajama pants are ‘in’, Julia…and these aren’t mommy’s pajama pants anyway.  They’re work pants.”  And with that said, I kissed her good-bye, and departed for school.  The whole car ride I imagined her as a teenager…dressing in who knows what…giving me the same line.  “But everyone else is wearing them, mom.”

Oh, I can hardly wait.

shirt – Loft // blazer, pants, clutch, necklace – thrifted // shoes – Payless

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