#30 and a Recap

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And the last look for the 30 for 30 Challenge is…drum roll, please…

A little glam for watching my brother perform in Pinkalicious: The Musical at the Broadway Playhouse at Water Tower Place.  (Awesome show by the way!  If you’re in the Chicago area, make sure to check it out.)

Here is a little recap of the first 28 looks.  For look number 29, feel free to take a look at yesterday’s post.

I’m glad that this “challenge” is over.  It wasn’t really a challenge in the sense that it was difficult to “remix” outfits; the challenge, for me, was staying away from my other clothes…I wanted to wear them, too!

Anyone else participate in Kendi’s challenge?  How’d it go for you?

Why did I do that? – #29

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I did something I should not have done.  I opened the drawers of my dresser; the drawers that contain the non-maternity clothes that I refused to pack away.  As soon as I slid the first drawer open, I knew I shouldn’t have done it.  But then I continued to open the second one and glanced at its contents.  The items were so colorful and beautiful and seeing them, even for a short moment, made me really miss wearing them…

Thankfully, I can turn towards my accessories to assist in the color department.  My necklaces, belts, scarves, bracelets, earrings, bags and hats have been my saving grace (Oh, and nail polish, too!).  They have the powering ability to take a basic look and turn it into something more.

top, belt – thrifted; dress (worn as skirt) - Loft (non-maternity!); necklace – D.I.Y.; shoes – UO

Overcast – #28

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Nice picture, huh? I was trying to open my eyes, but the UV rays were attacking my vision.

Do you have this problem?  The sun is no where in sight, yet you still find yourself needing sunglasses…

I’m not sure if it’s just my blue eyes or if pregnancy has been making me extra sensitive towards the sun, but this definitely justifies owning more than a few pairs of sunglasses…Now if I can only get my husband to understand.

blouse – Kmart maternity; jacket – Loft; skirt – thrifted; shoes – Sears


S-U-C-C-E-S-S – #27

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Ever wake up in a super-unmotivated mood?  Completely crabby for no apparent reason?  (Does this sound like an infomercial?)  So…what do you do?

  I really believe in the power of looking good…well at least the power of forcing yourself to get dressed in clean, decent looking clothing.  There is something so motivational about dressing yourself for daily success…even if the only “successes” consist of going to the grocery store, bank, and making a quick stop at the playground with your little one.

blazer, blouse, shorts, jewelry – thrifted; shoes – Target

the Bump – #26

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I realized that many of the posts on KUF don’t truly show off this baby bump I’m sporting.  So for your viewing pleasure, take a glance at the 2nd shot in this post.  Notice the bump (you really can’t miss it these days…)  I feel like one of those fish who look “normal” from one view, but then when turned, you see a completely different fish.

Also notice that my shirt is on its last call.  (See the belly peeking out a smidge?)  “Maternity” clothes do not always last the entire pregnancy…oh the clothing problems we preggers encounter!  Invading my husband’s closet from here on out does seem pretty tempting right about now…

tank – Target maternity; skirt – thrifted (yay for elastic!); sandals – H&M; jewelry – from MIL

Check out other bloggers who also sported maxi skirts for the most recent Bloggers Do It Better Challenge here.


Variation – #25

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I try to always create different outfits (there’s just so many different styling options…why wear something exactly the same?), but sometimes if I really liked how two pieces worked together I’ll try wearing them a different way.

I wore this black dress with this “vest” a small while back (see here).  Today I tied the button-down over the bump, and added a white shell necklace and white sandals.

Not the most creative outfit, but things have been hectic these days!  I really need to finish baby prep after having a little reality check last week (spent some hours being monitored at the hospital after having contractions 2 minutes apart…)  This week’s agenda: install baby’s car seat, pack bag for hospital, and get a much needed hair cut!

Green Again – #24

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I know…I’ve been wearing this green dress a lot (like here and here.)  But it is sooo comfortable for me during this 8th month of pregnancy.  Plus, some of the pieces that I picked out for the 30 for 30 Challenge are either getting a little snug these days or too warm to wear in this heat and humidity!

Some summer essentials helped with jazzing up the dress: big floppy hat and sunglasses.  And to add a bit of color, I tied an animal print scarf around the hat and applied a bright coral color on my lips.  Oh, and golden coin earrings helped some with the glam factor…pregnant women can be glamourous too, right??

dress – Forever 21; hat – Target; scarf – thrift; earrings – from my mom



Florals and a Fedora – #23

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Summer is in full swing, and if you’re one of the lucky ones carrying around a growing fetus inside of you (sorry…is that too gross to hear??), then you’re probably feeling extra warm and uncomfortable.

I’ve been trying to keep my clothing to a minimum…it’s just too hot to wear any layers!  So, accessories have been my pregdrobe rescuer.  Instead of wearing a necklace how it was intended, I wrapped this double chain one around my wrist.  A fedora helps block the sun, and of course, sporting sunglasses means I was able to skip out with applying eye make up (kind of…I always apply mascara.)

How’s the summer treating you?  How do you change your attire/makeup routine in the warmer months?

hat, blouse (maternity) – kmart; skirt – Gap maternity; “bracelet” – thrift

Sale-ing – #22

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I wore this last week while scoping out some garage sales.  It was a very warm and muggy day so I was trying to wear a little as possible, but I still wanted to look decent…enter the (self-made) statement necklace.  I’ve been turning a lot towards eye-catching necklaces recently (it distracts people from touching the belly!)  This piece was easy to make.  I used an old tiered necklace and strung wooden beads onto it.  (It took a little patience and some pliers, but I think it turned out ok.)  At least I was happy with the outcome…the sale-ing, on the other hand, was a total flop.

Tis the season for garage sales…do you “sale”?

dress – Forever 21; sandals – H&M; bag – thrifted; necklace – D.I.Y.

A Necklace and a Scarf – #20 & 21

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Since my main “thing” recently has been necklaces, I have been looking forward to trying this out…inspired by this post.

Chunky gold necklace + colorful scarf = instant new accessory…

Then the following day, I used the same necklace and “wove” a different scarf between the links for another look.

I would have to say that finding this gold necklace at a garage sale for a buck has truly turned into an awesome purchase!

purple dress (not maternity), white t-shirt - Target; jean skirt – Mimi maternity; scarves – thrifted; necklace – garage sale

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